Top 10 Reasons Christangrant Hates the Loud House and the Fanbase

If you are a fan of The Loud House please DO NOT get triggered over this list this is my opinion and i will respect your opinion if you respect mine but any this show is something i really hate ever since febuary i have been hearing things about this show saying that it was awful and overrated so i decsided to watch a few clips online and turns out what they said was right this show is awful and i knew from that point why they hated it so much. But anyway i also hate the fanbase which i will get to the biggest reason i hate them so heres my list of why i hate the loud house and the fans

The Top Ten

1 The Fans Caused His First Friend on This Site Phantommilitia to Retire/Leave the Site

This is the biggest reason I hate the fans of this show he made a list called Worst Things About The Loud House and He Got Attacked for his opinion basically and he did get loads of support but that still wasn't enough people were still attacking that list and PhantomMilitia got so controversial because of it and because of fear of more controversy he told me that he would delete his account and he did which when that happened many emotions flow through me the most prominent were Sadness, Anger, and Fear, because I didn't know what to think I had just lost my first friend on this site the person who without him id probably be a different person on this site probably would barley show any personality other than what kinds of lists and remixes I would have made but I can never forgive the fanbase for what the did they are one of the worst fandoms ever and they basically ruin The Loud House more than the Haters did - christangrant

Eh I like the show, it's decent but it has a TON of problems. But I don't really like the fanbase, however I hate them even more because they actually made a long time member of this website (who's also your first TTT friend) leave. Then again many people had my first TTT friend leave for a bit, I mean he's back now but I guess I can't send him messages anymore. - Anonymousxcxc

2 The Show is Filled with Toilet Humor

This is one of the main reasons I hate this show from what I have seen it is filled with Toilet Humor and unfunny jokes like the baby who craps herself every episode which is NOT funny at all unless your a little kid that's under the age of 12 - christangrant

I said this before, and I'll say it again. I thought this would be a decent show that would be a break from the horrid trend of toilet humor that was plauging most if not all Nick shows, but I couldn't be any more wrong. - NikBrusk

3 The Show Adds Trends Like Twerking to Try to Appeal More to Kids

Refer to what I said on Number 2. - NikBrusk

Yes because that's what we need is our kids to start twerking at the age of 7 yes this is what cartoons have come to showing kids that Twerking is ok and that you should so it - christangrant

4 The Kids Fight for the Worst Reasons

Also, the sisters made fun of Lucy for liking ponies and threatened to make fun of her for the rest of her life in one episode. And people have the AUDACITY to say these characters are good role models. - NikBrusk

That was a reason why Lucy is the only Loud House character I like. - ChatNoirFan18

They also practically killed each other over a quarter. It's just as funny as them destroying the car over a car seat. In other words, not funny at all. - NikBrusk

Because Kids beating the living crap out of each other over a F ing car seat is SO FUNNY am I right? but seriously if you are going to make them fight at least make it over something that makes since NOT A CAR SEAT - christangrant

5 The Animation

This shows animation I do not like at all it looks like something from the 2000s which I am not Nostalgic for considering the 2000s had some pretty bad shows but there were good ones to but The Loud House's animation is based around the bad ones from the 2000's and it just doesn't appeal or look good to me at all - christangrant

6 It's Loaded with Constant Filler

The worst Things about a T.V. Show is having loads of filler which this show has from what I have been told by a friend who tells me things about this show that this show has loads of filler in it and makes the episodes seem boring - christangrant

7 It's Getting a Movie

Why does this show need a movie just WHY? I mean out of all the T.V. shows that deserve a Movie WHY THIS ONE out of all of them? Because if the show wasn't bad enough we totally need to watch a hour and 30 minutes of them doing the same stuff they did from T.V. show id bet this movie is going to be awful or maybe a rippoff of the First Spongebob Movie which in fact Id rather watch than this shows movie heck that Invader Zim movie WILL be better than The Loud Houses movie at least for me because Invader Zim is a awesome and creative show whereas the Loud House is NOWHERE near the creativity of that show - christangrant

8 It Beat SpongeBob When that Show Was Starting to Improve

This reminds me of Teen Titans Go hogging all the airtime on Cartoon Network so shows like Steven Universe don't get any airtime. - NikBrusk

Yeah spongebob was improving but of course now Spongebob doesn't get as much air time as The Loud House Does and to be honest I have no clue why becasue Spongebob is obiously the better show of the two in my opinion - christangrant

9 The Fans Make Disgusting Art

Oh yes I have seen of the pictures of what the fanbase has drawn and it makes me want to puke and I thought the Five Nights at Freddys Fanbase was perverted this fanbase (Which is called Loudcest) is just as perverted as FNAFs fanbase - christangrant

The fans drew disgusting art but it doesn't disgust me. Why?
Because I've seen so many "rule 34" pictures like so many and I never feel disgusted.
Still, I hate the fanbase so bad! (Not the show) - TLHFanBaseSucks

This is one that I always hate, The Fanarts.
It's a nightmare. (being sarcastic)
I kinda don't like the way fans did. It's like you got cringed and slowly fell to the ground.
It's disgusting, uncomfortable to watch, and it's disgrace. Jeez fans,
Why can't you just focus on a real show? - TLHRules

10 It Has the Similar Style of Humor as Any of the Seasonal Rot Episodes of Dexter's Laboratory and the Original Powerpuff Girls

Oh boy I used to love Both of these shows untill they starting getting bad with terrible humor and The Loud House has these flaws that these shows had - christangrant

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