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1 It Tries Too Hard to Copy Miraculous Ladybug

I wish Miraculous, Randy Cunningham, and Pixie Girl have crossover until this crap aired! Rose's characters rip-offing Marinette from Miraculous. Plus, how the heck does this show often praised by fans and Miraculous doesn't?! - ChatNoirFan18

So true

2 Rose's Characters is a Rip-Off of Marinette from Miraculous

That's true! Both them are clumsy and easily frustrated by somethings, except, Rose bothers me! She looks like tries too hard to looks similar like Marinette! - ChatNoirFan18

She literally rips off Ashlynn Ella. - AinezoChan

3 It Created by Iginio Straffi, a Man Who Also Makes Winx Club, an Another Horrible Nick Show

Is Iginio didn't realized that his shows targeted for kids?! I mean looks at the characters on Winx Club, they wears shorts and tanktops which sounds innapproaprite and he makes this Miraculous rip-off?! Ugh! - ChatNoirFan18

4 It Has Awful Animation

The animation is AWFUL! It's cel shaded cgi, which is the worst you could use. Also, when the characters close their eyes and smile, it looks EXTREMELY creepy and disturbing. When they smile, their mouths take up half their face - Cartoonfan202

Cel shaded cgi is AWFUL! Search it on Google. I know everything worst on Regal Academy. How people can smiles take up their faces?! So creepy! - ChatNoirFan18

Just look when Rose smiles! She looks creepy! Plus, it's too animated and not natural! - ChatNoirFan18

5 Magical Pets are Rip-Off of Kwamis

Magical Pets are pointless, boring characters that rip-offing kwamis. Kwamis are smart, funny, and cuter characters than them. - ChatNoirFan18

6 The Characters are Dumb and Lack of Characters Development
7 The Background Characters are Ridiculous and Strange

Some of the Regal Academy background characters are look odd! There is a students with a green bird head and a swan head, plus, there is a female student that looks like Pinnochio! - ChatNoirFan18

8 It Tries to Be Funny
9 The Animation Rips Off RWBY

Except RWBY actually has characters that don't look creepy when they are happy and RWBY is a good show unlike this.

Yeah, I agree. Also, I like the chibi RWBY design. Although I never watch it, but, it still better than Stinks Academy. - ChatNoirFan18

10 It's a Ripoff of Ever After High and Winx Club

Still happy that Ever After High and Winx characters have their birthdays. Regal Academy characters don't have.

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11 The Characters Look Like Vocaloids and UTAUloids

Whoever added this get a golden cookies
Hawk looks like Kaito, Joy looks like Gumi, Astoria looks like Luka, Rose looks like Rin but with long hair.

Unoriginal. - ChatNoirFan18

12 The Characters are Unlikable and Boring

Yes! I agree! Like Raven, Briar, Ashlynn are more likeable!

13 It's Racist
14 Has Stupid Theme Song

Regal Academy theme song looks like tries too hard to be catchier and rocker like Miraculous! But, it fails to be catchier. - ChatNoirFan18

15 It's Unnecessary

Nick was getting better but they had to pick this up I think it got canceled - epictoonsfan1

16 It's Ugly

Yes, it's really ugly! Thanks to someone added this! - ChatNoirFan18

17 It Only Exists To Sell Toys

The toys are girly! It looks like barbie! - ChatNoirFan18

18 It Looks Like Elena of Avalor

Exactly and I love elena of avalor

19 It's Weird
20 It's Ruining Nickelodeon
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1. It Tries Too Hard to Copy Miraculous Ladybug
2. Rose's Characters is a Rip-Off of Marinette from Miraculous
3. It Created by Iginio Straffi, a Man Who Also Makes Winx Club, an Another Horrible Nick Show



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