Top 10 Reasons to Hate Starfire from Teen Titans Go!

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1 She destroys everything she can

"... But the door is too far to walk to.." Yeah, only you don't need to burn a hole in the wall, you dumb Starfire.

Starfire goes all psycho along with that stupid idiot Cyborg in the "Hose Water" episode wrecking things and making stupid faces and loud irritating noises... Basically acting like a imbecile! She just gets stupider with every episode!

It Is Quite Clear That She Is Becoming More Of A Monster Than A Hero. Just Like What Robin Would Do Only Not As Bad Or As Annoying.

While I agree that Starfire seriously lacks intelligence, there are a ton of idiots on here who are calling *her stupid in poorly-written comments littered with typos and bad grammar. Pot, this is the kettle calling...
While it has its faults, this show is highly entertaining and well written, and the voice actors are incredibly talented! I’m sure most of the negative commenters on here are 14 years old or less, or at least that’s how they come across in their immature comments. And speaking of stupid, some of you seriously need to look up the definition of “slut”, because wearing sexy clothing does not mean that a person is promiscuous, as Starfire is not; it’s a kids’ show for crying out loud!

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2 She is disgusting

Top 3 reasons why she's disgusting:
1.She licks gunk off Silkie.
2.Her so called "evil" gurgling laugh.
3.The faces she makes.

She was licking Raven for crying out loud! Eww! Starfire really creeps me out when she does gross disgusting things like that! I'm surprised that she's not actively eating garbage out of the trash can! She's a real weirdo and not the funny kind!

She was drinking fish water and making loud burps and stupid faces in the Fish Water episode and grossing everybody out. Starfire is truly disgusting.

And let’s not forget that she loves eating mouth worms & “loves the Silkie’s disgusting drool” :S Truly gross

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3 She's stupid

She knows absolutely nothing about Earth and its culture. She CLEARLY has no care for Jump City's care, as she does nothing but stupid things that destroy it. No matter how many times the other titans try to teach her, she wouldn't remember even if Raven casted a spell on her to make her remember. She's as useful as a dried out marker.

In The Dignity of teeth she didn't know what a toothbrush was! She has been on Earth a long time now and she doesn't know that? I wouldn't want to be her dentist.

I'm so sorry! I didn't see it above!

I agree but I still think she is cool but to me inside my head she is just the worst person in the show she is dumb I don't like her pet that she has discusting

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4 Her idiotic personality

Starfire has the personality of a dented can of sardines! She annoys everybody to no end and SHE NEVER SHUTS THE HELL UP! She's always driving people crazy being such an aggravating stress-inducing irritating loudmouthed opinionated retarded puke-inducing lazy stupid pile of donkey turds!

In Teen Titans Go, Starfire is portrayed with this phony "cutesy" and sweet-little-girl attitude. The original Starfire may have been kind, but she knew where the limits for kindness were. Remember the episode "Breakfast Cheese" - that has absolutely nothing to do with cheese - where Starfire was tedious of the team's violent actions from the battle field being displayed in their everyday life? It was one of the most heartbreaking episodes out there. It was a disappointment. It really did show how violent the team was. Instead of using force to "teach the H.I.V.E. a lesson" they could politely remind them not to loiter and instead of Starfire forcing the team to become pacifists she could show them the countless ways people can be punished without force, because I really don't see how sending a missile of flowers at a villain team teaches them a lesson. It teaches them that their actions are fine and to continue doing them. So yeah... Starfire's personality is a train-wreck in TTG.

She is quite smart in season 1 but as season 1 progressed she got dumber until season 2 where she is already quite stupid now in season 4 she is an damn trashy moronic stupid infuriating bastard who never shuts the hell up!

5 She is heartless towards animals

I absolutley hate how in Cats Fancy, when she saw Robin in a stupid cat suit, she threw her kitten across the tower! I hate that stupid idiot!

In Be Mine, she killed an innocent animal and gave its heart to Robin! EW! And the heart was still beating and pumping...

6 A total disappointment

Starfire from teen titans go is a total disappointment. In "Road Trip" she repeated punched Robin in the face until his cried from his bruises. They have used Starfire to punch and torture Robin as a running gag. It can be funny, but it makes you realize starfire (and the rest of the titans) have no established character. The writers make the titans however they want in each episode. They have been dumbed down too much!

