Worst Pokemon Types

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1 Bug

Bugs are way underrated. there are so many powerful bug moves like leech life, x scissor and megahorn and many support moves like quiver dance and tail glow and rage powder

The only time I've used a bug type effectively is when it has been backed up by another type. Such as Scizor, because it has such defensive abilities with it's steel type. Or another one I prefer is Heracross or Vespiquen, but that's only because Vespiquen can avoid ground moves and has good defensive stats, while Heracross is a fighting type power house. Bug Pokemon grow quickly so they are effective against early game grass trainers and come in handy with psychic opponents. The main problem is that most bug types can't take many hits so while you're trying to fight the elite four pretty much everyone has a move that can over power a bug pokemon in 1-2 hits. Bug Pokemon are pretty unique, but they lack durability. I find Shedinja to be useful, but everyone knows how to beat it and since bug types have so many weaknesses it's special ability wonder guard is deemed completely ineffective. Bug types are interesting and fun to mess with, but they tend to let me down more than succeed in ...more

Bug types are not horrible. They only have 3 weaknesses, which is average. Types like Fire and Dragon have 3 weaknesses, but are they this high on the list. They are super effective against three types, grass, psychic, and dark, and they were the only way to counter the OP Psychic type in Gen 1. You may be mixing up Bug types with Grass types. You see, Grass types have an astounding 5 weaknesses and are super effective against 3 types. That is a terrible type, offensively and defensively.

This type is terrible! It has SO many weaknesses! Let's see... fire, rock, flying... OK, its moves deal pretty much no damage to fire, fighting, fairy, flying, ghost, poison, steel. The only offensive strength that makes sence is grass. Plus, most psychic, dark, and grass types are paired up with another type to cancel out that weakness. For example, most grass types are paired up with poison, which resists it. Another example is the X/Y starters. All of them have something that is weak to bug, but 2 of them cancel it out with something else. Delphox cancels out her psychic weakness with fire and Chesnaught cancels out his grass weakness with fighting. Greninja is ironically the only one of the three to actually be weak to bug.

2 Normal

It's funny how arguably the best type in gen 1 eventually became the worst. Normal typing doesn't offer much on the offense as normal moves aren't super effective against anything and are resisted by rock and steel and immune to ghost, not to mention are weak to the common fighting attacks. Ghost immunity is a small niche that rarely is any good since most ghosts have coverage moves including fighting attacks. Granted, some of their attacks are good (extreme speed is one of the best attacks in the entire game) but for the most part they are just used on Normal Pokemons since it offers no coverage

If normal could just play their typing more straight and let them bypass the entire type effectiveness it could be the best type but instead normal is a type made almost entirely out of cons instead of pros.

Bug types need to stop getting all they hate they get. There are many powerful bug type Pokemon out there, such as heracross, volcarona, scizor, golisopod, genesect, pheromosa, etc. People just seem to hate them since they think all bug types are garbage like wurmple or caterpie. Normal types however, are GARBAGE. They may not have many weaknesses, but they have NO resistances, 1 immunity, which it can't even hit back, and is resisted by both steel and rock! And fighting type Pokemon OBLITERATE normal types! (Except dual flyings) The only normal types I would recommend using are dual typed ones, silvally and arceus.

No pokemon is weak to normal attacks... Which means that their stab moves pretty much sucks... They are immune to ghost types, which is really cool, but ghost's is immune to normal attacks too, so it dosn't matter. And finally, rock and steel types resist them, and they are weak against fighting, a common attacking type. Most pokemon's has access to a fighting move to kill them with. To sum up: Nothing is more boring than being normal.

Bug can be useful as a type, most bug Pokemon are weak though. Normal is just bad, it is strong against nothing, even thought it only has one weakness, and ghost haas no effect, it gets toyed around by every other type. I wish the flying types like Pidgey or Starly were only flying, or maybe replace normal with fighting.

