Top 10 Reasons Why Five Nights at Freddy Fans Need to Stop


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1 Because Five Nights at Freddy's is the worst game ever

Yep. I hate Fnaf because it's a horror game. But I love angry birds (best game/movie ever). I am the 1st fan angry birds and the 1st hater Fnaf. Angry birds has 4 billion downloads, but Fnaf...? Only 1 million downloads?! For me, that means... YAY! BECAUSE I TOTALLY HATE FNAF (WORST GAME EVER:BAD SONGS, GRAPHICS,...(And the list can continue). BUT ANGRY BIRDS HAS GOOD SONGS (Blake Shelton -"Friends"(From angry birds movie); Demi Lovato-"I will survive: (From angry birds movie).

Worse than Dora, Sonic 06, the weird drunk squirrel called Bubsy, and just everything. I used to like it, after the 2nd game it wasn't fun anymore, it literally has no plot, the theories are stupid, not as bad as Undertale's fan base, literally I can't take one step on animal jam without seeing a character, and just a horrible game and a waste of money overall. I'm done here.

Are you going to agree with me because Five Nights at Freddy's is defiantly the worst game I ever played. - bugger

Okay... I can see that almost everyone here says that the FNaF fan base sucks. Well, being a FNaF fan myself, let me clear up a few things...


2. Ya say people like Toy Chica? Boi, you have not even SEEN Fixed Mangle. (It's not pretty...)

3. How is it ripping off League of Legends?!?!?!?

4. I like more than FNaF. (BatIM, Cuphaed, Minecraft, Undertale, etc.)


6. People say Foxy is too overrated, but Sans is not? Harsh.

7. Ya think I hate Undertale? ( Look at #4, genius.)

8. Only psychos and Undertale fans love video games more than there parents.

So in conclusion, NO, FNaF fans are not what you say they are. Part of what makes people say this is those rotten apples of the bunch, but let's be honest. The Undertale fandom is worse.

Extra: That one guy here who said us FNaF fans fight back against the Undertale fanbase, you are a legend. We must ...more

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2 They like the disgusting Toy Chica

Toy Chica is a horrible character. Why does people like her anyways, she is gross. I hate Chica Fans - bugger

The original design was bit better, even though Original Chica looked fat, Toy chica looks like someone who works as a prostitute. - LaST_LiGHT

They say "Toy Chica"is better rhan "Chica" and call Chica garbage. Toy Chica is technically a stripper! And Toy Chica is supposedly for KIDS! - Fandom_Lover

Opinion - ParkerFang

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3 They make drawings with the characters

It's okay as long as they draw things that make SENSE with the game (like the dead children, making fan art of it makes sense), but they cross the line when they draw pornographic things like a nude Freddy and China as a prostitute. Why can't websites like DeviantArt allow fan art that for more mature people? - LaST_LiGHT

They can draw their favorites if they want - Nateawesomeness

Some of the drawings stink, yet some are decent. Just kidding, they all suck.

Same with every fandom - ParkerFang

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4 They keep making copyrighted versions

I hate the fan games more than the original game. - Fandom_Lover

I heard they made five nights at Spongebob. What the hell...? - LaST_LiGHT

Too many fan games, but Scott loves the fan games anyway. There are good ones like Five Nights at Candy's, One Night at Flumpty's, and Five Nights at Treasure Island, but there are also some really awful ones. - DCfnaf

U guys have no life if u go around disrespecting people and what they enjoy doing with there time. I mean some of those fan games are really well made - salvaged123

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5 They hate Mario

When I play a Roblox Game, Five Nights at Freddy's hangout, I forced them to stop liking this game and everybody said "No! " I was also dressed up as Wario and the fan said "Mario is for Babies." Stop liking this worst game, and like Mario because it's my favorite game - bugger

My friend USED to like Mario but when he saw this game, he said, Oh no Mario sucks he is the worst game ever is for 0 year olds, Mario is for 6 years old up

Mario is awesome and still is today

Are you talking about the fanbases or the game? I may be a fan (not a fangirl) of Five Night's at Freddy's, but I'm still loyal to Mario. - LaST_LiGHT

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6 The game is supposed to be a rip off to League of Legends

I'm pretty sure someone's just salty from the LOL community. - mattstat716

If you know that... Thumbs up, I don't force you to do it - bugger

Two different genres of gaming. This isn't true - DCfnaf

That is so beside the point - LaST_LiGHT

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7 They only like this game

The fans only like this game but not other games that are not Five Nights at Freddy's themed. - bugger

I agree with Nateawesomeness. I like this and other games.

