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Just the right things to say... now, wait for the right moment, and whip out one of these lines.
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1 Last night I looked up into the stars and matched each one with a reason why I love you. I was doing great until I ran out of stars.

What happens when she asks you to name all these reasons? You better think fast.

Sounds less tacky than having a small set of roses. (Not putting down the roses, though. )

This is a great line but… unless you mean it don't use it. After readin this I actually walked outside and matched the reasons I love my girlfriend with each star. Ran out then did it again. Why? Simply because its not about making a girl say aww It's making her say aww then making her realize you mean it too. I used this the next day over the loudspeaker at school. Got suspended but I'm ok because I know that everyone knows how much I really care. We are getting married next June. Very exciting stuff

I added a little twist to this and said last night when I was driving home I stopped in the middle of the overpass, looked up at the stars and started matching each one of them with a reason I love you. I was going great till I ran out of stars. She looked at me smiled and insisted on going to the bedroom. Trust Me. This one works!

2 When giving her a dozen roses - 11 real and 1 fake - say, "I will love you until the last rose dies."

That is the most sweetest thing, because the last rose will never die!

The ultimate show of love, and it also includes logic. That inclusion demonstrates motivation, and forethought; something most people regardless of gender never include in their cards or flowers.

This is my favorite one, but I'm biased since I used it in the past and was pretty glad for coming up with a variation of this on my own.

I gave the roses to my girlfriend and said this when we were in her old treehouse and she looked at all the roses and started to cry. Then we kissed up there for about half an hour. Finally, we went home and that's all she talked about for and hour. When we went to bed we were cuddling, so I was really pleased with this. Really pleased...

I think it's really cute! I have a long distance relationship with a girl (she lives in England and I'm from Slovenia) and I love her so much! When I'll visit her I'll definitely bring a few real roses and 1 fake and say that! I hope she'll say something like "Never let me go, please".

3 I sent an angel to look over you at night. The angel came back a minute later, and I asked why. It told me angels don't watch other angels.

I sent this to my girlfriend when she woke up. I broke it in four pieces...1)I sent an angel to look over you at night 2)The angel came back a minute later 3) I asked it why and he told me 4)Angels don't watch other angels... She told me I was the first who told her such thing and I became the first boy she ever loved...

That is so amazing, I told my girlfriend that and she stats crying and said I am the best and she hugged me and said I will never let go if you don't let go and she said that she want to be with me forever and ever. So that really works thanks!

I sent it to my girlfriend... After a while she replied I never expect that she smiled at me staring at my face and she told me "you know how much I love you, she hug me so tight, I love you till my last breath ends... Until we end in this world I will be your angel taking care of you all the time and be with you forever " my tears fell... I'm so lucky to have my girlfriend.. She kiss me in my forehead, nose and my lips wondering to miss her everyday...

I texted this to my best friend that's a girl, and she then said that has made her day. So I then asked her to go out with me but she then told me that she has a boyfriend. So that broke my heart into pieces. I really wanted her because in my opinion she is hotter than Selena Gomez... Plus she told me that she likes me better than her boyfriend though.

4 They say a picture tells 1,000 words, but when I see yours, all I see is 3: I Love You

This is awesome I told it to my girl friend and she started crying and told to never let her go. You guys should tell this to your girl I really recommend it trust me it works

Wow it the best so far, it really makes her feel so special than before. You guys should try this.

I added a little twist to this I met the girl I love online so I only ever saw pictures of her we met for the first time a while ago so I said. A picture says a thousand words but now that your here I can only think of 3 I love you. She melted and kissed me

I told my girlfriend and she started crying. She told me that she loves me and that she would never let go of me. It really works in my opinion if it works for me it will work for you.

5 If you held up 11 roses into a mirror, you'd be looking at 12 of the most beautiful things in the world.

She cried and kissed me and followed it with "it would be 13 now because of you". This is one of the best here, my girlfriend really love it.

I have been chasing this girl for awhile now and she has been playing hard to get. So what I did was sent her 11 roses and a pocket mirror to her work and wrote a card saying take these 11 roses and hold them up in the mirror. You are know looking at the 12 most beautiful things in the world. We are dating now after this. She loved it. She was the center of attention at work the rest of the day.

