Top 10 Most Random Things to Say to Your Wife

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1 Where's your sister? I bet she looks hotter

Wow that would've been a messy situation. - JaysTop10List

2 Um... I hate cheesecake

Some people like cheesecake, some don't.

3 Can you play Mario Kart 8 with me?

This is an example of an immature husband.

4 C'mon! At least your toilet is hotter
5 Let's have a romantic dinner at McDonald's

Um... No thanks.

6 I bet you like Frozen because for Valentine's Day, I bought you the dolls and the movie

This is quite sweet really. - Britgirl

I would've been laughing my head off. - JaysTop10List

7 Wait! Your name is Taylor? I thought it was Swift


Husband: "I LOVE POKÉMON! " 😍
Wife: "Uh... Okay..." 😳

9 I have a personal diary of... SECRETS

A wife would secretly read her husband's personal diary while he's not around.

While the husband is away, his wife read his personal diary of secrets.

10 Do something stupid

Is a husband trying to make his wife like she's the "laughing stock" or something like that? That's mean!

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11 Go go gaga you’re my mama
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