Top Ten Reasons Why Nickelodeon Has Gone Down the Drain

Most of us remember Nickelodeon as the number 1 network for kids, but this network has gone through numerous changes. It's is one of the worst networks on television now. I never thought that Nickelodeon would sink that low. Reminds me of the Titanic.

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1 None of the new shows are original

Nick really thinks they're being creative, but they use the same concept over and over again. It's usually about two buddies who go on adventures. Nickelodeon acts as if that concept is new to them. Call us when you actually get something creative, Nick! - Amonsterman01

2 Nick rips off or copies other shows

Ever since Nick rejected it and CN picked it up, Adventure Time is very popular, and this is what got me mad with Nick. They rejected Adventure Time, then when the show became a big hit, they tried to copy it. Ever heard of Sanjay and Craig? This not the first time Nick has done this. Nick has also copied other shows too. - Amonsterman01


3 Too many butt jokes and toilet humor

For some reason Nick thinks butt jokes and toilet humor are still funny. They should try to be like the Animaniacs and use some adult jokes but come up with something different throughout each episode. - Amonsterman01

Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners, 2 perfect examples of toilet and butt humor shows. - Minecraftcrazy530

4 They reject the good cartoons

Nickelodeon rejected Adventure Time and the Modifyers for Fanboy and Chum Chum and Breadwinners. Really Nick? If you're going to reject the good shows at least create your own instead of picking from the internet. - Amonsterman01

I remember reading an article centering on the fact that Harvey Beaks doesn't get that much screentime. Even though Harvey Beaks is considered a good show, Nickelodeon refuses to air it and instead airs indecent shows - FlakyCuddles43

5 Keeps making commercials with a bunch of weird stuff

They made the watch me whip commercial where they added all these weird moves - themets05

Why does nick try to appeal to kids with cringy memes?! - Katildalover93

6 Not every Dreamworks movie needs a series

Just like how Cartoon Network tries to cash in on the Lego franchise, Nickelodeon tries to cash in on the Dreamworks franchise. They took the penguins from the Madagascar movies and gave them their own series. Then they tried to do the same with Kung Fu Panda and Monsters vs. Aliens. Try to be a little more original, Nick. - Amonsterman01

Lol but you're right. Lol for the title: Not every Dreamworks movie needs a series.

Kung Fu panda and peguins are good but monsters vs aliens is lame - Therandom

7 No more slime

Worst thing to happen to nick - RyanMtheGamer

No more splat logo.. bring it back
-1990~2009- :'( - Katildalover93

8 Cancelled the Nickelodeon magazine

This was also a cause for Nick's demise. Nickelodeon magazine was full of humor and comics. I would order a new magazine every time monthly. But the dumbasses at Nick decided to cancel the magazine. - Amonsterman01

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9 They aired Breadwinners

Good god I haven't even attempted to watch the show and I already know how awful it is. - Anonymousxcxc

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10 They use toilet humour

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11 Keep making bad shows

Actually,no they're not! Nick made up
The loud house,canceled Sanjay and
Craig,brung back the old Spongebob
Squarepants creators,and have good
shows:Spongebob(Old),Avatar the last airbender,The legend of Korra,
Mia and me(to me and my sis and the
fans),Harvey beaks,Digimon Fusion,
Shimmer and Shine,Blue's clues and
Every witch way.

12 Never cancels the bad shows

Yeah. Sanjay and Craig and Breadwinners have really bad ratings, but there still on air. SERIOUSLY NICKELODEON? What have you become?

You had to cancel the good shows like catscratch, my life as a teenage robot, and Danny Phantom, did you? Well congratulations! You are going to get less viewers! - Katildalover93

2016/17 was the year for nick, speaking of the fact that all the bad cartoons on here were canceled, and were replaced with masterpieces

13 It's all about money

Mr. Krabs must've brainwashed the executives at Nick into thinking it was all about money rather than the quality of their shows. Nick thinks that they can make a show about anything and still get lot's of money. I am very surprised that Nick is even making money with the they air nowadays. - Amonsterman01

14 They aired Sanjay and Craig

I hate this show so much it even makes me want to watch teen titans go. - yuma9009

I Hate These Two! Cancel It! - CuteGirlJigglypuff

Teen Titans GO is worse

15 Post-Movie Spongebob

I have a SpongeBob doll. Every time I see him or use him, I tell him this: "I love SpongeBob before (and including) the movie. But sorry buddy, you're show's gone to hell."

Should be at number 3. - Anonymousxcxc

The episodes have been getting better though. The original creators came back! 😁 - Katildalover93

16 They have many celeb cameos on shows but most of them suck
17 They show live-action shows

Drake and Josh and Ned's Declassified were good, but the other live-action shows except for Every Witch Way and some of Victorious are awful, no plot, no good morals, annoying laugh tracks and too much innuendo, Drake and Josh had laugh tracks, but it was a funny show, which was what made it good. - nelsonerica

18 Replaced Invader Zim with Breadwinners
19 No more game shows or slime

I don't even have to go over this one. - Amonsterman01

20 Nothing but bad sitcoms

Really Nick? Henry Danger? That's the best you could come up with? Nick's sitcoms today are all about ghost, superpowers, web shows, etc. They even try to add morals to their programs and another thing that pisses me off is that stupid ass laugh track. They play the laugh track every 15-30 seconds. - Amonsterman01

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1. Keep making bad shows
2. They use toilet humour
3. Never cancels the bad shows
1. Keeps making commercials with a bunch of weird stuff
2. No more slime
3. Not every Dreamworks movie needs a series
1. None of the new shows are original
2. Too many butt jokes and toilet humor
3. They reject the good cartoons

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