Top Ten Reasons Why Teen Titans Go! Is the Better Than the Original

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1 It's Funnier

"I may not have the most popular opinions, but I have the right opinions."

Okay. Assuming you aren't an obvious troll, and even if I did like this show as much as the original, or even moreso, I can't just let that comment slide. I for one enjoy TTG sometimes as a guilty pleasure while still having fond memories of the original, and even I have some things to point out:

First of all, even the staff for TTG admit that their show sucks compared to the original, and they just don't care. When it's brought up in an episode, they use it for comparison's sake when they want to insult critics of the show, or even actual fans with actual complaints who want to see the show grow. Pretty much, they know their show is bad, and they want people to just take it.

Secondly, all of your points can be argued against, and a chunk of them don't make any sense. The original show had no raps in it, this show only has more characters because Santa Claus and the like are ...more

I try to avoid feeding trolls, but I have to say something, this show sucks!

Ok, I actually agree.
TTG is funnier than the original, but that doesn't make it better! The original has better characters, a better story and a better animation. It is one of my favourite shows ever!

But Teen titans go is just so stupid! And the characters are all awfall!
So I don't think TTG can ever be better than one of the best shows of all time!

TTG is funny? What is this? This list is funnier than TTG itself, this list is just a joke. TTG is really annoying.

2 People Like It More

Kids Only Like It More Because They Have Never Seen The Original. And If They Did I Bet They Would Say The Original Teen Titans Was Better Than Teen Titans Go!

Teen Titans Go Sucks Seriously It Does

Yeah I know who, five year olds with like ten brain cells

I bet if kids saw the original, they'd like it more than the trashy reboot.

3 Better Jokes

Your opinion is a joke - Scarytar44

If you like poop jokes, then yes. Eww. Horrible list.

The comic relief is so overused they just make one scene dramatic and then it goes ''oh it's not that bad'' they use that humor in every episode!

4 Better Storylines

Are you kidding me! Is this a joke! Teen Titans Go doesn't even have storylines! The original had things like Terra, Trigon, Brother Blood, huge character development, and lets not forget the awesomeness of Slade. This is not just complaining about nostalgia it is hatred for one of the worst T.V. shows of all time which actually teased a reboot of itself and then trolled all of us fans of the original show by saying that there will never be a Teen Titans season 6. Seriously, this show can die in a pit full of lava with the Star Wars prequels and the Godzilla 1990s film and Tim Burton's Planet of the Apes

The Storylines In This Crappy Remake Isn't Even Half As Good As The Storylines In The Original Teen Titans. So Just Shut Up You Dumb Jackass And Respect Other People's Opinions.

BEST JOKE I HAVE EVER HEARD. - shawnmccaul22

5 Better Personalities

Nope! You're Wrong Once Again. Those Personalities Are Actually Worse. I Mean Seriously Every Single Main Character In This Show Is Stupid. Even Raven.

You're Such An Idiot!

What personalities

Robin in particular, in my humble opinion - KoolGuy2218

6 Cyborg and Beast Boy Are Funnier

By funny you mean by being retarded and stupid...

No way. Cyborg is plain obnoxious but beast boy just brings the words ‘annoying’ and ‘obnoxious’ into a new level.

7 It's Been On for Longer

Actually Teen titans has only been around from 2003-2006 while TTG has been around since 2013, which is 6 years and its still running

They have only had 2 or 3 years

Not yet it isn't - Jordan01

Correction: TT has been on longer. - Powerfulgirl10

8 Better Animation

Nope, TTG animation is horrible.

More Like A Huge Step Down.

Nope! It Has Worse Animation. I Honestly Have No Idea How Anyone Can NOT See That.

How Can You NOT Be Disgusted By That Animation. Because I Am.

9 Better Intro

I Like The Original Teen Titans Intro Better!

The Original Teen Titans Intro along with Justice League Unlimited's Theme have a lot of Effort Put into them TTG's Intro has no effort put into it at all.

10 It's Underrated

Overrated at its finest. I will consider this abomination overrated until nobody likes this.

More like overhated! - Margarida

It Would Only Be Underrated If It Wasn't So Popular, But It Is Popular Because Lots Of Kids Like It. So It's Overrated! NOT Underrated. You Clearly Have Bad Taste In Cartoons I Can Tell.

Um yeah notice this only has Ten right now so some idiot probably just filled them all in to troll u all sorry bros it's probably true

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11 Teen Titans Go Is Actually Funny

Come on - ANY show where Nixon gets punched in the face will make me LAUGH.

Yes it is for all ages even for 57 year olds


12 The Characters are More Complex

so true

Yep, the characters are completely and utterly complicated, they definitely go through ACTUAL conflicts. It’s not like they would have no personality’s or opinions whatsoever, nooo. It’s not like the episodes are only about satisfying kids attention spans for about 2 seconds, definitely about good role- models and characteristics.

13 Beast Boy Eats Pizza

This is a Incredibly Stupid Reason

...I just can't even anymore...

That’s so stupid beast boy is so cringeworthy the original beast boy was way more funnier and. Awsomer

14 The New Teen Titans Go Includes Seasons and Holidays

But they mock santa

15 It's More Appropriate for Little Kids

I'm not believing any of this.

16 It’s More Light-Hearted

The old titans have heart and learn from their past mistakes and failures, while Teen Titans go puts pride in those past mistakes and failures

The original was also super serious. The new one is funny, but still has a pinch of seriousness.

Its retarded.

17 Teen Titans Go! is Getting a Movie

Teen Titans already had a movie. It was an epic movie.

18 It Says Bad Words

And that makes it better how?


19 Because Jake Pal is a Voice Actor
20 There are More Characters to Work Off of in Teen Titans Go
21 The Raps are Better, for example Beast Boy's Pyramid Mummy Money

Rap music sucks. - KalloFox34

22 It Has Songs

Mumbo's Song Master of your Fate would disagree with you

23 The Animation is More Fluid
24 Raven and Beast Boy Became a Couple
25 Some Episodes are Educational

The Pyramid Scheme as Business Model

The Equity by investing in Property

and The Share Economy.

and I don't think its stupid, its just brought the old fashion fart comedy back. And those for you that like teen titans should try to look it in a better prespective because this is a comedy

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