Reasons Why Rowan Blanchard and Nathaniel Potvin Should Get Married

The Top Ten

1 They are currently dating
2 They would make a great married couple

I'll never marry her - andre56

3 Their kids would be great

... or not!

4 Their kids would be TopTenners
5 Their kids could play on a Girl Meets World spinoff

Aww, that would be stupid!

6 Their fans would support it
7 Everyone on TheTopTens would support it

Everyone? No offense but saying everyone is kind of biased.

8 They would get more Twitter followers
9 It would be a big wedding
10 All of the andre56 haters would be jealous

I can see them right now making thousands of hate blog posts and lists lol. They would be going on his lists and blog posts saying bad things. - TopTensFan

No body cares, besides Andre said himself he wouldn't marry her... - Therandom

The Contenders

11 She's desperate and has low standards


Amen to that!

12 She was on Dance-a-Lot-Robot

Wow, that show must suck!

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