Most Random Sentences to Say to a Stranger

The Top Ten Most Random Sentences to Say to a Stranger

1 I pooped on a squirrel while riding a motorcycle because Daddy would like some sausages.

LOL. Poor squirell - TwilightKitsune

2 I loved a gangster in a hole because I'm AWESOME!
3 I ran over a ninja at the dinner table because I can't control myself!
4 I had lunch with a nipple in your bathroom because I think I need some serious help.
5 My walrus cried with tweety's fish and chips at Walmart.
6 Donald Trump did nothing wrong!

He is racist, he isn't fair to women and he ban 7 countries from entering USA. How dumb of you to say he never did anything wrong

He did everything wrong! He is a races witch!

7 Regularly a pod of concerned canaries and seven unscrupulous blackguards frankly plodded after the fluffy penal with sponges!
8 Gasoline bathes in sunlight.
9 I danced with my neighbour in my car because the voices told me to.
10 The clear star that is yesterday sees the sun.

The Contenders

11 I had lunch with a snowman in my car because I'm cool like that
12 Purple potato zombies are chasing me!
13 Hi. The moment I saw you, I hated you. Now go kill yourself.

Don't EVER say this! Not only is suicide not a joking matter, but the person you say this to could already be going through depression. So don't SAY IT

14 I am error.
15 Hello goodbye
16 Uh hello
17 We will we will rock you!!
18 A sneeze a day keeps the apples away
19 The first one is the most important thing of beauty full pears.
20 I'm gay.
21 The cupcake flew over the moon to fight the unicorn pooping potatoes
22 Hello Stranger
23 I suck potatoes then poop unicorns
24 I eat conkers
25 The tellatubbies punched me in the balls and it felt good
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