Top Ten Reasons to Hate Anais from the Amazing World of Gumball


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21 She is Richard's Favorite Child

No, Darwin is Richard's favorite child! You shouldn't make stupid excuses to hate something that you barely know anything about.

I get your point. parents are supposed to love all their children, and not have a personal favorite. however, is that really a reason why anais should be hated. this fits more on why to dislike Richard, even though he is awesome too. - cheeseskates

Your right Darwin is really Richards favorite child

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22 She Is Not As Funny As the Rest of the Cast

In the nest she tyes to make a joke but fail

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23 She Cries All About Losing Daisy

It's all about that stupid doll I said it to much in the past half hour and I'll say it yet again I was so pissed off by the new episode today that I hate put all my hate into these comments. Before I go on I like to apologize to you all for going a little over board. I just got really mad and I just need to let off steam, sorry that I had to annoy you with my feelings toward her at the moment being. On that note now I kinda wanna she daisy come to life and torture her like she did in the night

Look Anais you've got two options, your brother is gonna get stomped by a huge T-Rex! Or are you get Daisy for your own sake?

24 She Looks Like Panini

Yes. And Gumball Looks A Little Bit Like Chowder.

Panini is much nice and caring then Anais

Gumball is better than chowder

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25 Anais Acts Like a Torture Device.
26 She's Not Smart

Like seriously, when ever has she said something smart? Like the only thing I hear her say is I WANNA BE DUMB! BUT I DUNNO HOW TO BE DUMB? I could figure that out before her! Gum all is matter always better than her a lot!

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27 She yells too much V 2 Comments
28 In "The Password" she messed with someone else's personal property
29 She's a Ripoff of Princess Bubblegum
30 She's a Cry Baby
31 She is Stupid
32 She Hates Darwin
33 She always think she's right, which can be annoying
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