Reasons Why Frozen Haters Are Worse Than Frozen Praisers

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41 They think anyone who doesn't utterly hate Frozen is a psychopath

Or that everyone who doesn't hate Frozen needs baby bottles or can only understand baby talk.

A lot Frozen haters are also over-sensitive SJWs, which makes it baffling that they would called fans "psychopaths", "retards", or whatnot which they otherwise decry as offensive to the mentally ill. Or that they would say all fans need baby bottles, what gives them the right to make sweeping generalizations about babies?

Or an imbecile or an idiot.

42 Even when they do acknowledge that something besides Frozen is bad or overrated they always have to add that Frozen is a close second or that they still hate Frozen more
43 They hate the idea of Anna and Elsa being portrayed as related to each other as sisters

Canon haters: Anna should've been a Weasley

Canon haters: Elsa should've been a Malfoy.

It's fine if their sisters, if this was true what would I do,criticize everyone for having a sister,that'd like being racist,and I'm not racism,so no,I don't

44 They hate Frozen fans

The Zootopia, Undertale, Sonic, Bayonetta, Mulan, Lilo & Stitch, Treasure Planet, The Princess and the Frog, and Harry Potter fans are ANNOYING! But of course nobody's allowed to complain about the fans or what they're fans of and everybody's required to think ONLY frozen fans are annoying.

"The fans are ANNOYING! - Neonco31" And the Rosalina fans aren't?

The fans are ANNOYING! - Neonco31

45 They think that frozen should have never been made

Agree that Zootopia should have never been made, but you know what else should have never been made? The Hunchback of Notre Dame. That's right; Disney should have never even thought about adapting a Victor Hugo novel into a kids' film! I wouldn't even want them to do that to Les Miserables, and I love the stage play.

Zootopia should have never been made. It's torn the Disney fandom apart even worse than Frozen.

If anything, the lion king should never have been made. There I've said it

46 They spread their hatred
47 They say it's the worst movie ever made when there are worse movies out there

Like Foodfight, the Video Brinquedo/Toyland Video films, the Happy Madison films, the direct-to-video Don Bluth sequels, Fred trilogy, Vampires Suck, Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2, Justin Bieber documentaries, Ice Age sequels and God's Not Dead are even worse than Frozen, and I mean way worse!

48 They think spreading their hate for Frozen will remove its existence in the world

Let's see whichever movie is able to die.

49 They go on YouTube look it up and act as if they are being forced to watch it.

No, the people constantly singing the praises of "Treasure Planet" and not shutting up about how "underrated" it is are the slaves to the worst Disney movie ever. Or would that be the "Cars" fans who aren't four years old?

Why would anyone "go to Let it Go to dislike the video, comment, and then suggest some Sonic the Hedghog songs that are better than Frozen songs" when nobody was holding a knife to their throat or a gun to their head and forcing them to do so? And no wonder the Sonic the Hedgehog fanbase has such a bad reputation, with fans who seem to think people will who may not have had the slightest interest in it (Frozen and Sonic have nothing to do with each other) will suddenly decide to load their iPods with music from it just because it's better than whatever the song they commented was?

Why "just post hate comments" when you could, you know, just not even go to the videos in the first place? Have you nothing better to do?

"Nah, I just post hate comments." "I'll go to Let it Go to dislike the video, comment, and then suggest some Sonic the Hedghog songs that are better than Frozen songs."

Way to prove both this and the "they have no life" list item.

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50 They constantly complain about Anna and Elsa

Complain about Anna and Elsa yet act like Mulan and Tiana are above all criticism.

Yet act as if the Hamada brothers and/or the sisters in "Lilo & Stitch" are these absolutely perfect holy beings that can do no wrong.

Not just the Pelekai sisters and the Hamada brothers- they also constantly bash Anna and Elsa but act like Tiana and Mulan can do no wrong.

I only like Anna, but I hate everyone else.

