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41 Her fashion tastes are terrible

Her new outfit is STUPID. I posted she was nicer with her hair short but that ain't true! She is actually worse. Plus in performing she almost always where's the same outfit and its terrible looking! I almost gagged when I saw it!

Come on, your'e in the only region in Pokemon where you can change your clothes. At least wear more than 3 outfits!

Her new outfit was at least better in color... But me? I'd have some choice words about the pockets, she can practically fit Fennekin in 'me!

Oops, she can fit Fennekin in 'em

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42 Her "goal" is unoriginal

I haven't completed X yet, so I haven't seen any showcases. I have finished Omega Ruby however, and the Contest Spectacular's are EXCRUCIATING. Plus, we already covered contests with May and Dawn, why Serena too? Oh yeah. Because she's a stereotype.

I like performing. But now I can't watch it because It's A POPULARITY contest. Serena never deserves to win it's SO ANNOYING. She should go back home because she stinks at everything - Mira Waterflower.

And also sexist. At least contest guys where also allowed to enter too! I like the name I've heard for it too "wifu wars" as all they do is dress up, cook, and show off. Yuck!

I really like performing besides the Poffle making and the cutesy outfits. But Serena ruins it. Not only its like contests ( there are differences ) and she wins unfairly its wasn't even her idea. She didn't even know what is was ( Clemont knows performing stuff unlike good boy ash ) until Shauna told her. She's just copying everyone and doing what there doing. If everybody was picking there noses in a tub of worms and sharks naked in sea Wold and ash recommended it she WOULD ACTUALLY DO IT! Not only is she copying Shauna Aria and every other performer ( in moves too! ) she's also copying may and dawn and all the coordinators! ARRRH SHE's EVIL!

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43 She and Molly aren't related

People are saying Molly and Serena are related or worse, THE SAME PERSON! This can't be true :... 1. They both know ash and his friends. 2. Serena is evil and mean while Molly is kind. 3. ITS impossible. Everybody likes Molly and Nobody likes Serena. It doesn't make sense.( Like Amourshipping and why Serena's in the anime.

Who's Molly again? - yungstirjoey666

Its like how amourshippers are making fun of mirror Serena! What, jealous that Mirror Serena has more romance with ash than the actual Serena! Molly and Serena the same person?! Its like saying Lyra and Shauna or Salvia or Dawn are the same person! UNTRUE! I would go on there site to critize them but then ill be like them and wasting my time. - Singing penguins at Christmas

How is Serena evil and mean? Please give me one good reason! - HeavyDonkeyKong

44 She's watered down to being a girly girl stereotype

This is one of the few this I hate about Serena. She was made stereotypical. Other than that, I like her. I don't even know why people bash at her other than being a girly girl stereotype. - USGC

45 She doesn't help out Ash and the rest of the group

Yeah, I laugh every time she goes up against Team Rocket. She does actually send her Pokemon out to battle them from time to time. But her and her Pokemon are the most pathetic battlers I have ever seen! It's funny to watch. She doesn't really even help. - eventer51314

Well, all except for one episode, "A Keeper for Keeps?! " where she pulls out her Braixen and Pancham for a couple seconds to battle.

46 She's watered down to being liked because of her appearance and amourshipping

I asked a boy who likes Serena why he likes her instead of Miette Shauna and Mini and he said because
She's PRETTY> That is SO rude. People only like her because she has good looks. As the shipping that cannot be named that's not surprising. All she does is blush and be his maid. I can't even watch XY anymore because she ruins it. If the MOST UNLIKELY event where she go's to Ahola I will hate the animie for at least forever and past that. Somebody should make a petition that says NO MORE STALKERS! Who's withmE?!

Oh. OH. OH! So people like her because of looks! So that means she's a 'good character'! YEAH! And I suppose Iris sucks then, because she's not a good-looking character! So she's a bad character! GAWD, people! Mindless 'beauty' comments are downright racist! Oh, and then there's Amourshipping, that ship that defines her! TELL ME, AMOURSHIPPERS! Explain her personality! Tell me! I dare you! What does she serve in the anime besides being a stereotype romantic Mary Sue?! WHAT IS IT?! Don't tell me cutting her hair gave her a personality; don't you dare! She lost a contest! So what? Dawn lost 3 in a row! Serena is a crybaby as well, proven. Geez, dude. Get a life.

~Silverfrost of RiverClan

47 She tries to be like others instead of being herself

I hate every time there's a performance she copys everybody. Like in the master class catching Braixens stick? ARIA did that. She steals pieces of everybody else and that's what she uses. And its not just in performing!

She stealed Ash's catchphrase, Aria's performance moves, Ash's battle style/ battle poses... is there something she doesn't steal? And why does she seek Ash's approval and compliments for every thing she does? She's just a copy-paste, nothing special

48 She doesn't view Ash as a person, or a friend

Serena views ash more like a prize than a person. He isn't a race to win or a diamond to steal. HE"S A PERSON! She also thinks he's like a toy that just gives you love. She doesn't know him like his friends or me and many in - love - fans. She doesn't know him AT ALL.

