Top Ten Reasons Why Star Wars III: Revenge of the Sith is Better Than Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back

The two most favored Star Wars movies. Which is better? 45% of people would say episode III and 55% of people would say episode V. This is why 45% of people are right.

The Top Ten

1 Episode III is more than emotional

I hate Star Wars the memes and the brother kissing the sister and the noofor god sake the noo

True. - TheFourthWorld

Yeah but Hayden Christensen isn't half the actor Mark Hamill is. - IronSabbathPriest

True it was more emotional, but I am in the 55% because of other less emotion related reasons. - Anonymousxcxc

2 Episode III has more action

Action =/= Good, it also has to have good lines and acting to be better,

But I love both movies - VideoGamefan5

3 Episode III has Anakin vs Obi-Wan

Literally the best fight in all of Star Wars, better then all the fights from the originals and sequels combined!

Best fight ever!

This was the absolute best scene in all the movies.

Lmao that fight was terrible. The sword fight looked like dancing and was unrealistic. - JakePlaid

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4 Episode III has cooler settings

Mustafar is the coolest planet

I like kassyyyk. Wookiees!

5 Episode III is more intense

Intensely bad. - JakePlaid

No. - JakePlaid

Again this is the same thing as number 2, it has to have good acting and lines too! - VideoGamefan5

6 Episode III has better villains

For example: General Grievous, Count Dooku, Anakin Skywalker and Darth SidiousPalpatine. - darthvadern

I completely disagree with this list. Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars Movie. Revenge of the Sith is amazing just not as amazing. Let's look at some of items on this list.
1. Episode III is more than emotional
No. Do you remember Leia kissing Han, Luke figures out Darth Vader is his father, Han is carbonated, Lando betrays Han, Luke's hand is cut off...I could go on and on.
2. Episode III has more action
It's the other way around.
3. Episode III has Anakin vs Obi-Wan
So Episode V has Vader Vs. Luke.
4. Episode III has cooler settings
Cloud City, Hoth, Asteroid Field. I can agree that Episode 3 has pretty good Settings, but not as good as Episode 5
5. Episode III is more intense
WHAT! The only intense part of Episode 3 is the last fight! In Episode 5 you have Han and Leia being captured, Hoth being attacked, Vader fighting Luke, HAN BEING CARBONATED! Come on.
6. Episode III has better villains
Na Darth Vader, Colonel Veers, Lando (for a ...more - 2storm

7 Episode III has better special effects

Of course it is! It's more recent than episode 5. - TheFourthWorld

Of Course Special Effects Improve As Time Goes By - s646451

Well, duh!, - VideoGamefan5

8 Episode III has less flaws


More flaws* - JakePlaid

Many people will disagree with this, - VideoGamefan5

9 Episode III showed us the moment of the prequels we were waiting for
10 Unlike storm troopers, clones don't always miss

Empire Strikes Back, it's even better than Revenge Of The Sith, no doubt! - BloDayBey

I'M Pretty Sure That Even Battle Droids Can Defeat Stormtroopers - s646451

You have a point - VideoGamefan5

The Contenders

11 Episode III tied up loose ends

Order 66, why Vader needed the suit, what happened to Padme, how Palpatine turned Anakin. I could go on forever. Episode 3 is the best.

12 Episode III has that Anakin/Darth Vader yellow eyes thing

What a ridiculous reason. Lmao - TheFourthWorld

13 Episode III has better soundtrack songs
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