Reasons Why Andi Mack is a Good Disney Show

Andi Mack is one of the best disney channel shows, only second to Gravity Falls. You can watch the first two eps of Andi Mack on the Disney Channel on the Disney Channel app, YouTube, and on demand. It officially premieres April 7.

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It's Deep and Mature

Andi Mack is geared towards tweens and young teens so I wasn't surprised when topics such as periods, LGBT, and panic attacks were addressed. You triggered ultra-traditionalists need to stop complaining and only complain if they talk about these stuff in baby shows!

It deals with teen pregnancies, periods, and sexualities. No other Disney show has done that. However, they keep it appropriate for children. It's mature, while other Disney Channel crapcoms can't even stay mature for 3 minutes.

Ew! Teenage pregnancies in this? That's disgusting and weird! Teen pregnancy shall be banished and removed and it will not exist!

Andi Mack is the most awkward show you'll find on T.V.. I've tried so hard to like it, but I can't. It's just SO BAD!

It's Funny

The humor feels like it's too witty for the children to be blasting off. It resembles the tweens' Gilmore Girls. They sound pretentious and try a bit too hard with the jokes, but I think they're funny enough. Wish they wouldn't have the cool older sister stereotype, especially when she dons a Red Hot Chili Peppers shirt in an episode. come on, how many tweens will get the reference? Unnecessary, but the show is enjoyable on its own.

I have never laughed at this show, except during the "sad" moments (like when they were going to sell the Andi Shack).

Excessive toilet humor is NOT COMEDY. Torture and abuse is NOT COMEDY. Stupidity is NOT COMEDY (except when its done correctly). Eating disorder jokes are NOT COMEDY. (Episodes of Jessie, So Random, and Shake it Up got banned for making these jokes). However, Andi Mack is funny. Seriously, the Nickelback, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and period jokes were hilarious!

I haven't laughed once

It Lacks a Laugh Track

Like Stuck in the Middle and Lizzie McGuire. However I don't like SitM anymore. Okay look its fine for shows to have laugh tracks. I mean Disney has good sitcoms: Wizards of Waverly Place, that's so Raven, and more, which were actually funny and didn't have the laugh track play after every line. Modern disneycoms play the laugh track so much that you could make a "But Every Time X Happens, it gets faster" meme out of them and they would be like 2 minutes long.

Laugh Tracks are used in unfunny moments so Andi Mack is funny.

Because there's no parts to laugh at?

You know why? Because it isn't funny.

It is Diverse

About dang time they finally had the main family cast be Asian! I've always wanted a live-action show to have Asian Americans as the main characters. And since Disney Channel wasn't really good with portraying racial diversity, I was scared an Asian American family sitcom by them would turn out horrible. Thankfully, that never came to be the case with this show.

Gravity Falls had an Asian and and African American, The Proud Family had an African American family, Danny Phantom had an African American nerd and Girl Meets World had an African American. Asian families are good.

The main character is Asian. Her friend Buffy is black, and her friend Cyrus is Jewish. Plus, the Macks are an interracial family because the dad (or should I say grandfather) is white and everyone else is Asian.

And it’s also full of stereotypes. An overbearing and strict Asian Mom (CeCe), a rebellious teen daughter who got pregnant at a young age (Bex), a gay boy who acts effeminate (Cyrus), and a black girl who gets angry about everything (Buffy). Real diverse, guys. I’m not disappointed at all.

It's Made by the Same Person Who Made Lizzie McGuire

Proof that brain cells die as you get older: the same person who made the amazing Lizzie McGuire so many years ago makes this crap that doesn't even deserve to be on T.V..

Lizzie McGuire was an old but good Disney show that also lacked a laugh track.

It Has a Great Theme Song

It's better than any old modern Disneycom theme. Plus its sung by Sabrina Carpenter.

The theme song is quite annoying.

Best theme song s Disney show ever had and SABRINA CARPENTER sang it!

It's Realistic

Having no woman’s basketball team is realistic? What is the school under budgeted or something to not have a female b-ball team? Banal and idiotic kids wanting things to go their way when it’s the schools choice to do so. Saying umm at a proposal or being in a relationship, Who honestly makes kids watch this crap? Also they at one point believed in fortune telling which if I’m not mistaken are completely scamming you of money, and they just believed everything up until she came back. And everyone having the same damn crush is like an Anime harem with poor voice acting and no character development or plots to the story they are sending.

There's no girls' basketball team, Bex is able to take Andi away from Celia and Celia doesn't object to it, parents tell their kids to protest a reasonable dress code at school, there is no permanent record for students, and everyone has a crush on the same guy. Nothing unrealistic about any of that!

