Top 10 Reasons Why Digimon Is Better Than Pokemon

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21 You can become a digimon

In one of the digimon seasons you can become a digimon which is close enough to be a superhero.

To be fair you can become a Pokemon to, but the manga that used that was horrible.

Mystery Dungeon, anyone?

Goatworld that means Pokemon is ripping off digimon now ha!

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22 It beat Pokemon in a Death Battle

Sure, there might be some Pokemon that can be strong enough to beat Digimon. But let's face it. Charizard could only outmatch the power of Agumon and Greymon. Mega Charizard X could have beaten those forms, but the higher forms of Metalgreymon and Wargreymon are claimed to be made of a metal that not even most Digimon can destroy, not just Pokemon. Finally, even if Tai interfered with Red, Mega Charizard X was RECHARGING from using Blast Burn. It wasn't just unaware of what it had to do. Blast Burn clearly leaves the user having to recharge. Still, at least Red and Charizard fought hard and showed that Pokemon aren't that weak to be defeated quickly.

Anything a Pokemon can do. A digimon can do better

Actually happyeevee many digimon are just straight stronger than Pokemon you should research this stuff and stop being ignorant

Those are just made by unprofessional youtuber, dickwads

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23 Digimon games are just as good

Even though there are a lot of boring digimon games but there are some gems in there

Digimon adventure psp,digimon world 3, and digimon battle rumble are some good digimon games

Most of the good games are in Japan,Digimon Adventure PSP for example.

Not all digimon games are bad, digimon world 3 and 4 are awesome, not to mention digimon rumble arena 1, 2 and 3 also the ds game digimon world was awesome.
I played the pokemon games on the ds, and they are almost the same thing.

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24 Pokemon is overrated

Only the games are good, but not the anime. Unlike Sword Art Online, which is an awesome anime. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Take a look at Most Overrated Animes.

Well people think about Pokemon they think of ash the idiot

Being a overrated is not an excuse - Jeydi

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25 Pokemon started ripping off digimon

Mega evolution, monsters fusing, becoming a monster yeah sound familiar well that is because digimon did it first

Pokemon is getting revenge lol - Masterofal

Now, let's all think: Who became more successful in the end? - HappyEevee

- HappyEevee,
Ok, I see you are loyal to Pokemon with all your heart, Whatever. I love Digimon so you can stop going against whatever someone says that is for Digimon. I don't care what your opinion is. You are acting like my worst enemy, criticizing everything we say. - ScreechingDigimon

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26 The protagonist(s) aren't idiots V 1 Comment
27 Digimon is More Over the Top

Why are you here HappyEevee if you don't care about Digimon.Just picking it apart is showing how much you care.

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28 The characters get replaced

This aspect of the show is awesome, not staying on the same character too long and knowing when to move on, giving the main characters the chance to grow up and have lives, letting others step in. In Pokémon, Ash will never have a real life, he will always be a ten year-old who is chasing a hopeless dream. In my opinion, replacing characters is actually just giving them a chance to develop into adults that actually have lives.

I want to say the season one/season two transition felt almost flawless.They still had the last kids,(But older)and have the new digidestined in and also let the old ones advise them.

ASH IS IMMORTAL! IT’S JUST... WHYYY!? I used to watch Pokémon before I watched Digimon, I never liked it though. I watched maybe three or five seasons before saying, “ Ash is dumb now. Enslaving Pokemon and making them battle against family and friends. Ash is ten for about 40 years. Shut up Ash, I’m taking back my good thoughts. “ Yeah, I don’t hate Pokemon it’s just I don’t... like it. In Digimon we have the originals, Tai, T.K, Matt, Mimi, Joe, Sora, and Kari. They fight to survive and save the digiworld, with their beloved partners. In the second season we have new people and the characters are grown. They look different, act different, yet it’s all warmly familiar. David, and the two others ( and later Ken ) Did their part with their parters, Armadillomon, hawkmon, and Veemon. In the other season we don’t see the others, I like to think they are just in like a different place. The Digimon world had changed and the characters could DIGIVOLVE with their partners. ...more - ScreechingDigimon

29 Digimon can't die

They can only die if they are deleted with the exception of tamers

I can see this fake post being deleted because the villains do die

Yes digimon can die and when they die they become a digi egg again and everything happens allover again and I'm with man digimon is a much better franchise

To whoever said that villains die, Nope they don’t. They are reuploaded, like patamon when he defeated Devimon. - ScreechingDigimon

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30 The visuals for the theme songs

Brave heart was great actually a lot of the original theme songs where great.