3 Grass

Ladies and gentlemen, the most flawed Pokemon type of all time. Even more than Bug or Fairy. There are good grass types to have in your party, like Venusaur, Serperior (in B2W2), Gogoat, Rillaboom, Torterra or Decidueye, but that's it. Grass has many, many, many weaknesses. I mean, I feel bad for Chikorita, it is a weak Grass starter, but it is defenseless in many Gyms. Ash's Chikorita in the anime I feel bad for, but in-game Chikorita... not so much. Yeeeeah, best avoiding that type for newer players of the franchise.

The only purpose of this type was to complete the weakness triangle of the starters and find a way to balance the Water starter. But at the start of the game the grass starter lacks STAB moves, while when the grass starter gets a STAB move that can actually damage your water-type starter, you can slam it with Ice Beam. Being weak to Ice and Fire, two of the most common offensive types, just makes it impossible for Grass to wall anything. Not to mention it is resisted by 7 types, and the only role it can play is status support. But Grass types are usually too frail or slow to do anything, so they usually get killed before you can do a thing. The only reason why there are so few Grass Type legendaries is because it's so hard to make one that is worthy of the title!

There are a few types in Pokemon that have major flaws, but they usually have some redeeming qualities. Bug Pokemon often have weak stats and a number of weaknesses, but often evolve quickly, have useful strengths against Psychic and Dark types, and works well when paired with types like Steel or Poison. Normal Pokemon are dull, but tend to have varied movepools and some exceptional members, Snorlax being the most famous example. Rock Pokemon have many weaknesses, but also have useful strengths against Ice, Fire, and Flying. Poison Pokemon lack offensive options, but only have two weaknesses and is closely tied to the Poison ailment, which they are immune from.

Grass Pokemon lack this. Their attacks are resisted by seven types and only strong against three. Defensively, Grass Pokemon have five weaknesses and four resistances, including itself. They are immune to specific powder moves, but not any actual ailments. Sunny Day supports many Grass Pokemon who use Solar Beam or ...more

Grass types are resisted by 7 types: Bug, Dragon, Fire, Flying, Grass, Poison and Steel, while it is weak to 5 types defensively, getting potentially OHKOed by Bug, Fire, Flying, Ice and Poison and you see, that grass is only regarded as a defensive type, because they suck a little less at defense, than they do at offense. Yet they still suck defensively, their movepools are limited, so they can't get coverage against many types and the water type they are supposed to counter gets ice moves by leveling up. Their moves are bad too. All their strong moves have ridiculous drawbacks like the prime example: Solar Beam. Their status inflicting moves are the most unreliable and their attack moves without drawback deal too little damage. Grass has lots of disadvantages and its advantages are either unreliable or too easily countered, making Grass the type without any redeeming feature.

4 Poison

Stat effect Pokemon? They usually count on luck to do so and their stats are horrible. Steel is immune to it. Their offensiveness is the worst in the game. At least, bug can be really effective on psychic or dark, but poison? Fairy, yeah... But Grass usually has another type to help and most of the time it's poison, so it cannot be poisoned anyway. If you want to annoy, use a Ghost-type, if you want to stall, use a Steel-type. Eally, there's nothing good about Poison-type, other types do the job better and they have also a better design...

I am not voting to say that it is a bad type. I just really wanted to comment.
1: To the people saying the designs are bad-... I will have to disagree. I find Ekans in no way ugly. I also absolutely love Arbok and Seviper. Also, look at Venomoth and Dragalge. They also have very decent designs. There are more good than bad in my opinion.

2: To the people saying they are not good because Team Rocket owns them.

I have absolutely nothing to say to you.

3: To the people who say they had bad stats.
They may not have the best stats or type advantages, but that does not necessarily mean they are the absolute worst. I mean, I beat Pokemon red mostly using a Arbok, a Venomoth, a Koffing, and a Hacked Ninetales (Yes, I know Ninetales is a fire type, I just wanted to say that) I took out Giovanni using only my level 50 Arbok. And I have done a "Gym Leader" run using only poison types in Alpha Sapphire (aside from my starter, which I switched out early in the game), and ...more

I already made a post is the first one on top but I'm going to have to make my point you want to know why poison is the best type because it can it can poison somebody it can weaken the Pokemon you're using it against hey come on it's not so cool my favorite poison type personally would have to be I can't think of one I like them all except for one next week too I don't like coughing I don't like slow typer a lot of tipeos are happening those are the only ones I don't like the Viper and coughing deal with it.

