Top Ten Pokemon That Were Given the Wrong Types

There are many Pokemon in the games that though, given the tendency of the moves they learn, aren't alloted the types they deserve.

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1 Gyarados (Water/Flying) - Should have been : (Water/Dragon)

If gyarados were water/dragon he would have only been weak to dragon and fairy, fairies weren't in gen 5 and below and the only dragon move in gen 1 was dragon rage. Gyarados would've been even stronger than mewtwo, almost like a mega rayquaza on steroids

Always infuriated me to no end. I mean, people would first tell me the evolution line made no sense, and I'd counter with: "It's based off the old Chinese tale of the dragon gate, in which the frail goldfish would swim up a vicious waterfall and becomes a dragon." And then...
It's not even a dragon! It's A... Water bird! It's obviously a dragon, have it happen! - keycha1n

A quick whiff of lightning will bring Gyarados down like a stumbled sack of potatoes.

Not disagreeing or anything but I think gyrados looks more like a serpent or eel then a dragon

Not disagreeing or anything, but have you heard about the serpentine dragon? - Kiteretsunu

2 Flygon (Ground/Dragon) - Should have been : (Bug/Dragon)

It looks very much like a DragonFly. It's predecessor even more. Would have been even better if it started as a ground/bug (termite), then bug/dragon (dragonfly) and eventually a dragon/bug or dragon/fly (it's a bit less buggy at the end).

Something to keep it out of the shadows of Garchomp. It's so very clearly a bug/dragon type, and the unique typing could've really given it a spotlight! - keycha1n

I would really like a bug dragon type, immunity to everything a bug failed at.

Should have been bug and flying!

3 Vigoroth (Normal) - Should have been : (Normal/Fighting)

Vigororoth always loves a good fight!

I'm only talking about Vigoroth in particular here. I'm fine with the typing of Slakoth and Slaking because of the lazy personality they have and it kinda makes sense. But the fact that Vigoroth is just polar opposite of the two, both ability wise and personality wise, could have been a perfect excuse of its dual typing. Vigoroth, unlike its predecessor and successor, doesn't have truant and has an awesome ability called Vital Spirit. Its design, its ferocious attacks, all indicate the qualities of an ideal fighting type Pokemon. Maybe it could have been our first Normal/Fighting Pokemon instead of Melotta (Fighting Form) or Mega Lopunny. - Kiteretsunu

4 Charizard (Fire/Flying) - Should have been : (Fire/Dragon)

It would be great if it was fire/dragon in the first place. Charizard looks dragon to me. - Delgia2k

Dragon wasn't in Gen 1 so it would had to have been added later.

No, just no. In Generation 1, dragons were special because the only dragons were the Dratini family, making a starter a dragon type is incredibly unfair and biased. Charizard X only exists to silence all those Gen 1 fanboys

A dragon starter would be to op waiting for mega was the right call - boltslegend

5 Noctowl (Normal/Flying) - Should have been : (Psychic/Flying)

A flying type Pokemon who learns tons of psychic type moves isn't a psychic type in the first place. Wow! - Kiteretsunu

It's most memorable feature is 'being hypnotic'.

6 Pinsir (Bug) - Should have been : (Bug/Fighting) Pinsir, known in Japan as Kailios, is a Pokémon species in Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise.

Hey, yo right. And then Mega Pinsir should be Fighting/Flying? That would be cool.

Pinsir has good fighting skills. How is he NOT a fighting type as well? - EpicJake

There is not a Pincer, is a Pinsir

I agree with this as Pinsir's moveset has a lot of fighting type moves. - kormo

7 Golduck (Water) - Should have been : (Water/Psychic)

Golduck used to be my favorite water type Pokemon back when I was a Kid. It didn't have the annoying speed of Slowpoke, while at the same time had awesome psychic type moves just like the Slowpoke evolutionary line. But the fact that it wasn't dual typed with psychic always bugged and it still does. - Kiteretsunu

Isn't this guy Psyduck? Anyway, he has psy in the name, so why doesn't he have the Psychic type?

Why? Call him Golduck, he don't even have the color of Gold

Cause Psyduck means kid duck and Golduck means Psychic duck or something like that in Japanese - MrQuaz680

He evolves with psychic powers

8 Dragonair (Dragon) - Should have been : (Dragon/Water)

It learns lots of water moves, and, in every game you find it in, it is in a body of WATER? Why nor water type?

