Top Ten Reasons Politicians Lie

Can you imagine if there were any honest people in politics? "Oh but, you know, the guy I elected for my state senate is promising me good stuff?" Well? Did it happen? People expect too much from politicians, but what really gets under the people's skin is if these bastards outright lie. There must be some reasons why they lie, right?

Also this list is about politicians lying to the voters, the media, or to other politicians.
The Top Ten
1 They are trying to make money

As generic as it seems, money seems to be the #1 reason why politicians lie. In fact, it's so much of a reason that it basically is why all other reasons on this very list make sense. Lining their own pockets with money and spending while the people suffer.

2 They are being threatened by their opponents

A politician's opponents can vary. Domestic terrorism of any kind is a potential reason why politicians lie, due to the fear of losing their lives, loved ones, or property. Or other people may be pushing lawsuits or investigations on them.

3 They are openly narcissistic

Should this item speak for itself? I think this item should speak for itself.

4 They know their most dedicated followers will always vouch for them

That cuckoo blonde representative from Georgia purposely says and does offensive and obstructive things all because her voters and supporters have all said that she fights against the deep state and establishment. She can't have committees, and just recently, forty-one Republicans have voted against her motion, and it was previously eighteen. She has said on the floor of the house that school shootings are absolutely real and that 9/11 absolutely happen.

Even in the face of irrefutable evidence to the contrary.

5 They believe that if a lie is told enough times, it will eventually become truth

A weird idiom that ends up becoming a relevant thing these years, really.

6 They know what catches the voters' spirit

"Hey I promise you guys free stuff!" And for some reason that lie works every damn time. All those things catering to the voters' feelings? Yep.

7 They are trying to save face

This tends to not happen until you get to the politicians who have been found out. But it's still relevant.

8 They are working with their party's agenda

Whatever that can be. Who knows. But it's usually something corrupt.

9 They are trying to combat another politician's lies with their own

Deepfakes are becoming increasingly more realistic that you might have believed on they've actually said it. If anyone remembered how both presidential campaigns between Romney and Obama went, it was taken out of context the vast majority of times.

Perhaps I'm running out of ideas for this list already? But since US politics especially is a web of lies, it's a complete circus in Congress.

10 They try to dissaude people from voting their opponents

Basically the opposite of what catches the voters' spirit. Due to how antagonistic voters often feel, they cater to those emotions.

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11 They are held hostage
12 They want to fit in
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