SO WHAT? IS IT A SIN? - HyenaLover

Opinion - ParkerFang

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8 They Like Foxy

Enough said, Foxy is extremely overrated. His fans want to ship themselves with him and think that Foxy is the best gaming character ever, despite being a bland fox. - DCfnaf

Don't hear me wrong, I like foxy but other fnaf fans have gone too far!

I'm a fnaf fan I hate foxy Bonnie is better

Opinion - ParkerFang

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9 You'll get nightmares

No you won't. The scariest one is literally like the Marionette. It's not even that bad. Just another over reactor.

Because it is horror game - Nateawesomeness

Dude the games isn't that scary when you play it or see someone play it

Why would you play a horror game if you didn't want to get scared - salvaged123

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10 There are better games

But there are worse games.

Undertale is the best person below me plus who says a game is "poo" how old are you?

Yes there are like dying light and sunset overdrive they are awesome games without fanbases

Opinion - ParkerFang

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? It's a Print Money Game

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11 It's Overrated

Why is everyone saying UNDERTALE is 'poop? ' Or a piece of 'poo? ' I mean, I don't like Call Of Duty, but I don't think it's a piece of 'poop.' So the people who say that obviously have the mental age of an 8 year old boy who still makes toilet jokes and thinks butts are funny. - SansTheComic

People can like whatever they want, hence "It's the Worst Game Ever" being a lousy argument. However, it IS overrated. Everyone I know talks about FNAF non-stop, but it's JUST a GAME... One that isn't even that incredible!

Overrated =/= Bad - DCfnaf

Okay? - ParkerFang

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12 It's Taking Over Deviantart

The only thing that's true but you can't really stop it - ParkerFang

It is, you look up something on Deviantart, it is FNAF. And it is usually porn, so if you are a young fan, you can be scarred for life.

Yes - DCfnaf

13 They Hate Undertale

Hey! What's that sound? Oh, it's generalization! Seriously, you can't really say that. - SansTheComic

Generalization much? you can't say all fnaf fans are idiots some are good some are bad

What?! I love Undertale and I love FNAF as well! Seriously, this is just opinion. If you want to prove a point then use fact. One good fact is that the fandom(most of it, anyway) is obsessed or something like that. - Ultron123

Not all - ParkerFang

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14 They Like Roblox

Roblox is just a copy of Minecraft.


Erm.. Excuse me? Roblox was made before Minecraft, look it up.

What’s roblox have to do with fnaf suck which it does

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15 The game is irrelevant

Every single game is "irrelevant" - DCfnaf

16 Hating on Balloon Boy

Eh, he's annoying but overhated - DCfnaf

Fnaf sucks deal with it

The haters need to die, their game sucks.

Please quit hating on balloon boy I really hate this thing about hating fnaf though boo I only like this reasons about fnaf

17 It's the most overrated video game ever made

I think Undertale is more overrated than that. - bugger

UNDERTALE is too, but still... UNDERTALE has a lot of humor in it. - SansTheComic

Overrated =/= Bad - DCfnaf

Listen up, all FNAF fans.

Undertale has stricken a big impact on our world. Around 65% of all fnaf fans of 2015 have switched to undertale. It’s time we get our revenge after all these years of waiting. Nostalgia is our power. Put your cap on, grab a flashlight and open all the doors. It’s time. Who’s with me?

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18 They Hate Vocaloid

I agree with those peeps BOO HATERs

Seriously haters stop it

You can't say all fnaf fans hate vocaloid

You can't really generalize all of FNAF fans, at least 30% probably like Vocaloid, but probably more. - SansTheComic

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19 They love the game more than their parents V 2 Comments
20 They won't stop bugging you if you say you hate it V 1 Comment
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