Yes the whole line should be water - boltslegend

Both dratini and dragonair are Pokemon that can only be found in the water, and they can learn plenty of water type moves (at least through TMs) it's natural they should have been typed as Dragon/Water.
Dratini - Dragon/Water
Dragonair - Dragon/Water
Dragonite - Dragon/Flying - Kiteretsunu

9 Lugia (Flying/Psychic) Should have been: (Water/Flying)

It is considered guardian of the seas meaning it should be water type.

Lugia is Psychic type so it wouldn't beat Ho-oh every time

There is nothing about this that makes it a psychic type.

10 Rhydon (Ground/Rock) - Should have been : (Ground)

I really hate the Rock/Ground types, firstly because they have awful special defense and have 4x weakness to types that mostly use special moves, and secondly because there are just too many of them (Geodude and Onix are just everywhere).
But for Onix and geodude, it kinda make sense, but for Rhydon I never really understood the logic behind its typing. It was a flat out perfect ground type for the first generation. But no, we had to add the annoying rock type to it. - Kiteretsunu

true - boltslegend

The Contenders

11 Ninetales (Fire) - Should have been : (Fire/Psychic)

It's tails are said to have each it's own 'mystical power'. Not only that, but it's said if you touch/pull? One of it's tails you'll be cursed. Also said to understand human speech easily and said is intelligent all which are characteristics of a lot of psychic Pokemon.

It should say fire-ghost not fire-psychic. Afterall it's based off of a fox SPIRIT aka a fox ghost. - flash101

12 Bulbasaur (Dragon/Fighting) Should have been: (Electric/Fairy)



13 Cinccino (Normal) - Should have been: (Normal/Fairy)
14 Gothitelle (Psychic) - Should have been: (Psychic/Dark)

Gothitelle looks scary

I feel like if they make a cosmic type gothitelle should be that. all of its pokedex entries talk about it predicting the future position of stars

15 Celebi (Grass/Psychic) Should have been: (Grass/Fairy)

True but psychic shows its time travel ability - boltslegend

It looks just like a fairy

It looks like a fairy

16 Blastoise (Water) - Should have been : (Water/Rock)

The only reason Tirtouga is rock type because it's a fossil Pokemon (All fossil Pokemon have rock)

Because it has its shell just like Tirtouga. - Kiteretsunu

I'm not trying to argue but I personally think Blastoise to be water steel like empoleon because of the cannons - MrQuaz680

17 Florges (Fairy) Should have been: (Fairy, Grass)

Looks like a flower

Flabebe, Floette and Florges all look like flowers and can also learn plenty of grass type moves. I don't have a problem with the Fairy type but the problem comes from them not receiving a grass type at all.

18 Jirachi (Psychic/Steel) Should have been: (Psychic/Fairy)
19 Electivire (Electric) - Should have been: (Electric-Fighting)

It learns quite a few fighting type moves.

20 Darkrai (Dark) Should have been: (Dark/Ghost)

Why does Sableye and Spiritomb get this typing with no weaknesses and 3 immunities but Darkrai don't? It's obviously a ghost, too!

It'll be more overpowered in gen 4 and 5. And don't get me started on wonderai hackers.

This would be smart - boltslegend

21 Luxray (Electric) - Should have been (Electric/Dark)

I always think that Luxray, my favourite pokemon, is a dark type. It looks like a dangerous pokemon but when it is released, I don't like it's typing on pure electric.

It looks like a dark type and it even learns some dark type moves, but for some reason it's just an electric type

True but luxeray is a rightious mon - boltslegend

22 Nihilego (Rock/Poison) Should Have Been: (Ice/Poison)

It is based on plants that grow on rocks so it should be poison grass. If triple types existed it would probably be rock poison grass

What poison and rock? Gamefreak!

I MEAN, poison makes a bit more sense but Rock Makes absolutely NO sense. Its an ultra beast if you haven't played gen 7. It even LOOKS like a ice type

23 Wobbuffet (Psychic) Should Have Been: (Normal)
24 Pikachu (Grass) - Should have been: (Dark/Dragon)

Ummm clearly like it's a yellow
electric mouse

25 Lugia (Water) - Should have been: (Water/Psychic)

Lugia is Psychic, but not Water. It should be part water. The list option is wrong.

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