I said this and then told my girl I loved her for the first time... That was 5 years ago.. Since then I have been to Iraq 4 times and I now have 2 little boys and a beautiful home beautiful wife and beautiful kids. But lost a buddy of mine in Iraq my last deployment... We knew eachother since we were 3 years old.. I'm 26 now... I lost my left arm tryin to save him... But I couldn't

I'm 11 and I said it my girlfriend she hugged me and kissed me on the cheek, I'm not going to say that I love her because I don't know what love is, but I know I really like her and I will do anything for her! I hope that she will be mine forever and ever! I'm getting her a puppy for Valentines day I have been saving up.

6 If I had to choose between breathing and loving you, I would use my last breath to say, I love you.

I said this to my dream girl, and she absolutely loved it. She had never kissed me before and now I've got as many as I want! This was the most beautiful thing you could say to a girl. And no doubt, she will love it, as much as you love her!

It was around mid night and me and my girlfriend were lying in her back yard. I went inside and got a rose and changed into my suit and got her parents. I went outside and held both of her hands looked into her eyes and said " Babe you know I love you but I don't think you know exactly how much, put it like this, if I had to choose between breathing or loving you I'd use my last breath saying I love you" I then proceeded to ask her to prom. She said yes.

I don't know how this is number 11.. This should be number 1.. It conveys a true sense of love rather than a cheesy pick up line. What really matters is that it comes from the heart rather than from a website.

I sent this to my girlfriend Liv and she texted me saying to come to her house, when I did. We both looked at eachother in silence and she started crying and ran up to me and jumped into my arms, and then we started to make out and she said "I love you Collin, your my future husband, I don't ever want to lose you. I'm not ready for it and never will be. After that we cuddled the whole night. This works man

7 God was showing off when He created you.

My girlfriend loved this! She usually talks a lot, but when she has a lot of emotion she is quite. When her dog died she didn't say anything to anyone for a week.
Well, we both play basketball and she called me a showoff jokingly because I dunked it. I told her to show off so we were even and she totally crossed me up. (Again) I told her that one more person here had to show off so everyone could be even. It couldn't have been more perfect, she said "Yeah, who? God? " I said "Nah, you're right, he already did show off, when he made you." And then I kissed her fore head. It was perfect.

My heart is squeezing. Once when I was little a boy I liked told me God accidently left me in the oven to long and I hated my skin color for years. I was only 9. I did not deserve that.

Great for laughs, and for an expression of love!

Awesome. I loved it. I said this to my girlfriend and she started crying. SHe said she would even not have an abortion, just because of this sentence. So now we have our baby and we are a happy couple

8 You deserve the world, and I know I can't give that to you. So I'll give you the next best thing: my world.

I'm a girl, and I like this one because it is truthful and down-to-earth, yet completely and totally romantic.
If my fiance said this to me, I would definitely want to kiss him right then and there, no matter where we were.

I'm a girl and I like this cause it shows sincerity and honestly which is most important to me. You don't have to give the world, you just have to accept me as I am into your world and love me with all your heart. That's all that I want from a guy and I'm sure many girls will relate with me. Am I right?

I'm a tough cookie so I hate saying this but I will because I never lie. Gave me goosebumps and teary eyes. I hope to find a man that would say something like this. Sigh...

! My boyfriend said this to me! Can't believe it! now I know where he got it from! C: Nice to know he cares this much, looking up things like this on Google.
I could marry him now.

9 I miss you when I'm not with you. When I'm not with you, all I do is think about you. When I think about you I just want to be with you. When I'm with you it's like all of my dreams have come true.

This is an awesome sentence, I told my girlfriend it and she said she would faint if I said somethin like that again! Then she kissed me 4 about 20 minutes long and she said after that lovely 20 minutes, I was her 1 and would always be her 1, then I felt awesome and asked her if I could marry her, she said yes and we are getting married on the 19 June! She is definitely my love-woman, and that's all I'm saying a long row of kisses for my future wife x

I guess this is cool, but I wouldn't suggest saying this unless you really mean it! I used this once on the girl I like, but I said it because I meant it! I'm sure that if you say this with all your heart, the results will be good!

I think this is a good way to let a woman know how you feel about her. It tells her that she is always on you're mind, that you can't stop thinking about her in your mind and your heart. This is the one I'm going to use to hopefully start a relationship with a woman that I'm falling in love with. I will tell you it works or if I get shut down.

