Top Ten PyroKnight Comic Predictions

They don’t call him the king of slaughter for nothing. Here are the top ten predictions for PyroKnight’s next comics.

The Top Ten

1 Dark Thought Returns

If you all read PyroKnight’s 8th comic, (yes I’m a geek) you would his most haunting memory was a powerful being known as Dark Thought. A snake like creature that stole PyroKnight’s closest friend, that made Pyro go into a frenzy and slaughter the soulless serpent. It would be no doubt PyroKnight would have to fight his darkest past one more time. - Angry945

2 Kocoski Betrays Pyroknight

Kocoski doesn’t look like a threat but after all this time, travelling with PyroKnight learning his strengths and weaknesses, Koco is bound to betray PyroKnight. After all it was his mission. - Angry945

3 Fighting the Ender Dragon

What’s a knight without a dragon? The Ender Dragon is the very first Boss in Minecraft, so it won’t be a surprise if PyroKnight had to fight the Ender Dragon as well. - Angry945

4 Time Travel

Of course, one of the most iconic of all powers is time travel. As Kocoski said in comic 10 ‘There are two giants, the giant of space and the giant of time, after probably killing the giant (since that’s what PyroKnight does) he would have to have been granted the power of time. - Angry945

5 Meeting the Rest of the Council

With ThunderKnight and TerraKnight as a massive hint, PyroKnight would have to fully go back to his past, remeeting with AquaKnight and the others. It'd be amazing to see how the council is going without him. - Angry945

6 Kocoski is Actually a Knight

ThunderKnight said he recognised Kocoski and ThunderKnight was said to look astounded, so could he be a knight? Yes, no? Whatever. - Angry945

7 The Man's Identity

Back when Pyro was about to fight Dark Thought, it said that there was someone with PyroKnight. The man was unnamed at the time, but Pyro shows the same amount of care he does with Koco as he did with the man. Maybe the man and Kocoski are related somehow? - Angry945

8 Wither Fight

Who could forget this 3 headed monster? It's a possible chance PyroKngiht can fight the wither, each head should be killed in different ways. That'd be epic. - Angry945

9 Megan is Axed’s Daughter

Yep, you read correctly. It’s ridiculous how close they both are, they have their ups and downs, but this is stereotypical father-daughter stuff. Not to mention how Megan is the only one aXed listens to. - Angry945

10 Xephanez Returns

After having her father slaughtered, she would be back for revenge. Along side her sister, avenging her almost dead dad, she’ll do anything to get back at PyroKnight. - Angry945

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