The Fans


The fans are all just lesbian chicks who are obsessed with princess incest. Seriously, the movie is so sexist. I'll show you why...

1. Elsa has giant boobs and blonde hair, so basically a dude's idea of an attractive chick.
2. Anna is supposed to be the little sister, which means less pretty, smaller boobs, but still thin enough to be anorexic.
3. All it does it turn girls into lesbians who draw Elsa nude and kissing Anna
4. The main "ship" of the movie is incest

I saw a Frozen word search book once that had a picture of Elsa and Anna hugging, like in the final scene, but somebody had written "LESBIANS" above it and drawn a heart. Gross! It's incest and this film has annoying lesbian chicks for fans who write in all caps.

# PrincessIncest (put this in a comment any time you find Frozen porn on DeviantART, or better yet, leave it as a review for any fan fiction that does it. Might take hours, maybe weeks, maybe months or even years, but we can alert the ...more

All of my friends love this film so I was like WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT IT ONLY TEACHES YOU TO KILL YOUR SISTER WITH A GIANT SNOW MONSTER. But they just went on talking about it and I gathered people who hated it and made a "We Hate Frozen Club" and all of my friends who loved it joined

They all say it's the best animated movie of all time. Which is stupid. Because it's not. DO YOU WANNA BUILD A SNOWMAN?! So annoying. - IronSabbathPriest

Your face is an ingrate frozen sucks and "everything is awesome" is a cute song - MrQuaz680

No offense (actually no, all the frozen fans are stupid anyway), but all of the fans are illiterate, and have no taste in movies. If you ever say "I hate frozen" they'll be like ", go away from me! ' Like every person who likes Frozen are stupid girly girls who act like 5 year olds.

I had this neighbor who was a brat and she loves Frozen more than anything. Once she told my sister she had secret Elsa powers. If she thinks we are gonna believe her, she is the stupidest kid in the country.

At our school we had to do this dumb Halloween parade and I was counting all the little girls dressed up like Elsa. My result: 14 or 15. You gotta be kidding me!

Seriously, grow up. There will always be someone who hates something that you like. I am a Naruto fan and I do no get all offended of the bad things that the haters say. Frozen sucks. Oo, I just offended a fan. Fans are not welcome here. Stop commenting all the criticism here.

Don't worry about it most Frozen fans are spoiled brats. I'm a fan of Pokemon and the only time I care what people care is when thi they say it's a kids game because of the anime - MrQuaz680

Same for me. I am a fan of Sword Art Online and I can take some logical criticism. However, I don't try to go and be a rabid fanboy every day on this website. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

The fanbase is worse than any anime fandom I've ever been to. I'm a Sword Art Online fan, but I don't go around making death threats in all caps and can take some calm, logical criticism from anyone who isn't just here to call the anime trash. Even as a fan, I acknowledge that Sword Art Online is overrated, but it seems like almost anyone who likes Frozen doesn't! Finally, Frozen is more overrated than Naruto and Sword Art Online. Narutards are better than this. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Whenever a person says they don't like Frozen, a fan girl cries.

I think they're more annoying than Bronies - Neonco31

At camp, we were supposed to dress up like superheroes. Some kid dressed up like Elsa. Elsa is NOT a superhero, dumbass! - Jessicarabbit

There is a list on this site that is "top ten things to throw at elsa from frozen" and on the list a little girl typed in caps about how (insert dangerous object here) shouldn't be thrown at Elsa for nearly every entry. Someone apparently added "the Elsa fangirl who types in all caps" (reffering to the girl I just mentioned) and it got into the top ten.

I know right the fans are stupid I bet you Walt Disney is rolling in his grave right know - SOUTHPARKFANHH

The fans are annoying, can't respect opinions, and are disgusting. They ship Anna WITH HER SISTER. They ship Elsa with a non-Disney character, and people have actually developed cults based around the movie! - Cartoonfan202

Why do retarded Frozen fans go into everyone's face saying SHUT UP FROZEN IS THE BEST MOVIE EVER! When it's not? Frozen sucks. Oh no, I offended 100000 people I'm so sorry! (not.) People have there own opinions Frozen fans. If you like it so much then why did you bother to look at this webpage, huh? Explain that to me.

One time when I was in a toy store, next to me a man had finished stacking Elsa dolls and then a bunch of girls came rushing over to buy them and nearly got trampled! - Gangem

The Fanbase is a huge problem to this movie. Well, it's been about 3 years that Frozen exists and probably the Fanbase is being dropped. - bugger

So true hate the fact that everyone is trying to make this the best movie ever.what?! Really! Make no mistake I like this movie I just hate that stupid nerve that people over look other good movies by Disney

What I hate about the fans are that if you don't like the film or prefer another film, they judge for it. I've hated this movie since before it was popular, and as a result I get a lot of backlash whenever someone makes me talk about it.

I hate fans. Some are insulting us, frozen haters and go to every
Elsa hater's web sight to defend Elsa and Anna and frozen.
Some are even hanging around in this list.

The fans are saying it's better than any other Disney movie. Basically the fan base is all whiny little girls who have bad taste in good movies.

I used to be a Frozen Fan before. But this movie is gone worst

Frozen is very overrated. And it's fans, they're terrible. - EpicJake

A Frozen fangirl said she would pee her pants just to stay loyal to Elsa and Anna. I mean, PEE HER PANTS?! These fans are insane. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

Frozen should have no fan at all! Frozen does not deserve any credit.