Top 10 Cities and Towns in Pokemon Games

The world of Pokémon is vast, filled with amazing places and hidden gems. This discussion centers on the top 10 cities and towns found exclusively in Pokémon games. We're not just talking about their beautiful graphics or memorable locations; this list is about the journey that it takes to get there, the challenges you face, and the rewards that await you upon arrival.

So, what are these cities and towns in Pokémon games? The answer is as diverse as the Pokémon themselves. Each settlement is a unique melting pot of culture, adventure, and story. From the quaint, peaceful towns where new Trainers often begin their journeys, to the bustling cities housing impressive Gyms and Pokémon Research Labs, each place offers its unique experiences. And let's not forget those remote and hidden locations that test your skills as a Trainer and adventurer.

The question here is, which of these places have etched themselves in your memory? Which ones have given you the hardest battles, the most intriguing puzzles, or simply the best views? This is your chance to have your say. You are invited to vote for your favorite cities and towns, to recognize those places where you've trained hard, overcome obstacles, and forged unforgettable memories.

Remember, this is not about anime or manga, but the games we've all spent hours exploring, battling, and capturing our favorite Pokémon in. It's a tribute to those digital landscapes we've all traversed, guided by the light of our handhelds or the glow of our screens.
The Top Ten
1 Nimbasa City Known for its vibrant atmosphere and electric spirit, Nimbasa City in the Unova region is home to a popular amusement park and two sports stadiums. This city's colorful personality is a beacon for Trainers and tourists alike, making it a bustling hub of entertainment.

That theme is just amazing, so much things so do, and it's just a very upbeat fun city! My favorite, just beating Castellia city.

2 Celadon City A large city situated in the Kanto region, Celadon is famous for its comprehensive department store and the Rainbow Badge-awarding Grass-type Gym. With its vast array of amenities, including a game corner and a condo building, Celadon City is a lively and vibrant place teeming with activities for Trainers.
3 Sootopolis City Known as the city within the crater, Sootopolis City in the Hoenn region is situated in the heart of an extinct volcano, making it unique among other Pokémon locations. It's only accessible by diving through an underwater cavern or flying. The city is famous for housing the Cave of Origin, where legendary Pokémon are said to dwell.

The most beautiful city by far!

4 Fortree City Nestled amongst the treetops in the Hoenn region, Fortree City is unique for its houses built on trees, giving it a quaint and rustic charm. The city is surrounded by Route 120, a location known for its ancient ruins and the presence of various rare Pokémon.
5 Goldenrod City Located in the Johto region, Goldenrod City is a bustling urban location characterized by its expansive Pokémon department store, the iconic Radio Tower, and a well-traveled magnet train station. This city is known for its technological advancements in the Pokémon world.

There is SO much to do here. There's a radio tower, huge department store, many houses, even underground shopping. Has a very challenging gym leader as well. Plus it's by the ocean, which is always cool.

Department store, railway station, bike shop, radio tower, gts... And you can go to Ecruteak and Violet because they're so close, or ride the train to Kanto's metropolitan area. The best place to live in the pokémon world!

Sweet music, challenging gym, and you get an Eevee. What's not to love?

6 Cerulean City A beautiful city situated in the Kanto region, Cerulean City is famous for its crystal-clear waters and the water-type Pokémon Gym. The city's proximity to Mt. Moon and the Cerulean Cave, where powerful and rare Pokémon dwell, make it a popular destination for Trainers.
7 Lavender Town Infamous for its Pokémon Tower, a burial site for departed Pokémon, Lavender Town in the Kanto region carries an eerie and somber aura. The local folklore and mysterious stories surrounding the tower lend a unique charm to this small and tranquil settlement.

This town is very quiet and spooky, nice home for introverts.

Good idea to place Pokemon tower so there is finally a place to pay respects

8 Azalea Town Located in the Johto region, Azalea Town is a small, peaceful town famous for its Slowpoke Well. The residents share a close relationship with Slowpoke, the town's symbol. Azalea is also known for the Ilex Forest nearby, which houses the shrine of the Legendary Pokémon Celebi.
9 Lumious City Lumiose City is the shining metropolis of the Kalos region. Defined by its landmark Prism Tower, which doubles as a Pokémon Gym, Lumiose is a hub of activity with bustling shops, cafes, and numerous scenic locations. Its wide, radial avenues make it an adventurous exploration for every Trainer.
10 Driftveil City Located in the Unova region, Driftveil City is a thriving port city renowned for its market, where valuable items from various regions are traded. It's a hub of commerce and business, filled with a sense of vibrant dynamism, and it's also home to Clay, the city's Ground-type Gym Leader.
The Contenders
11 Anistar City Situated in the Kalos region, Anistar City is recognized for its enigmatic Sundial, believed to have ties to the Legendary Pokémon. The city has a mysterious vibe, and its Gym Leader specializes in Psychic-type Pokémon, further adding to its esoteric appeal.

