Top Ten Reasons to Hate Girls

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41 They are shallow
42 They're hypersensitive


43 They are psychotic V 1 Comment
44 They are sassy
45 They drive you insane

And this list drives me insane. You idiot. - NoOreoForU

46 They are sneaky

I got robbed by a boy. I think it was you. - NoOreoForU

47 They are disturbing

Even if you hate this list (I'm a guy and I don't like it either), don't tell the creator to die. It makes you look immature and butthurt.

I hope you die. - NoOreoForU

48 They are strict
49 They are bossy
50 They have body image issues

Did you know that plastic wrapped foods and Fast food restaurants (Like KFC and McDonalds) are actually responsible for early puberty?

51 They are dependent
52 They are intimidating
53 They love anime

Seriously, it is Anime this, Anime that, Hentai there...You name it! It is so Annoying when girls are all ALL wrapped up in their Anime worship. I have seen Anime because that is all they ever talk about at my school and I see NOTHING good about it. Just some disturbing girls with giant eyeballs and Girly/Gay Looking Twisted Perfect type of Dudes with their disturbing evil smiles.

It is Anime this, Anime that...seriously, No Dude CARES. Anime is so messed up and makes anime dudes look strange, girly, and creepy (The evil smile.) Seriously girls, dudes do not look like that.

So? Some boys do too. I am not a big anime fan, but I do like the art style. I have seen a number of anime movies (mostly Gibly) and the only anime show I ever watched was Pokemon. I do not love anime, I only like it if it has good plots. (But the art is pretty good)

I don't care about anime. You sexist idiot. - NoOreoForU

V 1 Comment
54 They are brats

Bratty girls will be Forever Alone. No husband needs a wife who is a brat.

Well... Most are. Not me. - NoOreoForU

55 They are lame
56 They are ignorant
57 They are pointless

Well it is the girls who give birth to you. - Musicorn

58 They ruin parties V 1 Comment
59 They think they are superior
60 They are emotional threats
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