The only benefit poison has is five resistances, but other than that, they're TERRIBLE! They're only super effective on fairy and grass. Steel is immune to them. Their average best is the second least. Bug and normal types... Meh, I don't like them either but normal has a lot of good moves, especially Bouffalant. Poison would make a perfect number one.

PS - People who say poison is super effective against dragon are lying!

5 Rock

Okay, are people even taking into account things like status moves, common weakness, useless resistances, things like that? For instance, just because something has a lot of weaknesses, doesn't mean it's bad. The weaknesses might not affect it, because, for instance, the moves for that type are rarely used in competitively play. Bug can be a great type, lots of normal type moves are really useful like swords dance and substitute, grass in my opinion is the best type in the game, with a variety of offensive and useful status moves as well as really useful resistances and not many weaknesses which are used often in competitive play, poison... Okay, not a big fan of poison...
Psychic types can learn a wide variety of offensive and useful status moves, fairy based on type advantages is just straight up amazing-
And then there's rock, with the worst defensive type advantages and disadvantages in the game, which just makes all of its offensive potential completely useless. I also hate ...more

Okay so their are so many toes I could have voted for but rock is defiantly the worst. Reason why: Alright rock has pretty awesome defense I have to say but that can be countered by special attacks, because its special defense on average is else than bug type. Also all of its weakness either break though its defense like butter or just basically kill rock with super effective special attacks like energy ball and more. I apologise to all those rock type lovers but seriously there is no other type combination that can save these Pokemon. The one thing you have is your super efective against fire types that is if you get the first hit which is very unlikely.

My graveler can take anything and it has ground moves that are super effective against rock and electric, rock type moves that super effective against electric and bird, and normal moves good. Bugs of course don't stand a chance, and I know that if I suspect a coming self-destruct move I can switch to graveler and the most it takes away is 8 hp, even for ones much higher in level than me

I agree, Psychic and grass are very good,
Psychic are very good for walls and very awesome for legendaries, Just look at mewtwo and mew!
And grass has speedy ninja's like sceptiles and serperior, and tanks like venusaur and torterra, And awesome moves like leaf storm and leaf blade.
Rock types have 6 WEAKNESSESS WHEN COMBINED WITH A GROUND TYPE? -_-, Rock types are also undecoratives, Like nosepass, and geodude, Some are good though, the fossil ones like tyrantrum or rampardos are pretty boss, But just aren't enough.

6 Fairy

We didn't need this type. Dark already had balanced weaknesses and effectiveness, but then it became weak because it has more weaknesses now. I don't like Dark, but still, some Dark trainers I met are disappointed. Fighting is balanced out, which is the only good part. And Dragon, it WAS balanced too. It's only super-effective against ONE type, itself, and only weak to itself and Ice. Do we need more? No. Yeah sure it's resistant to some types, but this is silly. Next we have the designs and oh god, are they girly. Fairies were supposed to represent Angels and Valkyries that protect everyone, not some girly pet that would belong to Barbie. I swear Sylveon's design could've had angel wings instead of ribbons and smaller eyes. Same goes with the other Fairies, but M. Altaria and Gardevoir are completely fine. They CAN remind you of Angels from God. And Steel, oh boy, it had too many resistances to even get another type to be vulnerable to it. Yeah it would make it look weak like Dark is ...more

Dragon type didn't need fairy type to destroy it. Dragons are only strong against each other, and since the only dragon types are pseudo legendaries (not counting megas), the one that goes first pretty much will win. It is weak to ice, and neutral to every other type except steel, which resists it. They make fairy type and people pretty much stop using dragon types entirely unless they are the people that only use legendaries, mythicals, and pseudos. That says something. Steel didn't need the attack boost since it resists every type but fire, fighting, ground, dark, ghost, water and electric. It is a heavily defensive type. Poison did need it, but those moves are too uncommon. Fighting and dark don't need fairy either. Water does, but it wouldn't make sense to be weak to fairy. Fairy is broken.

