Top 10 Recalled Toys

Toys some are recalled for a reason so there's a list about it. (I know it's a cliche but you might want to get that on this list) so LET'S GET STARTED!
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1 Lawn Darts

I saw one of these directly in the top of a kids head first hand. He looked like a Christmas tree ornament! Like a character from Gumby. Like he was impersonating the asterisk key. X marks the spot and apparently it was on the top of his head!

This is the most recalled due to trying to kill people. Now Jarts are darts that was recalled because they have sharp metal tips which can injure poeple or even worse kell them.

They can kill you momo

I guess they weren’t thinking when they made it

2 Sky Dancers

This is another recalled dangeroius toy for the kiddies. The reason why its recalled is because when it flys it can hurt kids. ( despite that toys are SUPPOSE to hit kids if there not careful) it is till dangeroius and its recalled.

The toys (that inspired the 90s cartoon) was recalled by the CPSC. The cartoon (on VHS), however, was out of print and only sold at Amazon.

I had one and loved it

3 Teletubbies Talking Po Doll

Same goes for the Talking Po Action Figure. I know that Po is from Kung Fu Panda which is owned by Classic Media whose company, DreamWorks, recalled the toy after saying "please bite or kick my butt".

It is recalled. Now unlike any other recalled toy, it can't hurt you but instead say something bad. The reason why its recalled is because it said ( well I can't say it because I'm 13 so you decide ) and it said the last phrase bite my butt. WHAT WERE THEY THINKING I MEAN REALLY DID ANYONE TEST THIS TOY BEFORE IT CAME OUT I MEAN FOR GOD SAKE PEOPLE! So it was recalled.

Based in comments people have posted, this toy sounds TERRIBLE! “Bite my butt” something that not even the Basshall Movement gyals would say! And they’re always shaking their butts!

4 Cabbage Patch Kids Snacktime Kids

This one also hurts kids and its recalled ( if cabbage patch dolls wasin't creepy enough then WHAT IS? ) the reason why its recalled is because if you put your hair or your fingers up the dolls mouth ( seriously COULD THESE DOLLS BE ANY CREEPIER! ) then it will eithier hurt you or WHAT? CHEW IT OFF? AHH! THERE EVIL HELP ME! Anyways there recalled. THANK GOD!

This should be number two

They’re creepy enough without tearing your scalp off.

5 Bindeez

I forgot the rest so I will use another top 10 list of recalled toys. The reason why this toy is recalled is because if its swallowed it could poison you and kill you. And this toy was recalled.

I had these and thought they were disappointing. We got I’d of them when we heard about the recall

6 Clackers

So u get hurt lern from it and get over it!

Oh how would a boring toy be recalled? Well heres why its because it hurts you. Ok in my opinoin THIS IS THE STUPIDEST RECALLED TOY I EVER SEEN! I MEAN ITS SUPPOSE TO HURT YOU IS BECAUSE THERE JUST TWO HEAVY GLASS BALLS ON A STRECY STRING THAT CAN HURT YOUR FINGERS EASILY! And this toy was recalled

7 Play Doh

It hasn’t been recalled, but it has been known to be notorious for being mistaken for food, as it has the colors, smells and flavors compared to food.
Therefore it’s a serious choking hazard and not completely safe for children.

I still use it from time to time

No this is still in the shops.

8 Easy-Bake Oven

This was also recalled the reason why its recalled is because it could burn your hand ( like if toys wern't DANGEROIUS ENOUGH! ) and it was recalled.

9 Fisher Price Power Wheels

One of them had a Barbie based design, a Clueless licensed Jeep design and a Winx Club based design. Those are recalled also.

This is a recalled toy because it can cause accidents and injures. Again its ANOTHER STUPID RECALLED TOY! You guys should make the top ten most stupidest recalled toys ever. So its recalled.

10 Magnetix

It has magnets and this toy was recalled. by the way kids think its candy and they swallow it and it links up in their body and rips organs. Worse of all they don't apper on X-RAY and need surgery to remove.

The Contenders
11 Polly Pocket

The quik clik brand involved small dolls which were a choking hazard, and they had magnetic clothing that snapped off violently, yet some kids hurt themselves purposefully, so they were recalled.

She is bigger nowadays.

Loved these as a kid

I'd rather purchase Polly Pocket: PollyWorld on DVD.

12 Potty Time With Elmo

Well this was not recalled. In fact it is one of those baby books where you press buttons to hear noises and phrases. But when you press the top right button it is supposed to say "let's try to use the potty" in some copies of the book it says (neither uh-oh or haha) then laughs then it says "WHO. WANTS. TO. DIE" really people?

That was recalled after it references the words of the lyrics to a certain song, "War" by Edwin Starr, in which the music goes like this "WHO. WANTS. TO. DIE? " Unfortunately, Edwin Starr died while fighting for freedom.

Who wants to die? I DO!

13 Gilbert Chemistry Set

It contains actual Uranium

How did this get approved?

14 Plush Uterus
15 Water Yo-Yos

These looked colorful and fun, but contained flammable diesel hydrocarbons and being a long stretchy toy, it led to 410 incidents.
294 of those incidents involved strangulation and 116 others from exposure to the hydrocarbons which ignite when exposed to high temperatures.
For all those reasons they were finally called off.

16 Playskool Crayons

Never play with anything that can cause cancer.
This put children at risk of cancer due to asbetos.
Remember, don’t judge a book by its cover (or crayons by their color).

They were said to have asbestos but I still buy (and use) them!

@Gregory-I'm still buying them.

17 Elmo Knows Your Name Doll


18 McDonald's Step-It

Got recalled because it was found to be a fire hazard, I still have mine from when I was like 7 around here somewhere though.

19 Gilbert U-238 Atomic Energy Lab
20 Thomas Fire Engine
21 Kite Tube

This item is used in water. But it can fly and turn over. Crushing the person riding the Kite Tube

22 Build-A-Bear Starbrites Dragon

The satin belly exploded, exposing the light technology.
- TheDuttyGyal

23 Teletubbies Talking Tinky Winky

Another recalled teletubby. “I Got A Gun” —Tinky Winky

24 Hoverboards

These toys had a powerful ion battery that would explode, causing numerous injuries, so these were recalled.

25 Flubber

Popular in the 60s, this toy subject kids to numerous health problems and injuries including burns and other stuff. Plus if you burned it, it could cause respiratory problems. So for all those reasons, it was called off.

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