Top Ten Reasons Sanjay and Craig Is a Good Show

The Top Ten

1 Good Animation
2 It's Funny

Whoever Made This List is Seriously High!

Just ignore this troll list people.

No? Do you know what good is?

3 It's Creative

I love how far they get with the fart jokes! - ILoveCaillou

4 Craig's Loveable

I wish he was my pet! - ILoveCaillou

He's cool. - henry_danger_is_great

5 It Gets Better Every Season

No it gets worse - Gangem

Actually, it did get better. Far better in fact. I'm not being sarcastic in the slightest. - Goatworlds

So true! - ILoveCaillou

6 Sanjay Has a Good Laugh
7 Its Theme Song is Good
8 Entertaining
9 Hectors Cool

He is not cool! - Sunflowerswag

Yes he is! - ILoveCaillou

10 Sanjay's Nice

The Contenders

11 No Stereotypes


12 Likable Characters
13 No Fart Jokes

Actually there are. There's even an episode called Fart Baby!

This show has like 100 fart jokes every 5 episodes, your so high.

Exactly! - Goatworlds

Yes this list is so true there is no fart jokes in this show just ignore the episodes called fart baby and fartwerk they just named the episodes that, LOL This List Is Such A Troll

14 Sanjay and Craig Are Geniuses

They are both braindead

15 No Gross Outs
16 Sanjay Isn't Dead

Yeah, he should not be alive after all his yelling and eating boogers

Exactly! I wish he would never die. - ILoveCaillou

I Wish He Was

17 It's Clever and Mature
18 It Teaches Decent Lessons

Another reason why the show got better as it went on. Also, a lot of the newer episodes have heartwarming or genuinely funny endings. - Goatworlds

19 More Character Development

This is actually true. The characters became more fleshed out as of Season 2. Even Noodman gets some of it! (And I'm not trolling, I actually bothered with Season 2 because T.V. Tropes seems to like the show now) - Goatworlds

20 Hector's Funny
21 Sanjay is a Good Friend
22 Hilarious Butt Jokes
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