Top 10 Reasons Why Justin Bieber is Better Than Steven Universe

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1 Justin Bieber is skinnier that him

Seriously? Are you kidding? First of all, couldn't you find a better reason? What, can't find anything good about him other than his look? Second, I don't think judging appearances like weight, height, etc sum up everything about this list, and that's just unacceptable. Just leave this website, you feeble troll. - TheRegular1227

Don't judge people by their weight. I hate it when people automically think someone weight is what matters about them. Now get off TheTopTens you stupid troll - RockStarr

Remember guys, don't feed the troll. - GamerBoy

I am not leaving TheTopTens. Why would you ask me?

2 Justin Bieber's hair is longer than him

This list indicates the downfall of our society

So obviously a troll :/

I am a troll

3 Steven Universe swears and Justin Bieber does not

Um, no- it's the exact opposite. Justin swears at people on a daily basis like the little punk he is. Steven can't swear because it's a kids' show but if he could I feel he would control himself. Why? Because Steven is more mature than Justin Bratty Bieber.

Steven can easily kill that loud pitch guy

Steven universe is a KIDS show. Ahem? - NoOreoForU

Seriously, what?

4 Bieber is a better last name than Universe

No, pal, it isn't.

Bieber is better, Steven Universe is for babies

I strongly agrre even if I hate JB

5 He is better than his Ugly Crystal Gems

Idiot! Number 1, the crystal gems aren't ugly and number 2, the crystal gems are better than him.

Why? Justin Bieber Is Actually The One Who's Ugly! Not Them!

The gems are awesome.

6 Justin Bieber is hot and Steven Universe is not

Why would you even find a 14 year old attractive?! - RandomUser

So you think Justin Beiber is hot... I see... - TwilightKitsune

Okay, Whoever Made This List Is Clearly Confused.

UGH why ugh

7 Justin Bieber is stronger than Garnet

By now I'm just laughing at how pathetic this list is, plus the troll face icon at the top

No. Justin Bieber is a weak piece of poop. - NoOreoForU

Yes he is... I extremely loathe all of them but Steven Universe is my most hated thing ever

No he's not stupid

8 Justin Bieber runs faster than him

I regret this.

And Do You Have Any Proof Of That? Um... Yeah! I Didn't Thank So.

This list is so lame holy crap

9 He is bigger than Steven Universe and his Gems

Not lately, he ain't. He got into trouble all those years ago, and he broke up with Selina Gomez, who is a topnotch actress who clearly deserves better than Bieber.

He's bigger? I thought you disliked fat people ;P


10 Justin Bieber Dates Prettier Girls Than Vidalia

I thought he's forever single because Selena Gomez dumped him.

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11 Justin Bieber is Hotter Than Jamie the Mailman


12 Finn the Human Stomps Steven!

One troll after another apparently

What does this have to do with anything

A, this item is downright irrelevant.
B, Steven could easily beat Finn in less than an hour.

13 Justin Bieber Can Cry Louder Than Centipeetle

I mean, it's true.

Bieber does it all the time, guys!

14 Steven Universe is cutesy

Sometimes that show is terrifying just saying

It's still better than Beiber though

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