Top Ten Reasons Why the Loud House is Better Than Stuck in the Middle


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1 Loud House Got the Huge Family Concept First

Its true loud house started in 2012 way before production of stuck in the middle - epictoonsfan1

This was based off Chris Savino's own family. Including him, there was 10 siblings.

2 Loud House Puts Effort Into Titles

I love this list, keep up the good list!

SITM did. TLH didn’t. They called it stuck in the middle because the main character Harley is the middle child.

There is no title change in stuck in the middle
stuck in the middle title in a nutshell
stuck at the insert random word here
while loud house puts effort in titles or just common phrases or parodys or puns like baby steps get the messege or a fair to remember - epictoonsfan1

3 Lincoln Loud Has a Better Personalty Than Harley Diaz and is More Relateable

Linclon: average comic book video game loving 11 year old kid who cares for his sisters
Harley: inventor who shows really no love or respect for her siblings at all only if they do something for her - epictoonsfan1

4 Lincoln Gets Breaking the 4th Wall Right

Linclon can do he 4th wall break like deadpool and ned from neds declassified right while when harley always does it with this unnecessary sound effect playing - epictoonsfan1

5 All of the Stuck in the Middle Characters are Rip Offs Offs of Loud House Characters

Daphnnie =lola
Louie and beast = spongebob and patrick wannabees
harley= lisa
eathan= luna
georgie=lynn and leni
rachel= lori - epictoonsfan1

6 Loud House Has Better Voice Acting

To be honest harley sounds like a 9 year old or underaged while Lincoln sounds like an 11 year old boy and pretty much every stuck in the middle character sounds underaged - epictoonsfan1

7 Loud House Characters are More Memorable Than Stuck in the Middle

True. I can remember all 10 of the Loud sister's names, but I can hardly remember the names of the Diazes.

If someone pulls up a picture of luan you would know its her
if smeone pulls up a picture of eathan you would be like who is that - epictoonsfan1

8 Lincoln is Probably Smarter Than Harley

I know harley is thrown around as the genius of the family in one episode she made a clock that willm good morning in spanish but did she take consideratoin that when it goes off in tne afternoon or night also this is a filler since you need ten to make a list and personally I just think that Lincoln is smarter than harley not becouse I am sexis tor anything like that - epictoonsfan1

9 Lincoln is a Better Role Model Than Harley
10 Loud House Has Better Humor Than Stuck in the Middle

I thought Stuck in the Middle was a good show but I was wrong, it's boring, lame, and unfunny. The Loud House is way better than that sorry excuse for a show.

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11 Loud House Has Better Fandom
12 The Loud House Had Shorts in 2014

That's how it debut. It was a huge success. Stuck in the middle was RIPPED OFF!

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