Reasons Why Donald Trump is a Great President

Donald Trump is byfar the most (unfairly) overhated person who every walked the planet. I literally have no idea why people hate him with all their hearts (which are made of stone). Donald Trump has accomplished so many things in such a short period of time.

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1 He made friends with North Korea and Russia, reducing the chances of war

Now I think Trump's an overhated president and all but he's definitely not that great either, Just decently good, But he did some good things like the things on the list - B1ueNew

I would agree with Doro. Sometimes it feels like me and Doro are the only two here who like Trump compared to the 100 who hate Trump. For all the people who support the list, like Randomator, I was wrong all along. All the trump haters are just guest users. - Maddox121

If he was a bad president why would he do any of these things? - Randomator

I love how so many warmongers wanted 2 c if either presidential candidate would immediately go 2 war with 1 one these nations when elected, and then now we r at a surprising peace with them. - Nonpointed

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2 Unemployment is the lowest in 20 years

Update; lowest unemployment rate EVER.

3 He has created more than one million new jobs in his first year

Yes and I managed 2 get 2 - Nonpointed

He did?

4 Illegal Immigration is down 70%
5 He dropped the Mother of all Bombs on ISIS

Unlike Obama who not only left us vulnerable by not closing our borders but also doing barely anything to stop ISIS. - Randomator

@Randomator,you're a good user but how exactly did Obama do nothing? -DarkBoi-X

6 Signed the Right to Try Act to help terminally ill people
7 He jumpstarted NASA
8 He took us out of the TPP Trade Deal
9 He created a commission against child trafficking
10 He offered private healthcare for veterans

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11 He acknowledged Jerusalem as the Capital of Israel
12 Because of him, millions of Americans are getting off of food stamps
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