This type is super dumb. Whose great idea was it to make 22 existing Pokemon Fairy types and make even more dumb Pokemon (Seriously, Rock and Fairy? Are you trying to lose money? ) And what really ticks me off are the types it SEs against. Dark types really can't get a break. They get beat by a bunch of keys and an ugly rock with wing-thingies sticking out of its head. And that's not all. Dragons aren't SE against anything but Dragons. Now you're saying a Cleffa doesn't even take damage when Dragonite throws meteors at it? What? And now a (shudder) Swallot is on even terms with Gardevoir. This type sickens me.

Ah, the fairy type, how I hate you. They say it was to balance dragons. But it's just become the new broken type, it's only weak to steal and poison, maybe I wouldn't hate it so much if it had another weakness, but alas, it doesn't. Also, FAIRY TYPE? #?! It sounds like a really girly type and just sounds lame. They also gave it to Pokemon it really doesn't make sense to give to, such as mawille who should have been a dark steel and granbull. In short, just a stupid unnecessary type

7 Ice

Ice types are GREAT! How dare you disrespect them! That's an insult to the mighty Articuno, Kyruem and Lapras! They're an awesome type!

Okay... they may have a problem with type defences, but that's nothing! What they lack in type advantages, they make up for in decent stats. Their average HP stats is amazing, only being topped by the Dragon Type! Also, their total stats never fall below 300, with the exception of Spheal, with 290. And most Ice-Types have stats going above 400! And Kyruem, whenever it's either in its Black or White forme, has a stat total of 700, which is higher than a normal Mewtwo, and is up there with Arceus, who has a stat total of 720!

They have cool moves that can be taught to Water-Types so those Water-Types can make up for their weaknesses, and these moves are quite cool. There's Mist, which makes negative stat-changing moves (like Growl or Leer) have no effect, Freeze-Dry, which is SUPER-EFFECTIVE against Water-Types and or course, SHEER COLD, ...more

Ice is terrible. Being weak to so much and only resisting itself can barely even be considered a type. There's a reason that the only viable Ice types are things like Lapras, Weavile, and Mamoswine: because they have other great offensive or defensive typing. And the only time you see Ice outside of those three is in Hidden Powers and Ice Beams due to the type being able to hit Ground, Dragon, and Flying for super-effective damage.

Second/third worst type. while you may say "oh it has four streghths" it has severall weaknesses and it HAS ONLY 1 RESISTANCE you also may think "its good offensively" at a certain point with its no other ability to survive it's so much better too have a good pokemon to have a ice move since a lot of good pokemon can learn ice moves. especially water nearly every water type can learn ice moves and in very very VERY nearlly every way it's not that I dislike ice types I LOVE ice types they are very cool-y designed its just that they are absolutely a terrible type.

The answer to this question depends on what you mean. Ice is a great type to attack with, being one of two common attack types that hit the omnipresent dragons super effectively (although being resisted by steel hurts it a lot) and great synergy with many other attacking types (most notably electric granting the famous bolt-beam combo).

However, Ice is unquestionably one of the worst types to actually possess. Weak to four types, fire and fighting being extremely common coverage moves, and only resisting itself. There's a reason defensive ice types are completely unusable competitively. This is why the only ice type to really see competitive usage in the past couple years is the glass cannons such as Weavile. Heck it's such an awful type defensively Kyurem-Black isn't even considered a huge threat among non-legendary Pokemon, despite it's stat distribution being game breaking for literally any other type.

