Top 10 Reasons Why Cyndaquil is a Bad Pokemon


The Top Ten

1 It's overrated

Because piplup wants to spread hate

She makes people mad
Everyone hates her
Make hate comments on this girly poop everyone call her pooplup

Wow, just wow! - PooplupSux

2 It's very ugly

At least it's still cuter than Pooplup, Hissen and Pooplio - PooplupSux

No, you are. LOL!

When your a baby little shy scaredey cat poop which is to shy to comment to me awww what a baby that pooplup poop old penguin thing which made the list is awww she is so hahaahahaaha lololololoololololol just put a diaper on you u need dat diaper change u pooping pooplup


3 It evolves into an even uglier Pokemon
4 Only cute when evolved
5 It's weak
6 It evolves into the worst fire Pokémon ever
7 It lost to Unown in a death battle

FAKE! Stop telling fake stories to make people think this is weak unown lost shut up and stop lying u little liar

Yeah right

8 It looks like if Firey from BFDI and a mouse had a baby

Yeah your a water penguin and your just bubble and a penguin had a baby u evolve into water and steel so u cannot defeat infernape or torterra lol

9 In the "Pokemon: The Secret Badges" fanfic, the talking Cyndaquil can't count to 4

That's not gamefreak's fault, that's some random person. - Frouze

10 Cyndaquil is the worst fire starter

No, charmander is. Call me what you will - Frouze

It's not the worst. - PooplupSux

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