Reasons to Hate Jake Paul


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1 He is a show off

His song :" It's everyday bro." Is basically bragging about his success. - Omalk

Isn't all Celebrities a show off - Selfiefan68

2 He is really stupid


3 He encouraged cheating

Ikr, "Is that your boy's cologne." what. - Omalk

4 He is a bad songwriter

It's not everyday bro - The_gEEK_GamEr9


5 He is corrupting his viewers (who are very young)
6 He wrote a diss song on his brother after simply laughing at it.

I would hardly call it a diss - Himalayansalt

*Diss TRACK - BlueTopazIceVanilla

7 His associations made his preteen fans flag down a react video to his song.
8 He was on bizaardvark

Seriously dumbest show ever. - Omalk

9 There are chances he was a bully at school

Yeah his old classmates say that. - Omalk

Really? I did not know that. - BlueTopazIceVanilla

10 He abused his Ex Alissa

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? He is selfish and immature and rude to others
? He's an attention seeker

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11 He is unbelievably obnoxious
12 He filmed Post Malone's house and posted it on YouTube after Post said he didn't like him
13 He's racist
14 He is a terrible neighbor
15 He sets stuff on fire
16 He dabs
17 He disrupts his neighbourhood

He deserves to live in a trash can. He is a low class monkey who somehow lives in a neighbourhood that was good until he came along. He annoys his neighbours like how modern Spongebob annoys Squidward - Lunala

18 He likes Nicki Minaj
19 He can't rap
20 He's a terrible singer
21 He likes Cardi B
22 He has no talent
23 He hates Kelly Clarkson
24 He likes Miley Cyrus
25 He uses AutoTune
26 He is a jerk
27 He's a spoiled brat
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