Top 10 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Defend Your Favorite Pieces of Art

Personally, I don't think people should defend their own favorite movies, shows, games, etc. Like me, I'm a fan of Lord of the Rings, but what I wouldn't do is defend it. Why? Because why do I care? I didn't write it, I'm not friends with Tolkien and he never did anything for me.

If someone doesn't like my favorite things then I'd simply say "Hey man if that's how you feel. I personally thought it was pretty good." What I wouldn't say is "Screw you! You're a tasteless loser who'll never get a girlfriend!" Art is meant to be subjective anyway so put your differences aside and just try to see if you can get along with the other person. Simple as that.

The Top Ten

1 People Have Different Tastes

By DNA level we're all different and we're most likely bound to have different tastes, but it's natural so don't worry about anything.

Not everyone is going to like everything you do and to berated someone for not liking it is childish. - egnomac

I wish more people understood this - GlassweighanCountess

2 There's No Such Thing As Real Art

If there was then I'm sure we'd get bored of it pretty fast

3 It's More Respectful

You'll even get respected more. Isn't that what you want?

4 It's Pretty Much a Waste of Time

I mean you're literally defending something you didn't make. What's the point?

5 Art Doesn't Even Save Lives

Any types of art like movies, T.V., gaming, etc. don't save lives at all. YOU save your life. You make the right choices so owe it to yourself instead of random artists you don't even know.

6 You Don't Owe the Artist Who Made Something You Like

Mainly because you probably don't even know them in real life. And I'm gonna state this, you're adding unnecessary pressure to the artists by saying that their art saved your life, now they feel pressured to make something positive again. What if they wanna go into the negative approach? Ever thought that?

7 Some Artists Hate It When People Say Their Art Saved Their Lives

From what I've heard, the frontman of the band Motionless in White stated that he hates it when people say his music saved their lives, so if you're a Motionless in White fan then please don't tell him that.

8 You Didn't Make It

Well defending the art yourself will not get the artist into the mess and get the artist in trouble.

Why defend something you didn't make?

9 It Doesn't Define You

Things Ike movies, games, shows and all other types of media don't define you. What defines you the most is your personality.

10 It's Rude to Call Someone Names For Having Different Opinions

Enough said.

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