It Has a Great Mix of Comedy and Drama

The show isn't 100% comedy and the show isn't 100% drama, but a perfect mix of both. More kid shows need to learn how to do that. Plus, the show has real suspense, not the cliche and overused New Girl At School plot.

Comedy? What comedy? That pathetic excuse for a main character?

The Characters are Nice to Each Other

Andi treats her mother like trash making her the worst character on the show. Jonah sucks to making Jandi an awful ship. The show should be about Cyrus, Buffy, Bex, Bowie, Celia, Ham, TJ, Marty, Amber, Natalie, Iris, Walker, Brittany, All of Cyrus's parents, Buffy's mom, Andi's other relatives, and the renaissance boys instead of Jandi and Miranda and Morgan!

In a lot of recent Disneycoms, the characters CLAIM to be friends, but they bully, torture, and abuse each other. In Andi Mack, the characters are polite (except for Amber, Jonah's girlfriend), and don't treat each other like crap. Plus, they are well-developed and likable.

I know, they treat that piece of trash Andi nicely even though she's a pain in the butt! (Man, I wish this site hadn't banned swearing.)

Amber is still nice to that witch Andi even though she stole her boyfriend!

It Saved Disney Channel

Gravity Falls and Phineas and Ferb saved the animation department. Meanwhile, there hasn't been any good Disney Channel live action show since the premiere of Good Luck Charlie (however, there were shows that premiered before GLC that sucked), and Andi Mack helped people to have faith in the live action department again.

I thought I'd stop watching Disney Channel for good after Austin and Ally and Good Luck Charlie ended. (RIP Austin and Ally and Good Luck Charlie. You will be forever loved) But Andi Mack showed me that Disney can redeem themselves. Let's also hope Raven's Home can do the same.

This made me stop watching Disney.

Raven’s Home did, not this.

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It Doesn't Talk Down to Kids

It also encourages kids to disrespect adults. Andi is rude to Celia, who raised her, just because she isn't her birth mother, and she also disrespects the principal for the heinous crime of,.. gasp! Enforcing school rules!

A lot of shows treat kids like they're stupid. Andi Mack respects childrens' intelligence and is mature.

It portrays adults as annoying losers who shouldn't be given any respect.

Instead, it talks down to adults and encourages kids to rebel.

It Has Good Characters

Jonah is a good character in season 3. He tries to amend mistakes he did with Andi while Andi just cries and gets mad about everything and is indecisive!

TJ, Cyrus, Buffy, Bex, Bowie, Cece, Ham, Amber, Marty, Walker, Buffy's mom, and everyone else who isn't Andi, Jonah, Miranda, and Morgan are great!

Andi, Jonah, Miranda and Morgan are the only bad characters but the others are good.

Like Jonah, who laughed when Andi cried, and Amber, who is awesome!

It's Iconic

It actually is iconic. They featured their first openly gay character on Disney and it is very popular.

Life Lessons
It Has Ships Like Tyrus, Bexie, Hamcelia, Amdi, and Juffy

Best ships ever!

It Teaches Kids to be Whiny Brats

Andi isn't THAT whiny anymore!

The Main Character is Disrespectful
It Has Ships Like Tyrus, Bexie, Hamcelia, Wandi, and Muffy
It Has Topics that are Meant for a Bigger Audience

- it has topics that sometimes are ment for bigger audiences, (at least a teenager) which is fine by me, because the show is ment for teenagers( I guess). It’s just my opinion think what you want.

It Discusses Gun Violence

This show teaches young teens to not use a gun and if their friends do, they must tell a trusted adult

It Teaches Young Teens that It is Ok to Be Gay.

One of the main characters (Cyrus) comes at as gay. We see him go through having to tell people and finding himself

It Deals with Serious Issues
It Gives People a Place to Feel Like the Belong

Andi Mack helped me become comfortable with my religion, gender and my personality in general.
For years I never wanted to tell people that I was Jewish because it was always a huge joke on television. However, Andi Mack shows it in such a wonderful and respectful way and now I'm proud to be Jewish.
For years I've dealt with internalized homophobia/transphobia. Andi Mack showed me that it's okay through Cyrus' coming out scenes and Buffy, Andi and Jonah's responses.
I was always the weird kid that not many people wanted to hang out with. I was pretty much the real life Cyrus Goodman. I always thought that made me annoying and I tried to change myself. But when I watch the first episode of Andi Mack, the day before my 14th birthday, I saw myself in a character in a way I never had before. Through Cyrus I was able to truly accept myself and come to terms with who I am. I surrounded myself with a small number of close friends like the Good Hair Crew rather than a large number of ...more

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