Starfire is such an IDIOT! She loves non violence and kindness! She is just going to give love and affections until her friends all get killed and she won't avenge but mourn for the rest of her life! The Starfire from the original is so cool and she was my favourite character! Now she is my second most hated character with Robin being the Most Hated and a crazy crane-kicking weirdo.

Star Fire was cool in Teen Titans. In Teen Titans GO! She is a disgrace to the Teen Titans.

She is so ignorant. The old Starfire was sweet and caring. This Starfire is dumb and a brat. In Pizza Bros, she is so selfish, she wants a pool, instead of a new senor center. Tenn Titans go 👎🏻👎🏻👎🏻

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7 She's a slut

Seriously, throughout most of the episode "Multiple Trick Pony", she was laughing at Robin's and Kid Flash's butts.

What you say is what you are. Courtesy of my friend Lily for her book of great ass comebacks

Starfire sucks and is not good enough for Robin

Guy who said that idiot slut is your favourite, I am being frank here but seriously if you like TTG, get out of here, it is a hate club, not a fan club. I happy for you as you can like a show which I hate and also, I am not a stereotypical TTG hater, I hate the show as the plots are nonsensical, the characters are selfish hypocritical bullies except for Raven, it insults its viewers like a child-friendly South Park, as Beast Boy shakes his butt at the viewers and the writing is very lackluster. The show tries to be satirical but it fails miserably at it. As it is PhantomStrider’s quote which I used I have to credit him here and I agree with him on many things on why TTG is a bad show. I am not a so-called nostalgic “manbaby” and there are many good reasons to hate the show. So leave a hate club and join a fan club as so you don’t get your feelings hurt. I repeat, I am not angry at you for being a TTG fan but it is a hate club and haters go there and fans go to fan clubs.

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8 No longer represents women empowerment

She made a fool out of us girls, she obviously doesn't care about the power in women!

Back then she did have woman empowerment but now...its gone in a emtpy pit forever ;( why starfire why...

Proverbs 14:1

“Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.”Proverbs 14:1

All Men and Especially Women are Created Equal!

9 Annoying

Starfire say "the" for the stupidest stuff.
"That is "the" alright"
"Is she "the" yours? "
I get it, she's an alien from another planet, but you've been living with these earthlings. Get it right! Especially when they say the same thing you just said before you without the "the" all you have to do is copy what they said.
That crap is so the annoying.

Hey Star. Are you "the" stupid and "the" annoying? Yes you are.

The Original Starfire's Voice Is Fine But In Teen Titans Go Her Voice Is Annoying As Hell! I Well Watch Regular Show Or Play Sonic 3 Instead Of Hearing Her Voice - CuteGirlJigglypuff

Is she going to kiss robin or not!

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10 She's on villains wiki

I wonder why?

Its true!

She should be

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11 She's creepy

Starfire could give Robin a run for his money in terms of creepiness. The disgusting and stupid things she does and says would make wanna me wanna get a restraining order against her. She's the Queen of Creepy without a doubt.

In Grube's Fairytales, she ATE a wolf, her grandmother, and three chicken legs! With the bone...

12 Ugly

Well her outfit is a little exposed but she's not ugly

She doesn't look ugly at all

Hey, Starfire ain't ugly! I think she's cute.

She is very pretty starfire is the best she is not an idiot what are you thinking uhh carry on... dear starfire: you are frikin beautiful and intelligent don't listen.

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13 Stupid

"There will always be people on other planets who say mean words because you are different. And sometimes their minds cannot be changed. But there are many people who will not judge you based on who you are or where you come from. Those are the people whose words truly matter." That was a quote from the real Starfire. She was a great female lead, kind, smart, brave, and loyal. Now, she's an annoying idiot with a grating voice and a stupid design.

Don't forget she tried to marry a scratching post too!

In the original, Starfire opened up with, "And that is the secret to traveling faster than light." That shows just how smart and intelligent she was in the original. Here, she's the dumb blonde with pink hair.