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51 Frozen haters think Anna and Elsa should've been portrayed to be unrelated V 1 Comment
52 Just hearing the phrase "let it go" or the word "frozen" in situations having nothing whatsoever to do with the movie gets them going

No, there is not and will never be a "zootopia foods section" in any grocery store and roads and lakes will never be "the princess and the frog over". "Try everything", "how far I'll go", and "almost there" are not and will never be acceptable responses to someone who needs to forget or stop worrying about something.

Or the names "Anna" (whether the usual pronunciation or the movie's) and "Elsa". I should not have had to strongly, preemptively clarify that I meant the recurring "Fire Emblem" character when I added Anna to a list of most wanted females for future "Smash Bros" games lest "Frozen" haters swarm that list which has nothing to do with them.

Just look at the comment under what's currently number 3, "They don't understand they don't have to hate it and can just let it go"

Comment on an article criticizing a popular restaurant chain for the fact that their food arrives frozen: "What's wrong with frozen? "

Reply: "It's a TERRIBLE movie! Disney was too lazy to make a halfway decent film and should be ashamed! "

Reply to the reply: "We're talking about food, you idiot! And it's not always possible for food to get where it's going directly from the farm or whatever; freezing it is a perfectly valid method of ensuring it doesn't spoil in the meantime."

I'm also quite sure there's been an occasion or three where someone saw or heard a restaurant or whatever claim their stuff was "never frozen" and cheered because they took it as anti-"Frozen" dig.

53 They keep insisting Elsa should have been kept a villain V 1 Comment
54 They complain that Elsa should've had more screen-time too

The better question: if they hate Frozen why are they always commenting on pro-Frozen lists? If it's to "lure people away from Frozen", how would you feel if someone did that sort thing on Sonic or Zootopia or Splatoon or Lego Movie or whatever everyone's supposed to worship lists?

Since when did Frozen haters say she should have more screen time?

If they hate frozen why the heck do they want more elsa screen fime

55 There are far more hate lists for Frozen than there are pro-Frozen lists

Also it's annoying because no matter what movie Frozen is being compared to on any list, the lists will always consist of the exact same reasons, even if it's not always number 1, 1 of the reasons on each list is always "it's not overrated" or "the songs aren't annoying"

And stop comparing it to movies it has nothing in common with, you don't need to make a list like "why paranormal activity is better than frozen" or something like that, they're just comparing it to all these different movies because they're just looking for an excuse to say every movie in the entire world is better than frozen

Also 'things that should happen to" lists. NO MOVIE IS PERFECT FROZEN HATERS! Can't you realize that?

"Reasons why Sanjay and Craig is better than Frozen" is an actual list here. Need I say more?

How many "ways to kill", "people that hate", "characters that can beat up", "things that should happen to", etc. lists do there really need to be for one movie and its main characters? The point was already made.

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56 They think it's for girls

Actually, that's being generous. Typically they shout about how it's not for anyone, not even girls, four year olds, or four year old girls.

Why? Because the main characters are girls? Just because the main characters are girls it doesn't mean its specifically for them, just like how a movie like Die Hard isn't just for boys because the main character is a boy

*cough*SWAMPERYBABY*cough* Yeah, I better see a doctor about this cough. Before I do, let me point out that a user named phillysports is a "Frozen" fan and as he himself pointed out many times is, well, a "he" and a "him".

57 They are mean

Mulan was released almost twenty years ago and there are still so many people singing that annoying song from it and talking about it! MULAN SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN OUT OF STYLE WAY BEFORE NOW!

Yeah, you're right, we are, because we are so tired of people obsessing over it! Frozen was released more than two years ago and there are still so many people singing that annoying song and talking about it! FROZEN SHOULD HAVE GOTTEN OUT OF STYLE BY NOW!

58 Some of them have never seen frozen
59 They feel the need to add "in yo face" and "HAHAHAHAHA" to their comments

Or other immature drivel, thinking it somehow makes them better.

60 They bash on the frozen fans
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1. They do everything they accuse Frozen fans of doing, just towards different movies and characters
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