Yes she does. Its been shown that she cares about him. And please five me examples as to how I am wrong. - HeavyDonkeyKong

49 She puts Ash and Fashion above the needs of her Pokemon
50 She enforces inherently abusive ideals in relationships

She literally sends the message to depend on the boy you like, be a doormat, and do whatever he asks. And Ash literally used her like a clothing hanger once and she took it as "if anything is useful to Ash-Sama, I'll do it" NO. DON'T DO THAT. - Ruee

51 She doesn't have a relationship with Ash

And she does not truly 'love' him nor is she really 'in love' with him. She's just infatuated and obsessed with him. Heck, she's infatuated with an idealized, rose-tinted perspective of him. Because she hasn't put the effort into really getting to know him like his other friends have. Not to mention the fact that she is rfickin' 10 years old and can't understand the full concept of love. It is not just about her shallow 'feelings' for him. It's about understanding each other on an intimate level. And of course, Ash certainly doesn't know her very well. They are so different he can hardly relate to her girlishness. He has a better, more intimate relationship with his arch-rival, Paul, than he does with Serena. And I mean that from the perspective of two trainers understanding each other so well because they have battled one another. I'm not suggesting Comashipping, by the way, I hate that ship. Intimacy doesn't automatically mean a relationship is or should be romantic. Another reason ...more - eventer51314

She literally fantasizes about him and doesn't see him like a person. Just as an obsession. I don't get how amourshippers think they have a true relationship.

52 She only pays attention to Ash and not the rest of the group

She is so stupid. - eventer51314

53 Her Pokemon obtain powerful moves without actually being trained

This makes me so mad! That is what Pokemon is about! And it's yet another bad message she sends: you don't have to work to make progress, or develop, or achieve anything. - eventer51314

I smell a Mary Sue - yungstirjoey666

Sends a terrible message to all kids watching.

Serena: "Hi, kids! Today, I will tell you the MOST important, MOST valuable lesson you will ever learn in your entire life! 'If you want something to be done, let plot convenience take over! You don't need to do anything at all besides maybe beg your totally canon boyfriend! ' Well, that's all for now, my lovelies! Ta-ta! "

Kid: Hey, Mom, I'm gonna do just what she says!

Mom:...*curse you Serena*

This kind of applies to her being a bad role model, but same thing-ish.

~Silverfrost of RiverClan

54 She's defined by her crush on Ash

One of the MANY things I hate about Serena is that she's defined by Ash. AND I'm GLAD. All she does is blush. Amourshippers are just nasty bullies. She only left home track him down. To shorten it : she's not a friend she's a stalker.

Uggg she is & it makes her a pathetic character, not interesting! I said I don't like her because she's boring somewhere, and someone says 'but I thought her crushing on ash makes her interesting? ' NO! That just makes her a pathetic & boring character, since that basically is her character'

Yeah, so her being interesting is dependent on another character. She isn't interesting in and of herself. Pathetic. I hate her! - eventer51314

55 She's the weakest trainer that ever became Ash's companion

She can't even battle Team Rocket. You know a trainer is weak if they can't even deal with Team Rocket. - eventer51314

Well kind of. - USGC

Misty had tons of great water types (And a cute Togepi! ^_^) May had the powerhouse that is Blaziken, Dawn had a Mamoswine and Togekiss, and Iris is a Dragon master. But Serena? A Braxien, a Pancham, and a Sylveon. Seemingly, Serena only wants to do the boring Showcase thingies. Sure, Dawn did those too, but she had pokemon that she could battle with too!

56 How she revolves herself around Ash and will do whatever he wants her to do is a bad message that could drag girls into abusive relationships

One of the many reasons Amourshipping is TERRIBLE cause it gives bad messages. It makes girls look stupid and boys abusive. I HATE YOU SERENA! ( Chucks bottle)

I laughed when Ash basically used her as a living coat hanger. But when I think about how bad that is...*sigh*. Why? Just, why? - eventer51314

57 She barely contributes to anything

Notice in every disaster she's either clutching bonnie or smirking. Somebody's upset? Smiling. Someone's in danger.. same... crying... same...

"Somebody's upset? Smiling. Someone's in dange r.. s ame... crying... same..."
Woah I noticed that she was happily smiling at ash when she was suppost to be warning about the snowstorm. She smiled right when she saw him, throughout him ignoring her, when she was talking about her 'painful experiences that helped her understand ash,' and only changed expression when ash shouted at her. I thought she was fantasizing about how ash is going to love her because'she knows him so well,' but... What if she's just an evil b***h who likes to see others suffer?

58 She wears inappropriate outfits for her age

Play "Tema De Secretos Los Angeles - Claudio Yarto" (Theme of Secretos Los Angeles), and watch Serena wearing suggestive clothes, I swear, it's like adding salt to the coffee instead of sugar. - ClassicGaminer

59 She treats her Pokemon like they are pets

She doesn't understand Pokemon at all. She just uses them for her own purposes.

Nope, like FRIENDS. - HeavyDonkeyKong

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