Anistar City for the win! Plus it's got that nice old lady who's a psychic gym leader!

Anistar City is so cool, plus it has the awesome Sundial and the awesome Olympia!

12 Lavaridge Town A tranquil hot springs resort town located in the Hoenn region, Lavaridge Town offers a place of relaxation for both people and Pokémon. Its famous hot sand baths, said to have healing properties, are a popular draw for visitors, contributing to the town's serene and restful reputation.
13 Floaroma Town In the Sinnoh region, you'll find Floaroma Town, a picturesque locale known for its endless fields of flowers. Known as the town of flowers and the honey that they produce, Floaroma is a bright and cheerful town that offers a sense of calm and beauty to every Trainer who visits.
14 Pacifidlog Town Built on wooden rafts and logs that float on top of a Corsola colony, Pacifidlog Town in the Hoenn region is a tranquil settlement amidst the sea. Known as the town "where the morning sun smiles upon the waters," this unique place is characterized by its connection with the sea and legendary Pokémon.
15 Pallet Town Known as the birthplace of Ash Ketchum, the series' main protagonist, Pallet Town is a peaceful and quaint town in the Kanto region. Characterized by its sense of serenity and close-knit community, Pallet Town is where many Trainers' journeys begin, including those of the esteemed Professor Oak's research assistants.
16 Icirrus City A city known for its seasonal changes, Icirrus City in the Unova region offers different experiences in different seasons, being a snowy wonderland in winter and a marshy land in other seasons. The city is home to the Icirrus Gym, where Trainers battle for the Freeze Badge.
17 Ecruteak City Home to the iconic Bell Tower and Burned Tower, Ecruteak City in the Johto region carries a sense of old-world charm and mystique. The city's architecture is traditional, reflecting its respect for history and the legends of Ho-Oh and the Legendary Beasts.

In this city, darkness and holy power in one combine.

18 Castelia City Known for its stunning skyline, Castelia City is a sprawling metropolis in the Unova region. It features towering skyscrapers, a busy seaport, and Castelia Street, famous for its ice cream. This city's urban buzz offers a unique atmosphere among Pokémon locales.

Castelia City is a famous landmark in the Unova Region. It has many things to offer such as the Pokemon Gym, Battle Company, Slim Street Cafe, Liberty Pier, and more! In the park you can find a fan favorite Pokemon, Eevee. You can also board a ship to go to Liberty Island, or the Unity Tower, two iconic places in Pokemon Black/White Black2/White2.

19 Slateport City Located in the Hoenn region, Slateport City is a bustling harbor city renowned for its grand market and the Oceanic Museum. This city is a hub of commerce and marine research, offering a dynamic atmosphere and a love for the sea that permeates every corner of the city.

You come back here a few times in the story, this is where contests start and there is just a lot to do in general. Also has connections with Dewford town, Mauville City and Pacifidlog town

20 New Bark Town Known as the "Town where winds of a new beginning blow," New Bark Town in the Johto region is where Trainers begin their journey. It's also the home of Professor Elm's lab, a critical figure in Pokémon research, making this quaint town an essential part of many Trainers' adventures.
21 Saffron City As the largest city in the Kanto region, Saffron City is a bustling hub known for its two competing gyms and the prominent Silph Co. headquarters. Its bustling streets, high-tech vibes, and vast urban landscape make it an exciting and significant locale in the Pokémon universe.
22 Littleroot Town Nestled between scenic routes in the Hoenn region, Littleroot is a tranquil town where many Pokémon trainers, including the player in Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, start their journey. The town's calm, friendly atmosphere and the renowned Pokémon Research Lab of Professor Birch define its charm.
23 Laverre City Known for its enchanting fairy-tale aesthetic, Laverre City in the Kalos region is a picturesque place filled with beautiful gardens and charming wooden houses. The city is also home to a Fairy-type Pokémon Gym, enhancing its magical allure.

Laverre City is a mystic city, where the fairy-type pokemon live in harmony with the pokémon of the mountains. This city has that tradicional french houses, a clock house that is built on a tree and the nature in autumn and the mushrooms all over the city gives this mystic element to the city.

24 Blackthorn City Tucked away in the northern reaches of the Johto region, Blackthorn City is a place where people and Pokémon live in harmony. Known for its Dragon-type Gym and the Dragon's Den, it's a town steeped in tradition and respect for the power of Dragon-type Pokémon.
25 Solaceon Town Solaceon Town, located in the Sinnoh region, is a peaceful settlement known for its Pokémon Day Care and the Solaceon Ruins, which are filled with Unown. This town's unique combination of ancient history and caring for future generations of Pokémon defines its serene atmosphere.

The daycare center is excellent. It's a good place to breed and to level up your week pokemon that you want to evolve fast. Looks quite nice, too.

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