Top Ten Reasons To Allow More Immigration

The Top Ten Reasons To Allow More Immigration

1 Immigration allows people to flee poverty, violence, oppression, disasters, and misfortune
2 Immigrants grow the economy by working, buying things, and starting businesses
3 Immigrants are strivers and hard workers

True.Believe it or not Mexico is actually the most hardest working country. - DarkBoi-X

4 Immigrants bring in new perspectives and worldviews
5 Immigrants add to a country's culture
6 Immigrants tend to pay more in taxes
7 Immigrants tend to commit less crime
8 Immigration allows some separated families to reunite
9 Borders are just lines on a map
10 Through immigration, more people will learn about your country

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11 Immigrants can teach people new languages
12 Overpopulation, the UK is the most crowded in Europe, London is the tenth most crowded city in the world, we can’t cope
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