Prettiest Fruits Basket Girls

I got bored so I decided to make a Top Ten Pretty Girls from one of my favorite animes of All Time, Fruits Basket. If you got anything to say, let me know. Hope you enjoy this!

The Top Ten

1 Arisa Uotani
2 Saki Hanajima

Saki---such a personality! She's just plainly amazing and human (to me). I love her!

3 Tohru Honda Tohru Honda
4 Rin Sohma

Rin sohma is the most mature girl to me, unlike tohru who was always happy go lucky and in every love story I read the main character is always happy, positive and clumsy and gets the COOLEST boy, and more than one boy likes her, but Rin is the quiet type and the opposite of tohru and also badass yet she was able to get a boy, unlike tohru and kyo which was TOTALLY OBVIOUS.

I'm only really voting for her because she is born in the year of the horse just like me and also she kinda looks like me in some really freakish way.

5 Kisa Sohma

Come on guys. Kisa's adorable.

She is very cute

6 Akito Sohma
7 Kyoko Honda
8 Kagura Sohma

Kagura really deserves more credit than she gets. Yes, she made a mistake, but she was 5. YEARS. OLD! And she's never forgiven herself since. she gave up 12 years of love because she wanted kyo to be happy. she's a big sister to everyone, including kisa and even tohru. she gave rin a place to stay and never gave up on her. when the zodiac looked down on kyo, she was the only one to play with him. do you know how many 5 year olds would run screaming from what she saw? Kagura I isand always will be my favorite character in fruits basket. say what you will, but she is so emotionally strong and tries her best to be selfless, which more people can relate to (no offense, tohru. You're adorable when your clueless). not to mention she dresses conservatively and is still adorable. and a total alpha in any relationship! I hope you can move on from kyo and be a better person for it, kagura. I love you for it.

9 Motoko Minagawa
10 Minami Kinoshita
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