Reasons to Hate Regal Academy

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1 It Tries Too Hard to Copy Miraculous Ladybug

Yeah it's a copycat

So true

I think Rose's personality is copying Marinette but like more exaggerated and kinda annoying - AnimetionGirl

2 It Has Awful Animation

The animation is AWFUL! It's cel shaded cgi, which is the worst you could use. Also, when the characters close their eyes and smile, it looks EXTREMELY creepy and disturbing. When they smile, their mouths take up half their face - Cartoonfan202

3 The Animation Rips Off RWBY

Except RWBY actually has characters that don't look creepy when they are happy and RWBY is a good show unlike this.

I thought I wasn't the only one who thought of that. RWBY was a improvement over this.

Agreed, the character models look way too close to RWBY.

4 Rose's Characters is a Rip-Off of Marinette from Miraculous

She literally rips off Ashlynn Ella. - AinezoChan

5 The Characters are Dumb and Lack of Characters Development

All of them are basing on stereotypes. Especially Rose, she is a real Mary Sue!

6 The Characters are Unlikable and Boring

The only Ever After High character that I hate is Milton Grimm. He is the worst headmaster ever! And I used to hate Apple White but now I have started to like her more! I love Raven, Briar, Madeline, Ashlynn, Cerise, Lizzie, Darling, Rosabella, Duchess, Faybelle, etc. I totally agree with you! Rose Cinderella is a brat, Hawk Snow White is Apple White rip-off, Astoria is selfish, Joy is unfunny. Totally Agree with those awful characters! Ever After High characters are much better!

Agree! I like all of the Ever After High characters! Apple haters must die!

If you love Regal Academy, you must be the person who has a bad taste of cartoons.

That was totally discussed with the behaviour that is really rude I love regal academy

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7 It's Racist

"Ling ling"? Really?

One of the characters is called Ling Ling IronFan. That's all I need to say.

8 It Created by Iginio Straffi, a Man Who Also Makes Winx Club, an Another Horrible Nick Show
9 Magical Pets are Rip-Off of Kwamis

Espacially Earl Grey, the dormouse owned by Madeline Hatter.

10 It's a Ripoff of Ever After High and Winx Club

Still happy that Ever After High and Winx characters have their birthdays. Regal Academy characters don't have.

At least ever after high has a good plot and character development

At least winx club and Ever after high were likeable

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11 The Background Characters are Ridiculous and Strange
12 It Tries to Be Funny

So truee it make me cringe so hard.. Rose is so dumb

13 The Characters Look Like Vocaloids and UTAUloids
14 It's Weird
15 It's Ruining Nickelodeon
16 Has Stupid Theme Song
17 It's Unnecessary

Nick was getting better but they had to pick this up I think it got canceled - epictoonsfan1

18 Rose is a Mary Sue

Apple White >> Rose Cinderella

Agree! She is %100 brat, selfish and a mary sue!

19 It's Ugly
20 It's Sexist
21 Ugly Character Designs

Totally! Ever After High Character Designs are more detailed and articulated! Love Ever After High

22 This is a rip off of RWBY
23 It Only Exists To Sell Toys
24 It Looks Like MMD
25 It Looks Like Elena of Avalor

Exactly and I love elena of avalor

26 Rose Cinderella rips off Ashlynn Ella

Ashlynn Ella >>> Rose Cinderella


Ashlynn: Excuse me, who are you?
Rose: I'm Rose Cinderella!
Ashlynn: Really?!?
Rose: Yes!
Ashlynn: Are you trying to copy me?
Rose: What do you mean?
Ashlynn: You mean, you are copying me. You are stupid, ugly, mean and selfish!
Rose: I don't care!
Ashlynn: Well, you are going to try copy me, I'll tell Hunter.

27 They look like mongoloids not vocaloids
28 All The Characters Are Mary Sues and Gary Stus

Totally! That's true!

29 It's Confusing

In the episode "The Parents Day", the children of the fairy tale characters are revealed and that left me confused with one question. "What happened to the fairy tale kids from Ever After High? "�"
Another one is Kira (somehow the daughter of the Snow Queen). She's totally different (in a bad way) from the Ever After High version of the Snow Queen's daughter. Crystal Winter is so good and beautiful but Kira is bad and ugly.

30 Rose Cinderella is selfish

Yes she really is.

31 Rose Cinderella is uncaring

True! Rose is arrogant, stupid, uncaring, boy-crazy, stuck-up, brat and useless! She is also copies Ashlynn Ella (one of my favorite Ever After High characters)!

Totally! She never cares to anyone but Ashlynn Ella does! Ashlynn Ella is more caring, kind, helpful and friendly. Rose is such a stupid jerk.

32 Their Mouths Look Ugly
33 The Characters are All Stereotypes and Cliches

Ashlynn Ella is more natural and calm than Rose
Apple White is prettier than Hawk
Rosabella is smarter than Travis
Holly & Poppy are the best twins even nicer than Astoria
Hopper is more cheerful than Joy
Raven is nicer than Vicky

Rose: Unpopular, new girl who is the leader of her clique

Hawk: Hot, charming ladies' man that will probably end up with Rose

Travis: Rebellious bad boy

Astoria: Perfectionist geek

Joy: Cheerful ditz

Vicky: Mean popular girl - Cartoonfan202

34 The Characters Look Like Sofia The First Rejects
35 Unoriginal Concept
36 Rose Looks Like a Serial Killer
37 It Looks Like Sofia the First

I love Sofia - AinezoChan

38 The Animal People Look Disgusting

Like what?

39 It Looks Like a Cheap Knockoff
40 It Has Furries
41 It's A Cash Grab
42 The characters look like plastic
43 Characters big eyes. Like Cinderella and Astoria

Well this episode appear on "A school For Fairytale"

44 All Songs are Suck

I agree, the songs are either not catchy or super cheesy, I've heard some of the lyrics and I always cringe - AnimetionGirl

45 The Dragons Don't Even Look Like Dragons
46 It's Too Cliche
47 Hawk Snow White is a rip-off of Apple White

Everyone needs to stop hate Apple, because I love every character of Ever After High. Hawk Snow White is just Apple White's copycat and he totally sucks!

At first, I hated Apple but after Way Too Wonderland, she proved herself and I really hate Hawk he is more egoistical than Apple.

He is the new Apple White and he ruined her life!

48 Astoria Never Takes Care of Her Hair
49 It's 3D CGI

Anything with cgi animation will instantly be bad to me

50 It Looks Like Bootleg RWBY
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