Reason Why Schools Bathrooms Are Disgusting


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1 When people don't flush the toilet

I have a Squatty Potty ad on the side of my page.


This is so disgusting. I go in and I see it still there. Absolutely unnecessary and terrible

When I was in 3rd grade every time when I wanted to pee In a stall I always say a bunch of toilet papers in the ground

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2 Pee on the floor


Ewww! Disgusting! And it happens every day on my school! - DaisyandRosalina

Ewww! Disgusting! And it happens every day on my school! - DaisyandRosalina

3 Poop on the floor

So I was going to the toilet and then I was going in a cubicle and then...SLIP SPLAT there was lots and lots of poo on the floor and I was in it and I was properly Covered in poo it was so gross!

I've seen poop on the ceiling before.

What you said makes me nauseous.

4 Pee on paper towels
5 Pulling pants the whole way down on the urinals

That literally reminds me of Tyson Sanders from Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Ugly Truth. - Katildalover93

Two kids laughed when they walked in when I was doing my thing at the urinal, they saw my buttocks and said “Anaconda”, they listened to an awful song the night before. *shudders* - BlazingParasol

6 Throwing wet paper towels
7 Slipping on pee

And if you fell down you would be covered in pee...ewww

8 Seeing your crack on the urinals
9 Pee all over toilet seats

This is the absolute worst. If somehow, your pee happens to miss the toilet, just wipe it up, for god's sake.

So gross...can't my butt get some respect?

This irritates me.

10 Being nude during the bathroom break

Ugh. This happened to a boy and a girl in the bathrooms. They were trying to have sex with each other during the bathroom break. Gross! - PhilTheCorgi

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? Students smoking Pot

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11 They're smelly

Yeah it smells like a skunk has sprayed, got eaten by a bear, puked out, eaten again and then finally pooped out!

12 No barriers between urinals
13 Annoying people looking over your stall door

Cool, then you can have a nice chat with them...i'm JUST KIDDING ITS NASTY!

14 Inappropriate drawings drawn on the stall doors

Agree - BlazingParasol

A kid drew a picture of Gene the emoji doing something to Jailbreak. - BlazingParasol

Lol that's better than male body parts, but still, we shouldn't draw on the bathroom walls. - PhilTheCorgi

At my second school someone wrote "Lost Unicorn! if found please stop doing drugs" and drew a unicorn head on one of the toilet doors. Another cubicle had a mini emoji poop drawing with a face. No other graffiti present in those bathrooms though. - Lunala

That's nice, but drawing on the bathroom stalls is still vandalism. - PhilTheCorgi

15 Hand soap on the floor

I hate this

16 Poop and pee stains
17 Nothing works
18 People curse

I curse in the restroom too

They say the F word all the time. - PhilTheCorgi

19 Dirty pads all over the floor

Isn't that a girl thingy? This is usually seen in the girl's bathrooms. Either way, it's nasty. - PhilTheCorgi

20 Poop in urinal
21 Door is broken
22 Penises drawn on the stall doors

I'm getting tired of these, because it's nasty. I drew one in my math book today, but then I erased it. I drew that because I was very mad that I wouldn't stop talking while the teacher is talking. It sucks that I always had to be told not to talk. - PhilTheCorgi

There was one drawn in the stall once. It was in the women's bathroom, and it looked horrible. I can't believe people do graffiti on school property.

23 Toilet paper on the floor
24 People make fun of you
25 No one is quiet
26 The water is always hot
27 No one stops using the water
28 The floor is always dirty or cold.

It will be bad if it's dirty. But what's so bad about it being cold?!

29 People make poop and butt jokes

Lol I do that all the time. - PhilTheCorgi

30 Smelly toilets
31 Vomit on the toilets and floors
32 Graffiti on the walls

In my bathroom there are scribbles all over the walls

33 Used tampons on the floor
34 When people lock the doors and come out BELOW THEM!
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