Top Ten Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

The Top Ten Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

1 Do I love myself?

I sometimes don't. - Misfire

I really like myself, but there is also the things I don't like about myself. - subscribe2pewdiepie

No and I have no reason to. - 3DG20

Of course not!

2 Is this the person I`m meant to be?

Maybe... maybe not? - Misfire

I guess not, yet I still have a long fufture ahead of me - subscribe2pewdiepie

Yes. Fate has seen to that. - Britgirl

Probably not, but that’s okay!

3 Am I smart?

Not at all! - Limeyy

Eh people say I am, but I think I'm dumb. - Luckys

Eh, I don't know. - Misfire

No. - 3DG20

4 What job do I want?

I don't even know. - Misfire

I mean I had of ideas, I think I'll probably end up working with computers or being a singer. - subscribe2pewdiepie

A singer!

I don’t know, lol - NightmareCinema

5 What type of friends do I need in my life?

True friends I'd say. - subscribe2pewdiepie

Friends that are actually good and chill people that aren’t douchebags that ignore you or annoy you. - Limeyy

Genuine ones. - Britgirl


6 What college do I want to go to?

A good one - Luckys

I don’t want to go to college.

7 Should I join the Top Tens List?

How do you join a list?

Answer : yes join now - HollowArrow

8 Should I be HollowArrow`s Friend?

Answer : yes or you will die (Just Joking ) - HollowArrow

9 How should I plan my future?

Become a singer and a professional customer service critic!

10 Should I grow up already?

No. I still want to be a kid. - Misfire

I would like to stay immature for quite some time.

Answer : if your old liking Spongebob then yes - HollowArrow

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