So overall, while ice is really good to hit things with, the ...more

8 Flying

By far my least favourite pokemon type. About 60% of pokemon I hate are flying type and I hate virtually every gen 1 normal/flying types. In heartgold I chose chikorita and forget whitney's miltank I can't even get past the first gym. My chikorita even evolved into bayleef and I still get destroyed. I only beat it because I caught a geodude and it took me 3 turns to beat whitney while it took about 100 for me to beat falkners gym. I hate about 80-90% of flying types of all generations and the only flying type I ever used was charizard in fire red and even then he should be dragon not flying. Seriously I actually like most pokemon but I hate almost every flying type and I refuse to catch every route 1 bird even post game to fill my pokedex. And in pokemon go I'm on level 27 but I still haven't caught a pidgey because how much I hate this type.

So, if you HATE Flying types, why do you have that Talonflame/Crobat in your team? Flying types are great for support, and is an excellent counter to Grass, if you don't have any Fire types in your team. If you think that there is just a bad Normal/Flying typing in all the Pokemon games (which is true, there is at least 1 normal/flying type), there is actually a lot of variety with flying types. Skarmory is one of my favorites, as it is a good set-up pokemon and can do the switcheroo with whirlwind. It also has sturdy, which is just vital for all set-ups/tanks. Although they can be very frail and can get KOed by Stealth Rock alone, Flying types are very fast and agile, with great support movesets. Two words: BRAVE BIRD. This move alone can just destroy everyone. Combined with an ability of Rock Head (which doesn't exist, because that would be too overpowered), would be a dream. Even though, it can still regain its health through roost. So, what do you think now?

Probably the most common type next to normal and water, we have the bland type.

I mean the flying type... Now I know what you're thinking, if I'm calling this type bland, why not pick normal types?

Because despite normal types not being super effective, they honestly have very interesting things.

Slaking is made for double battles, castform has weather, Tauros has a neat look, with good stats and a cleaver name, Pyroar is fantastic and is a lion, which we never see in Pokemon. And normal types in general have very good move sets and stats making them do different things. Heck, spinda has skill swap contrary, that's actually an awesome double/triples strategy. But the flying type, oh god. And the normal type is pasted on them a lot, making the normal type seem worse. Let's start off with basic stuff. Flying types usually do the same thing. With a few exception. Compared swellow to staraptor. They literally do the exact same thing. Now all Pokemon with a type can do ...more

The flying type is one of the commonest types.But whilst being that, there is only ONE plain flying type.Yet Normal has a whooping 65!

Let's face it, flying types are repititive,with a few exceptions.Swellow and Staraptor do the exact same thing.

Even if normal types aren't super effective, they usually have advantages.

Slaking and Snorlax are made to last long, Ditto means that you have literally every pokemon you can find, Eevee has varied evolution,and will probably be your strongest pokemon if after you evolve it, the Chansey line has high health to make up for it's moveset, and Spinda has skill swap contrary, which is an awesome doubles/triples strategy. But the flying type is terrible, having the normal type pasted on a lot, making it seem worse.

9 Fighting

People say is the best offensive type is ice which makes up for its horrible defensive abilities but fighting resists 3 types and is only weak to 3 types while good against 5 types! Come on game freak make the ice type great just like the fighting type!

Ah, but it is supereffective against 5 types

Fighting is kinda vague and lots of Pokemon that are fighting types are not well thought out. They just aren't original as a whole.

Fighting type is pretty much a twist on normal type...

10 Dragon

I think I'm the only trainer who doesn't actually use this type in battle, It's not bad, but if I had to pick Dragon would definitely get my vote, EVERYONE uses a dragon type and it makes competitive battle dry and predictable. The only Dragon Type I've ever used was my Flygon in Black Two and he may have been my Ace in that game but when making a team I never reserve a place for a Dragon. Plus until Fairy type came along Dragon was Overpowered and darn near impossible to counter forcing you to use a dragon and making competitive play once again boring and predictable. I love every type of Pokemon but Geez was Dragon an overkill in competitive.

