Reasons Why Crying Helps


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1 It lessens your pain.

Crying is immature and not how to handle things.

No, Crying does Not solve problems.

2 It makes you more expressive.

You can express yourself over crying? Crying is for little kindergarten kids who are expressing their irritation that Susie broke their purple crayon or that Billy ate their cookie. - Lucretia

No it doesn't, the person who made this list should go to college.

3 It lessens your fear.

It actually worsens it. Stop lying!

4 It cleans your eyes.

True, but crying does not solve anything.

5 It allows close ones to know that you're troubled, and therefore, help you.

Not if you're crying like a whiny baby.

6 It allows you to move on.

Sometimes that's true, but not always.

7 When babies are born, it helps in clearing their lungs.

I read that's not always the case.

I appearantly had clear lungs when I was born because I was screaming, till my mom fed me. - Lucretia

8 It lessens the burden you're carrying in your mind.

Not really.

9 It displays negativity but attracts positivity.

True on the first part, but not always on the second part.

10 It sometimes makes you feel happier.

Actually I have found this. Sometimes I make myself cry for no reason other than to clear emotional cobwebs. It really does help. - Britgirl

Not for me, crying makes me feel bad, its depressing music that makes me feel better. - Lucretia

Not always.

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