I said this too my gf I am 15 she is too and she just couldn't stop saying how much she loves me got to be the best one!

10 You are my best friend, my shoulder to lean on, the one person I know I can count on; you're the love of my life, you're my one and only, you're my everything.

My girlfriend is every one of those things, I love her with all my heart, she is my everything and my whole life is her and only her. Each Day I Love her more and more every second. I will never let her go. Her and I have a special connection with each other, just there's something we both have that will never split us apart. I love my girlfriend forever and ever with all my heart, and she loves me too. I'm going to say this to her and I know her reaction will be loving.

WOW.. That's all I can really say, I mean I told my girlfriend this but only the your my one and only.. She loved it I mean she kissed me and it also saved the relationship. Hope you read this Cait (P.S. if you know what I mean than what you should do is say it at a good time never just random she'd dumped me and I asked her out and when she said yes I said it and all I wanted to do was kiss her.

Great I tell this to my girl all the time I love her with everything I have! She is my baby girl and I ever lost her I would cry my eyes out and I would probably never ever ever move on! She would probably kill me if she knew I was doing this! I don't know though she might like it and accept my apology!

This works like a charm I really recommend this to your girlfriend but if you don't say it at the right moment then I could back fire on you, which I have seen as well laugh out loud. But the right timing and this will be one of the best things you say to your girlfriend or wife in their eyes.

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11 I put a tear in the ocean; when you find it, I'll stop loving you.

That's beautiful. If someone, anyone said this to me, and I loved the guy, like my future husband, I would be so taken, I'd be isolated and I'd feel guilty if I didn't have anything like this to say back. I don't think it'll work if a girl used it, right? Or same effect? Reply to (you don't have to) Carpet person

GREAT! Considering that my girl is 800 miles away on the beach right now.

This should be said to a girl you a real certain of her love and at a right time of the relationship. If you found her at the beach looking for the tear, then she wants you to stop loving her the time she gets it.

This is great! What I once told my girlfriend was, "if you are ever wondering how much I love you, look up on the sky and count the stars, and if you can count how much stars there are you will know how much I LOVE YOU! "

12 If I died and God asked me what I'd like to come back as, I'd say a tear; so I can be born in your eyes, roll down your cheek, and die on your lips.

You do know that instead of coming back as a tear and dying right off, you could just come back as yourself and be with her forever. Although this may be quite romantic, it lacks logic. Anyway I guess returning from the dead is also illogical, oh well.

This is just stupid! Why wouldn't you want to be reborn just as another person, to find her in another life? Because saying you want to 'be born in her eyes and die on her lips' is a lil creepy! I'm a girl, and if my girlfriends said this to me I'd be weirded out!

This is a really great thing to say to a girl. It's quite touching. I used this one.. It works guys.

I love it is the best one yet. I really won't to try that one so badly on my girl in fact I'm telling her tomorrow.

13 I'm so confused. They told me that angels are only in heaven, but I've found one here.

I changed this one a little bit. My girlfriend is shorter than me so I said to her one day "Its funny how in stories people say that angels look down from heaven but yet there is one looking up at me right now," and she lost it and started kissing. Lucky me!

This is pretty good, I mean like its good if said at the right time like when your holding hands with her or cuddling you know just to make it more romantic.

Best thing to say to a girl if you wanted to go out with her for all you dudes out there alone and want a girl trust me this line will work. A am going out with my crush for 2 years alredy

I'm so confused. They told me that angels are only in heaven, but I've found one here one that I can love and one that I can hold and one that I can call mine ... My version

14 Life without you is like a broken pencil, pointless.

Me: Life without you is like a broken pencil, pointless.
Ruth: oh my god I've never heard of a funny joke as that! Haha thanks class clown.
I thought I made a good impression on her, but then she just kept calling me either "class clown" or "the funny Guy". So I ended up not liking her.
PS if your wondering why I did capital guy for the funny Guy, well it's bc my name is actually Guy.

Holy crap.. Haha. Are you serious? This is the best thing ever. I mean for real. Can't get better than this you know. Girls will melt with this one.

It was used in Blackadder, one of the greatest British comedies ever! It is an awesome line that broke the ice at the end of the second series, and, Blackadder fan or not, the girl will go nuts.

