Top Ten Reasons Why Breadwinners is the Best Show Ever

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1 It's a parody on the lackluster quality of modern Nickelodeon cartoons

This is the worst list ever. Whoever made this list is probably a troll. - Catacorn

Obvious troll is obvious. - GamerBoy

How dare you guys disagree with my awesome list?

This is the number 1 worst top tens list ever! the breadwinners are more like breadloosers!

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2 Butt jokes

This is a reason why it's bad - Martinglez

Even worse than the Loud House!

3 The characters

This is a reason why it's bad - Martinglez

4 Good animation
5 Great plots

Okay, well that is true, but it's the only thing I can think of that is good to me - Martinglez

6 It's so bad it's good

I think it's more like:
It's so bad, it's bad - Martinglez

7 It's one of the only good cartoons in the 2010s

Steven Universe, Regular Show, Adventure Time and the new ninja turtles are all from the 2010's, I think they are much better - Martinglez

I like it more than shows like steven universe and gravity falls. Shows like that are overrated. sanjay and craig is good too.

8 The Love Loaf episode

One of my most hated episodes - Martinglez

This episode is PERFECT.

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