Top Ten Reasons Why Trump Won the 2016 Election

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1 He won 4 major Democrat battleground states

People wanted change. And whether or not you like Trump, him winning usually Democrat stats is symbolic of that. - Mrveteran

It's true, I'm a registered democrat but I voted for him.

Did anyone hear about the ridiculous protests about Trump being president?

I don't remember any republicans ranting about the presidential pick for the last two presidential elections.

Stop acting like children and just accept your new president. You can't change anything.

An American citizen rooting for Trump (or any US President) to fail is like rooting for the pilot of a plane you're on to crash. - Billyv

2 Hillary had few ads or appearances in the battleground states
3 Trump made more appearances in battleground states
4 Trump had most of the non-college degree votes

Or in other words ; Trump won the 2016 election because the most stupid people of the US voted for him. In fact it's very logic why he won. A great majority of Americans are stupid ( they don't have any common knowledge and for that matter they certainly don't have any political knowledge ) and you must have a majority of votes to win.

That makes me totally in favor of only allowing those with college degrees to vote.

And maybe only the wealthy as well? Or only those who agree with You? - Billyv

So you want only brainwashed idiots, who can't think for themselves, to vote? Brilliant.

5 Some Hillary supporters switched to Trump at the last minute

I knew this was going to happen.

6 Hillary had email stuff come up at the last minute

When such suspicious stuff is related to a Presidential candidate, why would you vote for her? - Mrveteran

People are much more willing to vote for someone they dislike rather than someone they distrust. Even if I don't like person X, if they are trustworthy, then I will likely be willing to hand responsibility to them. Much more willing, anyway, to give them responsibility than person Y, who, while they're a nice guy, they're also fickle and you can't trust them. Trump is person X, who is a bit of a jerk, but you always know he's honest (seriously, read his twitter; if he thinks it, he's saying it). Clinton was person Y, who was a bit more popular, but less trustworthy.

The vast majority of it didn't come out at the "last minute."

7 Hillary got small states

Well I mean that besides the big states like california she only got small states after that - Yatagarasu

Fifty-five electoral votes in La-La Land.

Yeah, small states after that, like the very small state called New York.

Not exactly correct. Hillary got California, and by a wide margin.
California is so huge, it causes "the California effect", and is the reason she won the popular vote.
If you subtract the nearly 3 million votes she won by in California, she loses the popular vote by a lot, and if you subtract the state's 40-odd electoral votes, she loses by an even bigger margin than she already did.

8 Americans are stupid

Haha! You little idiots are saying this is pathetic. If Hillary won, this would be the #1 reason. Trump will not screw us over, but reform an already failing country, unlike other candidates we know. So, now that he won, we can all be happy that the little garbage bag that is Hillary Clinton will fade into political obscurity. - NoEntranceHere

The "stupid Americans" seem to have gathered on this site to piss and moan about leftism, corruption and political correctness being RESOUNDINGLY rejected by normal Americans.

This should be the number one reason - Warriorcats

Yep definitely one of the main reasons he won

9 Trump had greater momentum throughout some battleground states
10 Americans did not want another dynasty

Tump defeated two of America's top political dynasty families, the Bush family during the primaries, and the Clinton family during the election. America has had more than enough Bushes and Clintons. No doubt there is a young Kennedy out there lurking, who we will see in the next decade or two.

No, they want a new emperor. Imperialist Trump is the best for that position.

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11 Hillary didn't get as many votes as Obama in the 2012 election from Hispanics, blacks, and women

"Alienating views? " Trump got 29% of the Hispanic vote. For a Republican, that's a landslide.

12 He's potentially the better choice of the 2 major candidates
13 Because he said he will "make America great again"

Loved all the flashback video from Bill Clinton's first campaign, it was his slogan back then too.

I have to agree with this one, you should never trust what a candidate says in the campagin. Just look at Barack Obama for example. - Mumbizz01

14 Hillary kept slipping up

She slipped up big time - TwilightKitsune

15 He is the savior of western civilization

This could well turn out to be true.

16 Memes

I doubt that Trump won just cause of memes. - Mumbizz01

And Hillary didn't have memes?

Everyone loves memes - BigTree

This may seem like a joke but Donald trump was a meme. So maybe that influenced people? - Yatagarasu

17 There are still many rednecks in Americans
18 No one wanted 4-8 more years of Obamacare
19 He was the only chance left of electing a Republican

It said so on Fox News days before election.

20 Only Republicans showed up to vote
21 Because Americans are brainwashed by populism
22 Because the Altleft was too mild

After the election, they became unhinged lunatics.

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