Top 10 Reasons Why the American Government is Corrupt

The Top Ten

1 Money in politics
2 The existence of the deep state
3 Fake news media that does not hold politicians accountable
4 The two-party system

Pffft America is from Europe I mean the ancestors.

While every other item on this list has validity, you cannot possibly want to follow the chaotic European model where several parties vie for votes, resulting in the majority party having been elected by a mere fraction of the electorate.

5 Most politicians run so they can use their office for personal gain
6 Lack of moral values amongst leaders
7 Honest people feel scared to run for office due to the mentality surrounding politics
8 Some of the greediest people in general chose to become politicians

*cough* cough* Donald Trump *cough* *cough - Ihateschool

9 Reputation with donors is more important than reputation with voters
10 Pandering to religious groups is more important than actual morals

More like, pandering to minority groups that have no morals.

The Contenders

11 Gerrymandering
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