Top Ten Most Annoying Grammar Mistakes

You'd think that people of the level of education that we have, with proof-read and grammatically refined writings being around every last child in the education system, respectable grammar would be a sixth sense to society as a whole. But no. Twelve years after high school, and people continue to misplace apostrophes and use similar sounding words with entirely different spellings interchangeably. May this list be a guide to these ill-taught and often ignorant individuals, who won't care, or even notice, if I end this sentence with an invalid conjunction then.
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1 Misuse of "They're", "There" and "Their"

Daily reminder that:

There is often used to refer to a place, it's both used as an adverb, noun or pronoun.
Their is a possessive, meaning that it is belonging or they own. If you want to show possession, use "their".
They're is basically an informal version of "they are".

I used to struggle so much of these mistakes on English class, and I get this is very irritating. I still do occasionally mix them up; no one is perfect. Anyways you get the idea.

Yes. I hate it when people do this. It's torture. It drives me crazy! I mean, yeah, all grammatical errors do, but it's just so stupid when people do this. They usually think they're all smart and stuff, but it's stupid!

2 Misuse of "Your" and "You're"

YOUR mind must be small if YOU'RE not able to get these right! And I thought "they're" "there" and "their" was bad!

If your misusing these words, you're grammar is not correct.

Yeah, you're grammar is very bad if you do this.

3 Misuse of Commas

English isn't a native language for me & I have almost never learnt how to use commas (I don't mean apostrophes, colons and semi-colons) in the school. So...

Commas, apostrophes, colons and semi-colons can completely change the meaning of a sentence; it's not rocket science.

Well I have, never done, this in my, life.

4 Misuse of Apostrophes

This should be 1. I'm sick of people using the apostrophe for plurals, IT'S NEVER RIGHT.

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Which one's wrong? All of them. You can never ever use it. But I see this EVERYWHERE.

Honestly, the top three items on this list are not usually made once you get to sixth grade. (Luckily, people in my area are relatively smart.) Lots of my classmates, however, make this mistake.

Also, I came to all the grammar lists because on my profile page I mentioned I was somewhat obsessed with making sure nobody makes grammatical mistakes. (You can call me a fool.)

5 Misuse of "Is" and "Are"

Well, probably that's why conjugation for other verbs has almost died out from English. Maybe in 2500 there will only be an infinitive form for each verb and even the past simple tense needs to be expressed by auxilaries.

You are grammatically correct. You is grammatically incorrect. That is the truth. That are not the truth.

There is 10 things wrong with this and my favorite song are very good.

6 Misuse of Plurals and Singular Terms

When referring to one item, you aren't referring to one items. Just as you are eating one apple, not one apples, or two apple.

Eheh, apologies. That list still gives me that little brain itch...

7 Double Negative Terms

I've heard double negatives in songs a lot and they always driving me crazy, I was taught to not use double negatives. I'm a non-native English speaker. There is an exception when you say "It's not unusual" but that's kind of the only case.

One of the worst mistakes in grammar that people can make. Especially when they say "don't hardly" or "can't barely". It drives me insane!

All the time. People do this all the time. And I'm a serious grammar Nazi. It kills me!

8 Misuse of "Much" and "Many"

There was this kid back in elementary school that would drive me crazy by saying things like "I have so much pennies". He did this through the 8th grade.

I honestly thought that they were the same thing.

There is much things wrong with saying this.

9 Sentence Fragments

"What happened to the plane? ", someone may ask. If they simply answer "Gone", they won't get anywhere.

10 Misuse of "Good" and "Well"

For example: "Are you doing good today? "

No, it's "Are you doing well today? "

This used to not bother me, but the more I've noticed it the more annoying its gotten...

It doesn't bug me as much as some grammatical errors do, but still, it's not proper.

When my sister is bragging about her English grades she ALWAYS says "I'm doing good in English."

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11 Misuse of "Whose" and "Who's"

I can see where those people are coming from, because "Bob's" means "belonging to Bob", but even so, it makes people look stupid.

Who's always means "who is". That's how I tell when to use who's or whose. I just remember that.

12 Absence of Quotation Marks

Loot llama said what's the point of building forts, you're going Night Night. Right on said Ali A and Ninja

How will I have any idea what was being said?

13 Misuse of "Won" and "One"

I honestly didn't know people were THAT stupid.

I have won cookie. I one the contest yesterday.

14 No Periods

Yes! So many people don't use periods after sentences and it automatically makes the whole thing feel drab. I hate it!

Ah yes, this is a pet peeve for me, especially if the comment is serious.

15 "Could Of" Instead of "Could Have"

When you're saying it, it kind of sounds like "could of", I can understand why people might get this mistake.

I could of used bad grammar, but I did it the correct way.

How do people not know how the word "of" works? It's sad...

16 Misuse of "Then" and "Than"

I sometimes have to restrain myself from correcting this every time.

When people say this, than I want to correct there grammar.

People can be so dumb sometimes...

17 Misuse of "Most" and "-est)
18 Misuse of "Too", "To", and "Two"

I can't read writing that has mistakes like this several times. If it was only one error, it could've been autocorrect

19 Questions Ending Without Question Marks

That doesn't really annoy me. A lot of people on here forget to put question marks at the end of a question anyways.

I do this occasionally, but it's because I hit the wrong key, not because I'm unenlightened.

20 “These Ones”

Ughh... my teacher says them ones. I correct her so often my friends call me 'grammar police.' also, once we were ripping up the times newspaper and I found a grammar mistake. I circled it with a red marker and handed it to my teacher. if it weren't for the circle she wouldn't have even spotted it. also once I sent a letter to my newspaper people because I found a mistake. That was a year ago I haven't heard back. I guess they were embarrassed to be proven wrong by a kid!

This makes me cringe. I mean, seriously. It's so annoying!

21 Misuse of Colons and Semi-colons

A list of my favorite Fortnite weapons; compact smg, gold scar, tactical shotgun, dual pistol

22 Beginning or Finishing a Sentence With a Conjunction

Obviously ending a sentence with a conjunction is awful. But starting a sentence with a conjunction is something I do a lot. It doesn't bother me at all.

23 Using Apostrophes In Plurals

Why would user's of this website write sentence's like that?

Yeah, their are so many way's people have bad grammar.

I knew I wasn't the only one ticked off by this one!

24 Misuse of "Less" and "Fewer"

This drives me absolutely CRAZY e.g. less people at the shop instead of fewer people at the shop... GR!

25 "A Whole 'nother"

Don't even get me started on this one...

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