Best Pokemon Type Combinations

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1 Dragon / Ice

Just because they're my two favorite types and they would be pretty cool combined!

One of my favorite typings

Big brains use Kyurem

2 Fairy / Steel

I think that with only 2 weaknesses, I would go with it. Plus, I could get some good backup if it was a weakness.

Still weak to fire and ground...

Mega Mawile can wreck most Pokémon. Just think about its weaknesses.

very good combination
two weaknesses against Fire and Earth
Immunity against Poison and Dragon

3 Ground / Flying

I use earthquake and immune to thunder,

duoble weakness against Ice and weak against Water.
Two Immunities against Ground and Electric.

4x weakness to ice also adds water weakness and none of these types have good special defense

4 Ghost / Dark

This is the best combination ever with three immunites, and only 1 weakness (fairy) all you need is a spare poison or steel type and you are all set.

best combination!
One weakness against Fairy
Three immunities against Fightingn normal and psychic
most of the types are weak or normal effective

Only weak against fairy as far as I know fairy was added to get a counter against sableye

Dark pokemon are cool and so are ghost combine and you got an epic pokemon

5 Electric / Steel

The typing with the most resistances out of all combinations

Magnezone kicks ass. Give it a Ungrounded Item/Move and rejoice.

I like the defensive strategy it can use

6 Ground / Electric
7 Dark / Psychic

Double weak against Bug and weak against Fairy.
One immunity against Psychic

It's just a cool type combination

8 Fire / Water

I love water and fire is just really strong

Weak against Ground, Electric, Rock

A cool combination

9 Steel / Ground

Most of them are very tanky with high Def.
Weak against Fighting, Fire, Water, Ground.
Two Immunities against Poison and Electric.

Ground is not weak to fire and metals immune to pretty much anything except fire and ground so its obliviously the best combo

10 Flying / Steel

Looks pretty cool and also it prevents poisoning, which does a good amount of damage. They could also learn Meteor Mash,which is absolutely OP.

Weak against Fire and Electric
Two Immunities against Ground and Poison

Electric and Fire are the only thing that will come close to hurting you

The Contenders
11 Dark / Steel

Weak against Fire and Ground and double weak against Fighting.
Two immunities against Psychic and Poison

12 Dragon / Fire

Mega Charizard X

13 Bug / Steel

Fire x4 is the only weakness, ignoring that, it's immune to poison, and half of the remaining elements is 1/2x damage to these pokemon... Eelektross is probably the only pokemon to rival this combination since Eelektross has no weakness (electric is weak to ground only, levitate makes it immune to ground).

Reasons this is a good typing:
1.) Only has one weakness to Fire
2.) Scizor

Double weakness against Fire
Immunity against Poison

Only weak against fire

14 Water / Dragon

It is OP, sounds cool, and has hardly any weakness and a lot of resistances

Nothing can touch kingdra in Gen 2,except itself and dragonite

The best and strongest combination types pokemon.#1

Only has 2 weaknesses and a lot of resistances

15 Electric / Flying

They work really well if you use them n a double battly next to a ground type. You can use discharge with the electric type and earthquake with the ground type and inflict major damage without hurting yourself!

16 Water / Ground

Deserves to be first... It is immune to electric and has only one weakness... Grass Swampert and Gastrodon excells in this dual type

Water type's only real problem is being weak to electric, and the additional ground type makes it immune to all electric type attacks.

Every water ground type has one weakness and can learn ice and poison moves.

Swamper comes here

17 Water / Electric
18 Dragon / Steel

It has only two weaknesses being fighting and ground and it resist all but 6 other types

Only 2 Weaknesses+ Dialga with shuca berry... Yea

One of the best combo. Dialga is eg😂

its defense

19 Dark / Poison

If we had a Dark/Poison Pokémon with the ability Levitate, it would have no weaknesses. Better than Electross and his no weakness, because there would be a larger diversity of moves.

Dark/Poison is such a good combination because, think about it:
What are the weaknesses for dark types?
And what do these typings have in common?
Weakness to poison.
The only actual weakness of this typing combination are ground types. Sure, steel is immune to poison, but you can still use a STAB dark type move and you should be okay.
These are two of the best poison/dark types I know:
•Drapion (overpowered)
•Skuntank (gen 4 reasonable Pokemon)

20 Normal / Ghost

One of the best combinations!
Three Immunities against Normal, Fighting and Ghost.
only one Weakness against Dark and Pokémon with Scrappy and Fighting moves

Literally one weakness and three immunities

Immune to:normal,ghost,fighting moves.only weak to dark and pokemon with scrappy

21 Water / Steel

Immune to poison, only three weaknesses and four can normally damage him. Everything else is less effective.

22 Fairy / Dragon
23 Psychic / Fairy

Only three weaknesses and sometimes learn future sight

Mega Gardevoir is awesome!


24 Dragon / Ghost

Dragapult has pretty good stats, and a cool design. There has to be more dragon-ghost types!

25 Fairy / Ghost

Ghost creeps and Fairy bless.

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