Top 10 Things That Should Happen With the Pokemon Franchise

Hey, Nintendo & Game Freak, are you running out of ideas for your second best selling video game franchise, Pokémon? Well, have no fear. The ideas for you are here.
The Top Ten
1 Introduce Pokémon hybrids.

Imagine making your very own combination of two Pokémon & battling it out with someone else's Pokémon hybrid. Nintendo, if you allow people to make their own levels in Super Mario Maker, you might as well let them combine Pokémon.

2 Do a crossover with Final Fantasy.

Pokemon powers has faded away... only one has a gift of magic ( Mew ). awesome! it would be great!

3 Create the very first Grass & Fire type Pokémon.

The typical starters are grass, fire & water. Well, how about a Pokémon that combines two of the elements? There actually are. Look at these.
Grass & Fire: NONE
Fire & Water: Volcanion
Grass & Water: Lotad, Lombre & Ludicolo
There should totally be a grass & fire type Pokémon.

Grass has been paired with every other type except fire

What about larvesta?

4 Create Pokémon ColorZ (Pronounced Pokémon Colors).

Take a look at all of the Pokémon titles. Every single one of them are named after colors, except for Pokémon X & Y. It seems that Nintendo has ran out of ideas for colorful Pokémon titles & is going with letters, and people are wondering if there will be Pokémon Z. Well, here's an idea. Do Pokémon ColorZ as the title. It combines the colors with the letter Z. Seems lazy, but still sounds like a good idea.

5 Do a crossover with Digimon.

I've been hoping this for a long time.

6 Make a Pokémon based on Sonic the Hedgehog.

Sonic (Normal) evolves into Super Sonic (Electric) when he is given a Thunder Stone. Sonic will evolve into a Werehog (Dark/Fighting) when he is given a Moon Stone. If you're not happy with a Pokémon based on Sonic, maybe you'd be more satisfied with the actual Sonic transforming into a Pokémon.

7 Do a crossover with Mario, The Legend of Zelda & Animal Crossing.

It can feature a town like in Animal Crossing, various Pokémon, Zelda weapons, Mario power-ups & so many more from these four franchises, including a story mode where the plot is Bowser & Ganondorf are capturing Animal Crossing characters & Pokémon in order to turn them into minions & take over the Mushroom Kingdom, and Hyrule & it's up for Mario, Link, Pikachu & the Villager from Animal Crossing to foil their evil scheme.

8 Make Pokémon Pink & Orange.

I named this title after the colors that resembles Peach & Daisy from Super Mario wear.
Pokémon Pink-Color resembling Princess Peach
Pokémon Orange-Color resembling Princess Daisy
Creative, isn't it?

Or Pokemon Pink resembling Clefairy and Pokemon Orange resembling maybe Charmander but, Pokemon Red more resembles Charmander and its evolutions

9 Create a remake & sequel of Pokémon Snap.

I was originally going to give Nintendo three options: a remake, a sequel, or both. That's when I decided that Nintendo should do both. A remake because it would please fans of the original & a sequel because...well, why not?

10 Crossover to the real-life

A good idea to kill off the characters that are too hated by introducing real-life villains for example the most evil people.

The Contenders
11 Create a region based on Rio De Janeiro Brazil
12 Create a subseries aimed at teens and adults


13 Bring back cut features
14 Give poketubers cameos in the anime
15 Create Pokémon Purple & Gold along with Pokémon Silver & Gray.

Remember that shirt that everybody was debating whether it was black & blue, or white & gold? They sound like Pokémon titles, and there's Pokémon Red, Blue, Black & White series (Black & White 1 & 2), and Pokémon Gold & Silver. So, try this.
Pokémon Purple & Gold=Pokémon Red+Blue+Gold
Pokémon Silver & Gray=Pokémon Silver+Black+White
You guys must really love colorful Pokémon titles.

16 Put real-life people into the Franchise like the most evil people as the main villains

If we put the most evil people into the franchise, that would be a big fight!

17 The black and white anime should be considered non canon
18 Create a Pokémon war
19 Make Mewthree
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