Top Ten Reasons Why Teen Titans Go! Is the Better Than the Original

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1 It's Funnier

Ok, I actually agree.
TTG is funnier than the original, but that doesn't make it better! The original has better characters, a better story and a better animation. It is one of my favourite shows ever!

But Teen titans go is just so stupid! And the characters are all awfall!
So I don't think TTG can ever be better than one of the best shows of all time!

I saw the orginal Teen Titans and it was BORING AS HELL.

When I heard that Teen Titans Go! Was coming, at first I thought, meh. Then I saw the promos, and I got curious. Then I finally saw the show, and It was awesome! I hope it never gets cancelled!

I like it. It's funnier than the other. It's for kids also so stop giving such negative feedback or lots of children will point at you for getting the show cancelled

Superheroes are Overrated, so, nothing better than a show that treats the superhero phenomena like the joke it is. The original was just Ok, but no Justice League. This one is much better.

2 People Like It More

Have you seen the videos between commercials when people talk about how great Teen Titans Go! Is and how funny it is? That's how you know it's popular

Mate most of the kids nowadays won't be able to understand what's happening in teen titans

I love Teen Titans Go! The movie is coming out July 2018 and season 5 is coming out in September 2018

I do really like it.That is probably because I hate the orginal Teen Titans GO!

3 Better Animation

While I prefer the original by a long shot, I always found teen titans' anime-ish artstyle creepy. Ben 10 on the other hand managed to pull it off much better. I like this simple yet colourful style more.

Dude TTG is flash animation. They shove it in our faces because it's cheap.

A huge step up.

For sure!

4 Better Jokes

The comic relief is so overused they just make one scene dramatic and then it goes ''oh it's not that bad'' they use that humor in every episode!

5 Better Storylines
6 Better Personalities

Robin in particular, in my humble opinion

7 It's Been On for Longer

They have only had 2 or 3 years

Not yet it isn't

Correction: TT has been on longer.

This list is garbage. TT has been on longer than TTG.

8 Better Intro
9 The Characters are More Complex

Yep, the characters are completely and utterly complicated, they definitely go through ACTUAL conflicts. It’s not like they would have no personality’s or opinions whatsoever, nooo. It’s not like the episodes are only about satisfying kids attention spans for about 2 seconds, definitely about good role- models and characteristics.

10 Beast Boy Eats Pizza

This is a Incredibly Stupid Reason

That’s so stupid beast boy is so cringeworthy the original beast boy was way more funnier and. Awsomer

...I just can't even anymore...

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11 It Says Bad Words

11. its more appropraite for little kids
12. it says bad words

12 It's More Appropriate for Little Kids

I don't think so.

13 The New Teen Titans Go Includes Seasons and Holidays
14 It’s More Light-Hearted

The original was also super serious. The new one is funny, but still has a pinch of seriousness.

The old titans have heart and learn from their past mistakes and failures, while Teen Titans go puts pride in those past mistakes and failures

15 Jake Pal is a Voice Actor
16 There are More Characters to Work Off Of
17 The Raps are Better
18 It Has Songs
19 The Animation is More Fluid
20 Some Episodes are Educational

Like Vegetations and caring about other Friends in where Cyborg was Stressed and got Help by Starfire, and then End Cyborg Help them to stop Stressed. Some Morals are Good or Bad. Depend on Episodes.

The Pyramid Scheme as Business Model

The Equity by investing in Property

and The Share Economy.

and I don't think its stupid, its just brought the old fashion fart comedy back. And those for you that like teen titans should try to look it in a better prespective because this is a comedy

21 Raven and Beast Boy Became a Couple
22 It Makes Fun of Itself and Is Self-Aware
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