Top Ten Reasons Disney Shouldn't Make Any Star Wars Movies


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1 Disney owns too many things now

Thank God Viacom didn't own Marvel, Star Wars, Ghost in the Shell, Studio Ghibli and LEGO which Disney did (seriously, Disney?! Please take pride of your own work and stop relying on other companies to give you ideas or I, Kieran Stark will work for you and help you out)!

Let's see they own some of the marvel characters they have there onlwn channel to. What's next Disney what's next - Matt92647

2 They might make another character like jar jar

Disney may add a unfunny character even know the director said he will not be putting any jar jars - Matt92647

I can see this happening. - Therandom


3 They might ruin the Star Wars series

They could ruin the series some how - Matt92647

I watched the movie and lemme tell you...they didn't!

4 Everyone is always happy

Disney makes a lot of happier characters and stuff but this shouldn't be a problem we should worry about - Matt92647

Come on guys its star wars! J.J. Abrams will be burned at the stake if he screws this up!

5 They might make like a Sith

They might do it for a better plot. - Matt92647

6 Their endings are predictable

Happy ending no doute but I guess it's better than a bad ending - Matt92647

7 They might make an animated version of Star Wars
8 Darth Vader is too cool to be in Disney

There is a lot of Disney stuff that is as cool as Darth Vader. So why add this to the list?

9 They would make pathetic sad endings
10 The prequel series has ruined the entire series as a whole

You people need to come down! Look at the overarching plot of the prequels! Think about how epic its is!

What! The prequels are better than the original trilogy

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11 They Might Turn Star Wars to a Musical
12 Star Wars is Way Too Popular
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