Top Ten Reasons Why Bombs Should Not Be Banned in Airports

Usually, if you go to the airport, security guards will check your baggage if there are supicious items in it. One of the most sought-after items in your baggage are bombs. Security guards are very paranoid over travellers having bombs in their baggage. But do we really need to advocate an outright ban on bombs on luggages? I don't think so. Here are the reasons why we should be allowed to check in bombs in our airport baggage. Note that this is a list that assumes the theoretically positive effects of such implementation, and not to encourage people to commit crimes. Moreover, it encourages change in legislation and policy, and not a violation of law.

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1 We have the right to self-defense

Is this a joke? - AnonymousChick

Think about your right to self-defense and answer your own question. - 2cool4u

Killing innocent people that did not do anything to you is self defense? - Lucretia

*Defends self with a bomb*


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2 People can get scammed by security guards by implanting bombs and other banned items in passenger luggage, which causes big trouble and wastes time

In the Philippines, there used to be a scam in the airport wherein some corrupt security guards place stray bullets in passengers' luggage bags, and subsequently file cases against the said passenger for illegal possession of ammunition. Imagine the same scam being done in airports, but with small-scale explosives. People will get into so much unnecessary trouble because of this scam, which could have been avoided if bombs were allowed in airports instead. - 2cool4u

Or you could just hold on to your stuff... - Lucretia

Only to be safe

3 It is a suppression of our political freedom to not express our political beliefs the way we want them to be expressed

People do suicide bombings and self-immolation to protest against government. Democracy, as they said, should be open to protests and dissent, so why can't we rally with bombs at airports like how democrats in California stage street riots? - 2cool4u

Killing people that are most likely awful people but innocent is expressing opinions in a extreme way - Lucretia

So bomb em naturally, what else

4 Bombs could be used for experimentation in other countries

So why not help us become more scientifically advanced by stopping the regulation of bomb transport across countries? - 2cool4u

Bombing someone is a experiment? - Lucretia

5 We have to be more open-minded with the scientific potential of bombs

The government usually hinders us from being educated and being scientifically literate that we cannot experiment with explosive devices when going to another city or another country. - 2cool4u

Bombs are evil and using them is for wars when you really need them... we can't just use them for fun - Lucretia

6 Collateral damage helps combat overpopulation

Yeah, if it has 100 percent yield it could end the world! Then there will be so little people... everyone would be dead. You can't live on a earth ripped in half at the core - Lucretia

Sometimes accidents happen, but look at the bright side! At least we will learn how to combat overpopulation with its usage! - 2cool4u

7 It is the easiest way to resolve personal conflicts

Sometimes it's so time consuming to settle an argument in an airport that it wastes your precious time. With weapons and bombs, you know how to resolve the conflict even faster in the case of the need of self-defense. - 2cool4u

Dropping a bomb on someone because your mad at them is overkill - Lucretia

8 It gives less burden to the taxpayers who pay too much for security

Taxpayers are paying so much money for these unnecessary services like law enforcement and bomb security squads. If we were allowed to defend ourselves with weapons without the need for more government intervention, then we would save lots of money from paying taxes. - 2cool4u

9 It is an efficient way to defend yourself from terrorists

Most of the time, terrorists think they have the upper hand because they think they are the only ones who have bombs and other weapons. This won't be the case of anyone was allowed to defend themselves with bombs. - 2cool4u

I once read that there were actually big chancer someone would bring a bomb to the plane, but chances of two people who don't know each other bringing a bomb in the same plane at the same time are pretty much zero. That's why bring a bomb with myself every time I go to travel by plane. I'm still alive, so it basically works lol - UltimateHybridX

10 Everyone becomes equal

People think they are more equal than others just because they have the privilege to be armed. This won't be the case if everyone had the equal opportunity to bear arms. - 2cool4u

If everyone has a bomb and someone is lucky enough to have one with 100 percent yield, then everyone will be equal. Also dead! - Lucretia

Arm bears. Yes, I agree.

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1. We have the right to self-defense
2. People can get scammed by security guards by implanting bombs and other banned items in passenger luggage, which causes big trouble and wastes time
3. It is a suppression of our political freedom to not express our political beliefs the way we want them to be expressed



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