Top 10 Cities and Towns In Pokemon Games

This is the top 10 cities and towns in Pokemon games. Only games, not anime or manga.

This not only based on the settlement of city but what efforts you take to reach there.
The Top Ten
1 Sootopolis City

This city is cool! Plus, Wallace is cute. (Not like that.)

Like the Ancient Greek feel of it

The most beautiful city by far!

This is a cool city!

2 Lavender Town

Good idea to place Pokemon tower so there is finally a place to pay respects

This town is very quiet and spooky, nice home for introverts.

It was based on a creepypasta so I thought this would be #1

The chilling town of ghostss spooky
Its an awesome city the only negetive about the city is its not so good music

3 Driftveil City

It has a the POKEMON WORLD TOURNAMENT (P.W.T) and the city itself is all about business. and the gym leader also suit it well plus the music also remind me of hard core business. And here some team plasma member stay and they are the good one. Plus the move tutor.

This city is awesome you have to cross driftevel draw bridge in this city you can buy moo moo milk s it's the best medicine it also has the gym

4 Pacifidlog Town

This is awesome plays it contains a large information about the legendary Pokemon you have to walk on thin bamboo bridges

5 Fortree City

Peaceful place to bring your kids

I like its music in as and or

6 Goldenrod City

There is SO much to do here. There's a radio tower, huge department store, many houses, even underground shopping. Has a very challenging gym leader as well. Plus it's by the ocean, which is always cool.

Department store, railway station, bike shop, radio tower, gts... And you can go to Ecruteak and Violet because they're so close, or ride the train to Kanto's metropolitan area. The best place to live in the pokémon world!

Sweet music, challenging gym, and you get an Eevee. What's not to love?

The city of cities! So much to do, so many places.

7 Lumious City

This place is great, I would live here out of all the cities

Largest city in the Pokemon universe

8 Anistar City

Anistar City for the win! Plus it's got that nice old lady who's a psychic gym leader!

Anistar City is so cool, plus it has the awesome Sundial and the awesome Olympia!

Way better than creepy old lavender town

A MUCH BETTER mysterious place than Lavender Town.

9 Icirrus City

The city of clapping

It's a pleasent city with childrens playing laugh out loud to the east is snow covered ground and a windmill

10 Floaroma Town

Most beautiful city in the whole Pokemon world, my favourite Pokemon type isn't grass but this town should be number 1 or before number 1

The Contenders
11 Pallet Town

Man this deserves to be on list, this where you start your journey get your starters on which the whole game is dependant

12 Lavaridge Town

This location is awesome
After you cross the irritating sandstorms you hear a pleasent music and it's a town with volcanic ash covered its lavaridge here you also get a egg

13 Nimbasa City

That theme is just amazing, so much things so do, and it's just a very upbeat fun city! My favorite, just beating Castellia city.

This is the largest city in making after castelia it has a lot to do like the musicals, gym, ferry wheel, trade center and a lot more

14 Celadon City

Celadon is a classic city

It's the biggest city in kanto it has many things to do you can get a eevee and there's a mega mart where you can everything even stones to evolve evee to your advantage

15 Ecruteak City

In this city, darkness and holy power in one combine.

Has that mystical feeling

16 Castelia City

Castelia City is a famous landmark in the Unova Region. It has many things to offer such as the Pokemon Gym, Battle Company, Slim Street Cafe, Liberty Pier, and more! In the park you can find a fan favorite Pokemon, Eevee. You can also board a ship to go to Liberty Island, or the Unity Tower, two iconic places in Pokemon Black/White Black2/White2.

Castelia city is awesome!

Amazing music and represents Unova in a whole

Pokémon world equivalent of new York city reminds me of Manhattan

17 Slateport City

You come back here a few times in the story, this is where contests start and there is just a lot to do in general. Also has connections with Dewford town, Mauville City and Pacifidlog town

It has a port, and tons of items are being sold.

18 New Bark Town
19 Saffron City
20 Littleroot Town

The music in this town is so good

21 Laverre City

Laverre City is a mystic city, where the fairy-type pokemon live in harmony with the pokémon of the mountains. This city has that tradicional french houses, a clock house that is built on a tree and the nature in autumn and the mushrooms all over the city gives this mystic element to the city.

22 Solaceon Town

The daycare center is excellent. It's a good place to breed and to level up your week pokemon that you want to evolve fast. Looks quite nice, too.

I think this is the only city that made me happy in sinnoh
It has a day care

23 Cerulean City

It good bridge, Bill, battle

24 Twinleaf Town

It’s my home, it’s your home, it’s everyone’s home.

25 Jubilife City

Best way to start an adventure!

The music is awesome

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