Top 10 Best Pokemon Type Combinations

In the world of Pokémon, there's more to becoming a champion than just collecting powerful creatures. The intricacies of type matchups play a crucial role in determining victory or defeat. Each type has its strengths and weaknesses against others, and the mastery of these relationships is what separates the average trainer from the elite.

By pairing two types together, Pokémon can gain resistances or immunities to certain attacks, while also having their own unique offensive capabilities. Some combinations provide a harmonious blend, enhancing both offense and defense in a way that can catch an opponent off guard. Others may focus more on exploiting specific weaknesses in an opponent's team.
The Top Ten
1 Fairy / Steel

I think that with only 2 weaknesses, I would go with it. Plus, I could get some good backup if it was a weakness.

Has 9 weaknesses, resistant to 2, and is weak to only fire and ground. Definitely deserves the top place.

Very good combination.
Two weaknesses against Fire and Earth.
Immunity against Poison and Dragon.

2 Dragon / Ice

Just because they're my two favorite types, and they would be pretty cool combined!

3 Ground / Flying

Double weakness against Ice and weak against Water.
Two Immunities against Ground and Electric.

I use Earthquake and am immune to Thunder.

4 Ghost / Dark

Best combination!
One weakness against Fairy.
Three immunities against Fighting, Normal, and Psychic.
Most of the types are weak or normally effective.

This is the best combination ever with three immunities, and only 1 weakness (Fairy). All you need is a spare poison or steel type, and you are all set.

Only weak against Fairy, as far as I know. Fairy was added to get a counter against Sableye.

5 Electric / Steel

Magnezone kicks ass. Give it an Ungrounded Item/Move and rejoice.

I like the defensive strategy it can use.

The typing with the most resistances out of all combinations.

6 Ground / Electric
7 Dark / Psychic

Double weak against Bug and weak against Fairy.
One immunity against Psychic.

It's just a cool type combination.

8 Fire / Water

I love water, and fire is just really strong.

9 Steel / Ground

Ground is not weak to fire, and metal's immune to pretty much anything except fire and ground, so it's obviously the best combo.

Most of them are very tanky with high Defense.
Weak against Fighting, Fire, Water, Ground.
Two Immunities against Poison and Electric.

10 Flying / Steel

Looks pretty cool, and also it prevents poisoning, which does a good amount of damage. They could also learn Meteor Mash, which is absolutely OP.

Weak against Fire and Electric.
Two Immunities against Ground and Poison.

Electric and Fire are the only things that will come close to hurting you.

The Contenders
11 Dark / Steel

Weak against Fire and Ground, and double weak against Fighting.
Two immunities against Psychic and Poison.

12 Bug / Steel

Fire x4 is the only weakness. Ignoring that, it's immune to poison, and half of the remaining elements deal 1/2x damage to these Pokémon. Eelektross is probably the only Pokémon to rival this combination since Eelektross has no weakness (electric is weak to ground only. Levitate makes it immune to ground).

Durant is a prime example. It's very, very fast, so if a fire type appears, you can one-shot it with Superpower before it gets you. It's number 1 to me.

Durant is a prime example. It's extremely fast, so if a fire type appears, you can one-shot it with Superpower before it can move.

13 Dragon / Fire
14 Water / Dragon

It is OP, sounds cool, and has hardly any weaknesses and a lot of resistances.

Only has 2 weaknesses and a lot of resistances.

It's the best combination type in Pokémon.

15 Electric / Flying

They work really well if you use them in a double battle next to a ground type. You can use Discharge with the electric type and Earthquake with the ground type and inflict major damage without hurting yourself!

16 Water / Ground

The water type's only real problem is being weak to electric, and the additional ground type makes it immune to all electric type attacks.

Every water-ground type has one weakness and can learn ice and poison moves.

Only one weakness, which is grass, plus electric has no effect!

17 Dark / Poison

If we had a Dark/Poison Pokémon with the ability Levitate, it would have no weaknesses. Better than Eelektross and its no weakness because there would be a larger diversity of moves.

18 Dragon / Steel

Dragon/Steel is awesome. Dragon is normally weak to Dragon, Steel, Fairy, and Ice, all of which Steel resists. Steel is weak to Fire, which Dragon resists. And since they both resist Water and Grass, they get two 1/4 resistances.

It has only two weaknesses, being Fighting and Ground, and it resists all but 6 other types.

19 Water / Electric
20 Normal / Ghost

Literally one weakness and three immunities.

One of the best combinations!
Three Immunities against Normal, Fighting, and Ghost.
Only one Weakness against Dark and Pokémon with Scrappy and Fighting moves.

21 Dragon / Ghost

Dragapult has pretty good stats and a cool design. There have to be more Dragon-Ghost types!

22 Fairy / Dragon
23 Water / Steel

Immune to Poison, only three weaknesses, and only four can normally damage him. Everything else is less effective.

24 Psychic / Fairy

Only three weaknesses and sometimes learns Future Sight.

25 Fairy / Ghost
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