Starfire is the dumbest character in Teen Titans Go. This is one of my favorite lists. - Popsicles

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14 She adds "the" before everything

She gets stupider every time she does this stupid habit of hers... I almost wanna shave her bald dip her in barbecue sauce and sprinkle a HUMONGOUS pile of ants on her!

Oh my gosh! I'm not the only one that noticed that!

It just makes her sounds dumb. - aarond9010

I the agree the with the you

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15 Robin has a crush on her

In the original, Both Robin and Starfire were head-over-heels for each other. Now, she acts like she can't stand him. Well, I see why, I can't stand him in this show either.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7
Love is patient and kind; love does not envy or boast; it is not arrogant or rude. It does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrongdoing, but rejoices with the truth. Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. Starfire Used to Return Robin's Feelings for her in Teen Titans but not Teen titans go!

Batgirl is way better.

I think that Robin is way to good for Starfire and doesn’t deserve him, plus she is an idiot

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16 They destroyed her original character

She use to be cool, but now she is boring!

Totally her hair was better red than pink

She was so smarter in the oringanal show than now know wonder its still on at 2016

17 Useless

She's got usefulness of a losing lottery ticket... She has the charm and warmth of a bag of rocks.. And she has the intelligence of a bowl of rancid oatmeal! She stinks worse than a pile of sweatsocks and dirty underwear rolled into one! She flat out sucks and she knows it! You stink Starfire!

A bag of manure has ten times the usefulness that Starfire has! She's a total waste of space she talks gibberish most of the time she's a submoronic imbecile she's smelly she's loud she's obnoxious she's a pain in the ass, she creeps everybody out she's a pest she's boring... Go cover yourself in ants Starfire!

Starfire is a gigantic pain in the ass! I could find more uses with a spoon than I could with Starfire! Go play with a pile of fire ants you pink haired doofus!


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18 She's a total wannabe

She wants to be normal but there is nothing wrong with being different

She is more than willing to become a hypocrite if it is to fulfill her selfish desires.

19 She seems nice but isn't

I'm still pissed about that episode where she stole Jinx's cat. Like how come she's best friends with Jinx in some episodes, then beats her up in others? Like make up your damn mind! (by the way, screaming at a cat is not going to get it to come to you! ) - Popsicles

Well Sandy will stuff Starfire's mouth with aspirin, castor oil, random pills and a rattlesnake!

I really want to beat her to death with an oar

I wish she got beated by Jamie from The Amazing World of Gumball.

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20 Starfire is ugly

I definitely disagree, she is pretty beautiful. - 05yusuf09

Raven is sexy while starfire is cute

Na I'm 12 n I hate starfire shes tooo stupid I feel so sorry for robin liking her seriously robin give up

Duh she is

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21 Her design

Her design is so ugly

I hate star fire! She looks like a bobble head! Also her clothing choice is hideous! How did she come up with that clothing choice to wear?!

To lame and nice

Her design is custom on tamaran and it is natural for tamarans like starfire to have a bobble looking head

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22 Her hair is horrible

I hate it

23 Her voice

Starfire is always spouting some sort of gibberish that makes absolutely no sense and she comes off looking like an even bigger doofus! Her voice is pretty loud and annoying too.

And she always makes up words that don't make sense. - MontyPython

Starfire is so annoying

Starfire's voice is not the same as compared to the original. Even Hynden Walch (the girl who plays Starfire) knows that!

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24 She always upsets her teammates

She aggravates everybody just by breathing and I'm amazed that she can do that without messing up!

Exactly! Here are my reasons to hate Starfire.
1.She thinks speed is everything
2. She doesn't love Robin though he loves her

He licks silky

u get me

25 She's too easily influenced by the other titans' dumb behavior

Starfire is so eager to fit in with the rest of her team that she's willing to do anything no matter how stupid it is! She's easier to manipulate than a piece of Silly Putty!

In the episode "Road Trip", Starfire proceeds to punch the living crap out of Robin(ironically that was fun to watch considering that Robin actually deserved it for being such a jerk to begin with) while playing the game "Slugbug" in which she's supposed to punch Robin in the arm whenever she sees a bug go by. But instead she goes crazy once a whole bunch of insects fly by and she bashes Robin's face in to the point that he's sobbing and begging her to stop.