Defensively, dragon types are quite powerful with resistances to electric, grass, water, and fire, but they also have weaknesses to dragon (fairly common attack type due to normally high base power) ice (probably the most common attacking type for water except water itself) and fairy (the newest type addition, commonly seen in many move sets). Also, a few of these resistances can be factored out once the dragon is fully evolved, as most have a dual-typing. While it isn't too terrible defensively dragons are quite miserable on type match-ups offensively. They are only strong against other dragon types, but are weak to steel and fairy is immune to them. It is hard for a dragon to take full advantage of their STAB bonuses without falling victim to other, faster dragons. While dragons may boast a considerable stat pool, it is next to useless against a faster opponent that can hit you for 2x damage plus STAB (ie. Weaville who with a base speed of 125 outspeeds every dragon type except ...more

I honestly think this type is way the hell overrated. It's a stupid type! Overpowered? How? It's only strong against itself, only has 4 resistances and most dragon types have a double weakness to Ice! And it makes total sense that dragon is weak to fairy (fairies are not Jigglypuff; believe me. Fairies are demonic creatures waiting to brutally dismember you; lool it up). Though I don't like the Fairy type that much, it's better than some type overrated literally for reasons it should be UNDERRATED.

In my opinion I don't like dragon very much. It's overused, and weak against its own type. Now that it's weak to ice and fairy, the ones barely anyone uses, I can just use those to defeat all players, now that about 85% of them use it. Fairy is a really good type, it has only two weaknesses and resistant to this overrated type, and it's my favorite, personally. The designs are OK, but how can the adorable Sylveon be resistant and super strong against "OP" Salamence?

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11 Ground

I disagree. Ground actually has a type advantage to lots of other types like electric, steel, and poison. And just because flying is immune to it, it doesn't mean that ground is weak against flying. I think it is the only type which does that.

That moment when you find a shiny Geodude in a horde. Oh. Wait. That Geodude is now dead because another Geodude used Magnitude. Thanks, Nintendo!

This type is pretty bad, only good against Poison, Electric, and Fire. Oh, yeah, and it's also impossible to use on a Flying type. That sucks.

Similar to Grass, Dark, and Fairy, Game Freak only made this type because without it, Electric wouldn't have any weaknesses.

12 Fire

Fire isn't actually that bad, but consider this

The strongest phys fire type move is Fblitz,120 recoil

Ingame this is a resource waster

competitively its strong but even with +2 sweeper it can only kill 3 things before it itself dies

not very good as a win condition

Fpunch is next:95 no recoil

but terrible distribution I mean emboar gets it but he's terrible

They also take se damage from stealth rocks

and all the good fire types are physical except heatran (ok, he's pretty good) and volcarona (50% stealth rocks)

What? Dragon is the best.. Fairy typing was literally made because dragons were too strong and they wanted to nerf them. Fairy typing was clearly made with competitive Pokemon in mind. Fire typing is usually a hinderance, bringing on a weakness to stealth rock, weakness to water (one of the most common defensive types)

There are a few good fire type attacks, but there aren't many. Not only that, but the amount of actual good fire types is extremely low. They have 3 common weaknesses, Ground, Rock, Water and almost always have a hard time switching in because of stealth rocks.

Dudes, calm down. My favorite type, grass is number 4 on the list! And, guys you do realize that by voting for this just to complain that people are voting for this is a little hippocritical. Also, I am not being hippocritical because I, personally hate fire types.

13 Steel

They completely unbalanced the type matchups list by being super effective against the two most risky defensive types (ice and rock) and being weak to the most powerful offensive types (fire, ground, and fighting)

I'm only voting for steel, because of how it works out in inverse battles, and not regular battles. In inverse battles, steel has more weaknesses than grass and rock do in NORMAL battles. In conclusion, steel types in inverse battles are the weakest.

Steel is a good type lucario genesect scizor and all the evolved forms are good!

I get metal is a really strong resource in real life but it has too many resistances

14 Electric

"Name 5 defensive electric types... you can't! "

Eelektross, Ampharos, Lanturn, Raikou, and the rotom forms, except for the normal one.

