Top Ten Reasons Why Wario is a Better Waifu Than Lana Loud


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1 Wario is the greatest character of all time

Wario is definitely better waifu than Lana. - Ultron123

What? No, Mario Is The Best Character Of All Time! Wario Is Mario's Rival, See?

This is one of the greatest lists ever - kempokid

Mine is the singer of Smash Mouth - TristGamer

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2 Wario is strong

Wario is so damn strong he can escape a black hole, which have the power to pull in over 1.3 million Earths. (Hears crowd booing). Fine, guess I'll find another place to talk about useless science facts no one cares about. - Ultron123

Yeah, I can tell, he looks really buff despite being fat. And I heard he can lift heavy things. - AnimeDrawer

Wario actually has muscle, unlike a certain six year old. - DCfnaf

Wario isn't a chamoion alligator wrestler, so who's the real winner? - Puga

3 Wario has a personality

A disgusting one, which reflects your poor taste hun.

Waluigi > Wario

He has a personality that has more than one dimension. - DCfnaf

True - ToadF1

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4 DCfnaf is his #1 Fan

Okay? - ToadF1

5 Garlic Knots > Mudpies

Have you tasted Lana's mudpies? I don't think you have. Unfair comparison. - Puga

How do you have access to a toilet if your obese waifu breaks every one he sits on? - Puga

6 Wario Land > The Loud House

This is correct - ParkerFang

True - JamesBourne

Truth - ToadF1

True - ToadF1

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7 Wario has a biker outfit

Biker Outfits are sexy. - DCfnaf

Truth - ToadF1

Wario has ugly yellow clothes, ugly biker clothes and a superhero outfit with a cape.

Lana has vibrant everyday clothes, a personalitied sleeping gown and a kinky swimsuit. - Puga

8 Wario is actually a good character

How the heck a six year old become a waifu? This reminds me of pedophillia - ParkerFang

Truth - ToadF1

True - ToadF1

> implying Lana isn't the best character of all time - Puga

9 Lana Loud is a child

As much as I love Lana, I have to agree with this list. She's too young to be a waifu, she's only six years old. - regularponyfan09

Pretty sure dating a child is illegal. - Ultron123

Who would want to date an icky child? - DCfnaf

She Sucks - ToadF1

10 Wario's belly can be a pillow

I'd sleep on his stomach, I need a new and better pillow! - AnimeDrawer

Crushing children is dangerous. - DCfnaf

Cool - ToadF1

I already have a perfectly capable pillow that will not suffocate you if you roll over. Lana can be used for cuddling. - Puga

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11 Wario can fight

Unlike a six year old - ParkerFang

Lana can fight better, hun. - Puga

12 Wario destroys Lana in Dance Dance Revolution

You can't argue with me here, the only person Wario can't destroy in Dance Dance Revolution is his brother. Irrefutable evidence that Wario is a better waifu than Lana Loud, my new scientific breakthrough. It's based on science, I'm not improvising at all. Silly TopTenners questioning my scientific research. - nerffan8000

13 Wario has better quotes

"Obey WARIO! Destroy MARIO! "
"So ein Mist! " - TheYoshiPyro64

14 Wario can kill Lana in 2 Seconds

By squishing her with his big, fat stomach, then he can burp garlic at her! - AnimeDrawer

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