Can't argue with that.

I'm going to diss Track your ass off

Born to be a Winner.
When the legendaries look at you like "you came to the wrong neighborhood."
And... Debunked.

31 Pokemon are too simplistic

Digimon babies are simplistic and varies rookie and champion level digimon can be considered fully evolved Pokemon

Anime characters are overly designed so it makes sense for digimon to be like that

It's for kids, do you think they would make it complicated

Except every Digimon is "strap weapons on it."

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32 There are more digimon

Actually there are over 1,000+ species of digimon

There are 721 Pokemon. How many digimon species are there? 591. There were more Pokemon in 2011. - Goatworlds

33 Digimon had more mature themes

Just because it was made for kids doesn't always mean you don't need mature themes look at young justice for example

Ah yes Digimon rarely talked down to kids in like Pokemon.

Pokemon was made for children. CHILDREN. We do not need mature themes, thank you. - HappyEevee

Pokemon doesn't talk down to kids, have you even seen the anime? - Goatworlds

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34 The pokemon anime is so stupid

If you think that the Pokemon anime is a 10/10 anime there is something wrong with you

Having a different opinion doesn't mean something's wrong with you.

This runs on personal opinions.


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35 Digimon had a better meaning

Digimon is about SAVING THE WORLD. Pokemon is about getting Pokemon and that's just selfish.

Pokemon does involve saving the world too - Masterofal

That's true, digimon is about saving the world. If you say it is only the digital world, then you're wrong. In season 1, izzy mentions that if they die in the digital world they won't return to the real world. In season 1, myotismon entered the real world which made them save the real world. And the same happened in other seasons but with a different storyline not the same.
Whereas pokemon's story is hiw Ash is gonna collect all pokemon and become the best.

36 The cliffhangars

The cliffhangars is the thing that catch me off guard when I was a kid.This make me curious and that is what make Digimon a good show...The ability to make u curious

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37 Digimon franchise took chances

In Pokemon we barely get to see anything new just the same gameplay and same story in the anime. In digimon we get to see new gameplay and a new story for the next season.

People probably only like Pokemon because it is the same formula

38 You can have an army of digimon

In digimon fusion/Xros wars you can have an army of digimon at your disposal how cool would that be

39 Pokemon had a deeper reality

Taking place in an ever expanding wilderness of terrifyingly powerful monsters Pokemon emphasizes how cooperation and friendship with its inhabitants is essential for survival and maintaining balance of the ecosystem. Humanity and weaker Pokemon could not survive without each other and by teaming up, the technological and intellectual strengths of humanity compliment the raw power and potential of their Pokemon allies. The message is deeper and more meaningful because although their day to day struggles may seem mundane the struggles are focused on how positive morals, intelligence and perseverance are essential to survival in the Pokemon world and in reality.

Finally a good post on this! Like in ORAS. Your rival is actually your friend and he/she will go with you on your adventures to save humanity from Kyogre/Groudon and Rayquaza! Your rival goes with you until you become the Pokemon champion. Then cuts to really nice scene at the end followed by one last battle then another cut scene, where your rival points at the night sky. A shooting star goes by, "Pokemon Omega Ruby" or "Pokemon Alpha Sapphire" fades in. Starts Delta Episode. Super awesome. - HappyEevee

You do realize digimon has that deeper reality not just with friendship and stuff but with much older themes like divorce and adoption

Digimon has a deep reality, divorces and depression - ScreechingDigimon

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40 Digimon manga is good

If you give the manga a chance you can see it is a great manga

If you read the manga it is pretty good

You actually made me laugh. - HappyEevee

Again, personal opinion.

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