Top 10 Facts Pundits Overlooked During the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

In hindsight everything seems so clear, but last year, many people thought that Hillary Clinton would have an easy victory and that Donald Trump had little chance. Even his own supporters were saying it was rigged in her favor. Polls, which had predicted every election up to this point, were decidedly putting her in the lead. She also had far less battleground states to win, and Trump's controversial comments were seen as debilitating for his campaign

People have a tendency to want to confirm what they believe, and many times when we're confronted with things that we don't want to hear, we automatically reject them. Many people lived in a bubble of information that validated their views and the many advantages Trump had were overlooked. Here's what we all missed.
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1 Charisma wins

In nearly every election, the more charismatic person wins, or at least the less charismatic person loses. Reagan was more charismatic than Carter and Mondale. Obama was more charismatic than Romney and McCain. The Bushes were not especially charming, but Dukakis and Kerry both lacked energy.

In this election, Trump was by far more charismatic. Remember that charismatic does not mean nice and it does not mean likeable. Charisma means being able to energize voters, and Trump did this. Clinton failed to make an emotional connection with voters.

2 Trump's approval rating was bulletproof

No matter what controversies happened, his poll numbers remained unharmed, yet his opponent's claimed that his most recent controversy would be the one that ended his campaign.

Trump has actually had the lowest approval rating of any modern president.

3 Trump was only slightly behind

Polls generally had Clinton 2-4% ahead of Trump nationwide the whole time. Yes, it's an advantage. But with a difference so small, pundits were not correct in saying she had a 90% chance of winning.

4 Third Term Curse

It's very hard for a party to keep the presidency more than two terms. Clinton, running for a third term, had to battle against inertia.

5 Uneducated voters

In 2012, they polled very well with Obama, but in 2016, this advantaged shifted to Trump.

Many people ignored the fact that a key demographic of Obama's went to Trump.

6 Close polling in Florida

Whoever wins Florida wins the election, generally. But more specifically, Florida is the tightest swing state in the country. If Trump were to be beaten by a landslide, he likely wouldn't have been tying with her in Florida polls.

7 Rise of third parties

This is typically an indicator of an unstable election. Perot in 1992. Nader in 2000. Jill Stein and Gary Johnson in 2016. Did these third parties in themselves shift the election? I'm not sure. But there's no doubt they indicate a desire for parties to change.

8 Flaky Clinton supporters

There are millions of people who favored Clinton over Trump but weren't enthusiastic enough to go and vote for her.

9 Hidden Trump supporters

Due to strong aversion to Trump, many of his supporters hid their support to avoid being called a racist or misogynist at their work/school/social circle. Many Republicans condemned him publicly, but voted for him behind curtains.

His turnout was similar to Romney's and not as depressed as many expected.

There's no such thing as silent Trump supporters. Everyone who liked him were very loud and obnoxious. Shamelessly, I was those people. What? A person likes to be expressive, okay?

10 Hillary Clinton not campaigning where it counted the most
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11 Sanders's upset victory in Michigan

Pundits universally agreed Clinton had a 99% chance of beating Sanders in the Michigan primary but he ended up winning decisively.

This meant that pundits were not always right, and that rust-belt voters were angry at the establishment.

In general, Clinton won the primaries with much more opposition than most expected.

12 The negative influence of social justice warriors

The stigma against Trump supporters did cause the Clinton camp to overestimate their advantages.

Insane SJW's were chasing people over to Trumps side by the thousands. Good work.

13 Hollywood's opinion doesn't really matter to the average American
14 A longer political resume does not equate to a better one

Except in this case it did, by far! Like her or not, Hillary Clinton WAS the most qualified candidate to ever run for president in American history!

15 People want change
16 Some Hillary supporters switched to Trump at the last minute
17 The swinging of many swing states
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