2 of them have decent speed. Now here's something I want to tell you all. Don't vote this type. I would have done this for normal, but no, this needs to be said. I can respect your opinion, but, I see no other place then here to say my own. Here we go. Electric types are filled with a number of different Pokemon that can do different things. Lanturn can stall, eelektross can be a mixed attacker or a pivot, Zekrom is arguably the best dragon type in users, with a couple exceptions. Raichu is a great special attacker, and it can also be an annoying counter Pokemon. Yes, counter.

There is so much. Now the moves. Nuzzle, a better thunder wave, and plenty of non electric types use thunder wave. Thunderbolt? Highly common. Charge beam? Great stat booster. Wild charge? Good attack, or you can use thunder punch. Or magnet rise, ...more

Name 5 defensive electric types... You can't! Also physical electric types rely on three weak moves, spark and wild charge. plus electric types will usually die in one hit due to their paper defense, and if not, the Pokemon is as slow as hell!

Most electric attacks are special and status affects there like no like defensive moves no physical ones ether and second pikachu an electric type the mascot seriously I think they could something better at least

It's not bad. It just need more attention from Game Freak. It can't be just super-effective against Water and Flying and only weak to Ground. People are slowly losing interest!

15 Ghost

"Only 2 strengths! Seriously! "
Haha, no. It's not like Ghost is the only type with 2 Strengths!

"Ghost types are scary ice type Pokemon are the best! "
You are definitely easily scared. Ice are good, but bad defensively.

Ghosts have THE MOST IMMUNITIES of all the Pokemon types there are!

Ghost types are the best types in my opinion because have you ever tried using Rotom? Rotom's awesome and (well at least my Rotom) has very good speed and special attack. Also Rotom has the levitate ability which cancels out one of elecktric's weaknesses.

Well, it is possible to make a completely mono-ghost team, as other sub-types can patch up the weaknesses.
But ghost types don't have very different movesets to one another, and mostly seem to be used for stat effect reasons.

When the person who added this to the list realizes Close Combat, Focus Punch, Explosion, and Self-Destruct can't touch a ghost and regrets what they've done.

16 Dark

Dark-types are tough in their own family. They're strong against Ghost- Psychic-types. But there is one exception. Defensively, they SUCK. Being defensively weak to Bug- Fairy- and Fighting types. Alright, I know Fairy is a type that shouldn't exist (there has to be at least one Pokemon that should be tough against the others, and that type is Dragon. But fairy? How can Mega Garchomp be weak to a Jigglypuff? ) and Fighting-types have a brave personality. But Bug? How can a Zoroark be weak to a Bug? Seriously GameFreak. You have to toughen up this type.

The only upside to dark is they all look cool and dark is statistically the weakest Pokemon type of them all therefore should have its place on the top of the list even though dark may look cool.

Darks look cool but in reality I can one shot a dark with a lower level fire type. Why did they make this Pokemon so weak?

They all have bad defense stats expect like 4 of them! Bug and Fighting could kill them easily!

17 Water

Lots of nice mono-types and good defensively, take ludicolo and politoed maybe even vaporeon or blastoise will make good type coverages and walls!

I love water Pokemon don't worry about it. Keep this off the list.

Water is a good type, even though they're common, they are good even though they have a few weaknesses

Not actually a bad type, I just need to add it to the list.

18 ???

Nobody uses? Types.
*laughs head off while writing this*

Literally EVERY type is on here because EVERY TYPE HAS ITS HATERS

This type makes no sense it's hardly EVER mentioned


19 Psychic

Surely this is one of the best types alakazam meta gross and lugia are all awesome and effective Pokemon, disgraceful

This is an awesome type why the heck is it no 5

I don't get how Psychic is on the top 10. Psychic is my favorite type and SUPER powerful against many things. Alakazam, Gardevoir, a BUNCH of powerful legendaries (Lugia, Latios and Latias, Mew and Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Deoxys, I could go on forever), and just some of the cutest and best Pokemon ever.

Psychic is actually really powerful. Alakazam, Gardevoir, Lugia, Metagross, Jynx, and also Mew and Mewtwo. Also my favorite and honestly the best type