Top Ten Reasons Why Disney Channel is Dying

The Top Ten

1 All of their shows for girls

I'm not saying they shouldn't have female protagonist. I'm just saying it would be nice if they at least, tried to appeal to a more broad audience. - Jordan01

2 Barely any cartoons

I'm going to say this right now. YOU ARE DISNEY. REMEMBER? WIDELY CONSIDERED AS THE BEST ANIMATION COMPANY EVER. So Why aren't you making cartoons? - Jordan01

3 Way too many live action sitcoms

I'd be ok if it were a mix between cartoons and live action, but its not. Its almost ONLY live action. Remember you are DISNEY! DISNEY! YOU HAVE OVER 50 MOVIES YOU COULD MAKE CARTOONS OUT OF AND ARE OFTEN CONSIDERED ONE OF THE MOST ORIGINAL MOVIE STUDIOS OF ALL TIME. - Jordan01

4 Ending shows early

Now I'm all about quitting while your ahead. Gravity Falls did this perfectly. But I'm against quitting while you have more left in the tank. - Jordan01

5 Not very creative

Almost every show you see on Disney Channel now a days has been done countless times before. Shows like Austin and Ally and Bizaardvark have been done before. You have tons of unique and never done before cartoons, but oh wait no you don't YOUR BROTHER CHANNEL DOES. SERIOUSLY, YOUR BROTHER CHANNEL SHOULDN'T HAVE BETTER SHOWS THAN YOU. - Jordan01

6 Makes too many continuations of already existing movies

Tangled and Hotel Transylvania both in one year. I know I've said that they should do this stuff, but I would like it if they did it on classics like Bambi and Alice in Wonderland... please Disney. - Jordan01

7 Lots of stereotypes

Jessie, while I enjoy the show, is extremely stereotypical. You have the dumb blond, the smart Asian, the bratty black girl, the southerner who kicks butt, and the lazy butler... - Jordan01

8 Tries too hard to be funny

The biggest example of this from Disney in my eyes is Hannah Montana. This show is often regarded as one of the worst Disney shows ever, and I can see why. - Jordan01

9 Terrible acting

These live action shows have some of the worst acting in modern entertainment. - Jordan01

10 Annoying laugh tracks

These things need no explanation. - Jordan01

The Contenders

11 Not good for our kids

Look at Mily Selena they have became crazy the only person that is not crazy that was on Disney Channel is zenda

12 Not enough cartoons
13 Not original

The new shows are unrealistic and have some plots that are a somewhat the same as other shows.

14 Crappy songs that are sung by kids

The songs are sooo lammee!

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