I like starfire, but I hate pushovers. Starfire does it in a good way even though its ANNOYING AS HELL AND FFICKING CRAP

26 She can't sing

She ripped off Ariana Grande!

She sings like a warthog getting run over by a steamroller

Her voice sounds like crap

She almost sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard.

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27 She flirts with every guy she sees

Even a scratching post and a pot of chili. Really?

I know right like why would you marry a scratching post or even a pot of chili like really a scratching post is for cats and also chili is for eating like come on how drunk and high are those directors of this crappy show - Lpsgirl

Don't forget that alien on that episode

Except for Robin.

Ikr it bugs me so much!

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28 She thinks she is sexy
29 Talks too much

But we can't shove a cork in her mouth because it is so large!

Somebody shove a cork in her mouth.

She never shuts up

She is a pretty much a radio. With rap songs. and maybe someone accidentally plugged a T.V. into her mouth.

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30 She is always having temper tantrums

Seriously, is she a teenager, or a 5-year-old who had a growth spurt?

Even my chum Jere Lee who throws tantrums, is 13, squeals in a high-pitched voice, yelled at the discipline Mistress and scratched several people is more mature than her!

Ephesians 4:26-27

Be angry and do not sin; do not let the sun go down on your anger, and give no opportunity to the devil.

Be warned, Starfire.

If you Hold on to your Anger, you Anger will Hold on to you!

31 She can't sing that well

Like a dying mule - Stevenuniversefangirl

32 She smells really bad

She practically stinks! Her breath must be really lethal! Her idea of taking a bath would probably be rolling around in the mud and then swimming in cat urine! She's THAT stupid!

Robin probably knows she smells revolting. He's too in love with her to admit it.

I can't tell what her feet smell like tuna maybe?

What about when she uses her tongue on silky

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33 She's awkward


34 She's as skinny as a bone

Anorexia hit her dead in the face.


35 She didn't cure Silkie

I'm one episode silkie had swell up and she didn't do anything about it

In the original, isn't true Beast Boy used to own Silkie but gave him to Starfire.

36 She is a bad role model to kids
37 She's scary and reckless

That girl takes everything TOO seriously!

Starfire is standing in the middle of the floor. Robin trips over her feet.
She kills him.

38 She's a real pest

She irritates everybody with her dumb comments,her stupid questions,her constant nagging and whining,and her dumb customs/traditions..not to mention the disgusting "food" she eats! It's like she was born with her brain stuck in neutral and her train of thought just derailed at the station while it was parked! She just wont go away!

39 She says mean things about the Titans

Like in that Christmas episode or the episode where they lost silkie she almost killed them

40 She's lazy

All the girl does is lay on the couch burping.

Wrong list!

41 She's weak

She cannot fight at all!

42 She is racist


43 She doesn't like Robin

She Pretends To Like Robin. But Most Of The Time She Doesn't Actually Like Robin. Sometimes She Does. But Mostly She Doesn't.

In the original series she likes robin. In this series it is like she don't even like him anymore

In this episode she says to robin, you are like the brother to me and in other episodes she just says no,no and no or as a friend.

Control Freak made Starfire not like Robin!

That's Unlike Starfire!

I would think Robin would be smart enough not to like her. But, no. Robin is retarded for liking this dumb slutty alien! Even though robin can be annoying and obnoxious, I would think he'd be too smart to take her.

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44 She is hot

No she's not! She's as ugly as heck in Teen Titans Go!

The episode when they ate that pepper her face was like someone who got hit by a bus

She is hot, HOT AS A WORM BURNING AND DYING ON A SIDEWALK! So is she hot now? NO!

Wow, she is hot. NOT! I'm gonna kill whoever put this!

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45 Sheldon loves her

Who the heck is Sheldon?!?!?!? You don't mean Plankton right? There is no character in Teen Titans Go named Sheldon.

Sheldon? I think that's plankton's (in sponge bob) real name, don't get me started with that show...

Who's Sheldon

46 Her brain is the size of an atom


It's 1/1000000000 of atom actually.

47 She's a rip off of Invader Zim


48 She sticks out her tongue way too much
49 Her voice is so irritating
50 She thinks she is loved by every guy on the planet
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