Haha this makes no sense...
Just sharpen the place the pencil broke.
Renew your love, even with it's flaws. It still creates a beautiful picture, showing a loving couple together.
~this is what I just came up with
Be aware that I am a girl so chances are I'm right.

15 Look into my eyes and you'll find me. Look into my heart and you'll find you.

This is really sweet, my girlfriend kissed me straight after I said this too her! It shows your boyfriend/girlfriend how much you love them in words you can describe yourself. This is just so sweet it should be first.

I don't really care much if a girl says something like this to me but this did make me smile. I suppose it just tells her that she's a part of you. I think I'll use it when the time is right and the girl is ready

It's a perfect quote... Perfect for her... Thank you for helping me...
I never heard this one before this one is my favorite...

That's so sweet if my boyfriend said this to me I would die of happiness whoever heard this line is one lucky girl!

16 I love you.

I said this to my girlfriend. And she said scream it to the world if you really do... So I whispered it in her ear, she then asked me "why did you whisper it to me?! " And I said "Because you are my world. " She instantly kissed me.

I have been with my boyfriend for a little over a year now. Last year, a few months after we got together, the girls and I were at the mall looking for homecoming dresses. Since I had mine at home already, I was mostly there to spend time with friends and I was texting my boyfriend too. We were in DEB I think when my boyfriend texted me saying this. I was completely surprised that I froze for a bit. It wasn't because I didn't love him, I did and have for a long time. I just didn't have any words for it until he first said it. Once I recovered, with the help of the girls pulling me out of the shock, I told him I love him too. He graduated high school last school year and I am a year younger than him. I love my boyfriend and hope it lasts forever.

I said I love you to my crush. And she said scream it to the world if you really do... So I whispered it in her ear, she then asked me "why did you whisper it to me?! " And I said "Because you are my world." (I stole advice from on of the other comments) she just walked away and said "If I'm your world then why aren't you in me." thus destroying my sweet saying... it wasn't supposed to be about sex it was supposed to be me declaring that I love her.


Sarah M, if you're reading this, let me say that I love you. And I mean it in a passionate way. You were always a great friend of mine throughout elementary, and I always loved your pool parties. You were such a sweet girl, though I never saw you after I left HPS in Anaheim. I've bumped into more friends in middle and high school, and although I had a soft spot for quite a few, none will be as amazing as you. You're smart, you're talented, and you were everything that I imagined in you. Words can't describe how much I adore you.

- Adam

17 A while ago I wished upon a shooting star that one day I would maybe find love. Holding you here in my arms makes me realize that wishes do come true.

Said this she cried and kissed me I had never kissed her before and it was the best thing ever. That was my first time kissing anyone and I loved it. By the way I'm only 11. I'm not like those people who are like oh this is the one no but I think we will be going out for a decent while so I'm pretty happy right now.

This is adorable, especially for/from someone who's a true romantic and really waited for that perfect love. I don't fall for people easily, so I'd want to find someone like that too.

It totally works! My girlfriend fell for this! And she kissed me for saying that! You just have to wait the perfect timing!

With the right eye contact and the right look on your face this comment will work better than most on this list.

18 A mirror and my heart are alike. When you look into a mirror you see you and when you look into my heart you see you

If the last "you" is replaced by "___" then it will be more awesome!
I. E "and when you look into my heart you see "___"...

Sweet opinion situation. Really appreciate it when someone now the special things bout this word

I feel that it's cute, and I think if I have a girlfriend or a wife I'll probably use it. :) thanks for everything..

This is really sweet

19 Baby, to me you're no one ...... because no one is perfect.

I told this to my girl and she loved it, I didn't tell her were it was from but I switched it up a little. She told me she was speechless and then she told me she loved me and I'm a angle to her.

This is a clever yet flattering line it should entice that girl/boy that you want and let her/him love you like you love them xx.

I'm gonna try this on my ex because I still really like her. Hope she comes back to me!

20 Last night I was looking at the sky and I started counting the stars. I noticed that two were missing and I cant help but feel that you stole them, because today, I saw them in your eyes.

That's really sweet. I can't wait to use it on the love of my life. I know that she'll love it.
I tried it, and she - the normal blusher she is - just looked down, blood decorating her cheeks, and hugged and kissed me shyly, with a beautiful spark in her eyes. I'll die happy!

Said this to my girlfriend and she kept smiling and she hugged me and we hugged for two hours, maybe even three, And she said she loved me and that she will never stop loving me, this literally made my day.

See this one is for meee. My boyfriend loves my eyes, but I think their quite ordinary. He claims their my best trait. If my boyfriend said this to me I'd give him a day of yeses.

The one is really sweet, you will definitely get awwed for this one, I used it when my girl was having a bad day and this cheered her right up. So yeah... Use it!

21 Last night I wanted to send you a message, but all I could write was, noh ss!w !. It didn't make much sense until I read it upside down.

Its really good and unusual. Very original and will flatter her even through a text message! Genius because nowadays text message is one of the only method of communicating.

There is a girl that I like and she's going to a different (British) secondary school than me and I know that I might not see her again so sent her this. She hasn't got it yet but I can't wait for her reaction in the morning.

Text messages are one of the main forms of communication now and if send this to her while she can't respond you can have more time to think of other romantic things to say to her. Definitely a good one.

That is so awesome I saw all these other good things to say but this one is perfect it has the feeling for that perfect someone and a little touch of funny.. Just perfect I think I'll use it now

22 I could conquer the world with just one hand, as long as you were holding the other.

Hey, to all the guys (and some girls) reading this. I'm a girl. I think it's sweet of a guy to say this to a girl, but you know, we would really like it if you said something original and less cheesy than most of the quotes here. Believe me, we don't care how dumb it may sound (I personally think that it would be rather cute), we would love it for its originality. And remember, before you can make a girl your lover or anything else like that, make her your best friend, cause there would be times when we both would need a friend more than anything.

P. S: If a girl finds out that you had taken the qoute you said to her from here, she's bound to kill you. At least that's what I would do. Good Luck!

I illustrated this line, because I liked it so much.
Then I sent it to my boyfriend. It's cute, and sweet, and it expresses love in an innocent form.
It reminds me of what love feels like when you're young. Nothing is better, and you can do absolutely anything.

You better be able to back that up by conquering the world!

No, but seriously, this implies that you haven't lost your goals and you are your own person, yet you know that you will be strongest with your girl by your side. Great quote.

I feel as if this would be what it feels like- to finally recieve love instead of giving it. Although I may never know ow this feels, I will continue to love you, Shelby. I'd be happy for you if you found someone you'd rather be with, as long as it makes you happy.

23 I fall in love with you every time I look into your beautiful eyes.

Guys I'm a girl and I am still crying because on the day that I got married my husband said this to me and I think it will really work well because it is not about the things you say, it is about meaning it. I recommend this quote for any one out there with the nerve to say this, do it I won't imagine a better thing to say.

Complementing them is great, but when you get specific and say what it does to you, that feel like they can trust you not to lie to them.

Great. I said this to my girlfriend before I came onto this site and she said she loves me. Then we kissed and snuggled all night..

I love this line. It is so romantic. I think when you say this you should put yoru hand on her arm, hand, or cheeck and look directly in her eyes. I would die if anyone said this to me romanticly.

24 I'm going to love you till the heavens start to rain, and the stars fall from the sky.

I love this song, and if the kid I like said this to me, I swear, I'll be so happy. Well, even though I DO love The Doors, I wouldn't care. Anyway-- if ANYONE ever said this to me, I would just cry, I'd be so happy.

It's "stop" the rain... Which is more romantic as it rains from the heavens all the time.

Doesn't Rain fall from the Heavens
And have you never heard of a shooting star? But this is really cute c;

Then, I'd use the chorus for a different occasion.

25 Before we ever met you were my dream girl, and even now that you've become a reality I still go to sleep every night thinking about you because you're the one I want to wake up with every morning.

This is so adorable, I said it to my boyfriend I did say dream guy... ) he replied my princess (this is what he calls me) since I met you I have forgotten how to not think about you, it was hard enough already :, ) was a lovely moment x

This is how I feel about my girl, I said it but she said "how can you think about me before you met me? " beware men (and women) in case your significant other uses too much logic

My Crush who I loved for 5 years, Loved this, because of this line I got a date with her 6 months ago, and now we are together! Thanks!

With this one she said you are going to make me cry. I like this one a lot and apparently so does she!

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