Top 10 Traits that Make Men Unattractive to Women

This list may not confirm your beliefs or tell you what you want to hear, but it may provide constructive criticism if you can be open-minded to accept it.

Many men feel like they are reject because they don't have enough looks, muscles or money, but that might not be why. Lots of men who are average-looking, chubby and working-class are in happy relationships. It has nothing to do with being a nice-guy or being a jerk. The reason for many guys being single might be because they're just not as interesting as they think they are and need to work on themselves a bit.

I say this because I realized a few things about myself that I needed to improve and I've been working on them. I also thought about men I know who do attract women easily and I realized most if not all of them have traits which are polar opposite to the ones on this list.
The Top Ten
1 Easily bent out of shape

If you get angered easily, argumentative over small disagreements, euphoric over the slightest bit of validation, disrupted over schedule changes and so on, it conveys to women that you are easily pushed around and that your buttons are very easy to push.

2 Irresponsibility

Even if you're a great lover, being irresponsible could very well be the biggest cause of divorce and breakups. If a man can't stay sober, hold a job, do his share of the housework, spend money practically and run his own errands, he just becomes a burden to women. And even if they do enter relationships, it's miserable ones.

3 Cynicism

Being cynical in good humor has its place, but cynics aren't fun to be around. They may feel like wise critics of the world from their perspective, but to others they come off as people who couldn't find their slice of happiness so they want to criticize the world rather than be a part of it.

4 Lack of warmth

I think "lack of warmth" is not quite the correct phrase to use. I think "indifference" is a better description. It's quite disheartening when a woman openly shares her emotions and feelings, only to be met with indifference from the object of her affections. I can never tell whether it is just an "alpha male" thing to show indifference or they just generally don't care...Whatever. Too much "lack of warmth" or "indifference" from a man can make a woman give up on them.
Nice, thought -provoking list.

Yes, many "alpha male" guys do play it cool and don't gush their feelings out too much, but they also know when to make a woman feel special. Many single guys don't realize this, but if you're not smiling enough and you act too neutrally and robotically, women will find you hard to approach emotionally.

5 Complainer

If you're constantly blaming the economy, the government, your parents, your upbringing, your old friends, etc. for problems in your life, that's not attractive. Women are attracted to men who get up and solve their problems rather than just complain.

This is like a married man wanting his Mummy very badly!

6 Arrogance

Being confident is endearing; being arrogant is a turn-off (unless the woman is a certain type) Arrogance is not an attractive trait at all. A woman knows when a man is "playing" at being overly confident and those who are just plain arrogant by nature. It's extremely off putting to the average woman.

7 Lack of life experience

It's nice just to sit down and listen to them talk about their life, their experiences; highs and lows of their lives. As a naturally curious woman, I'd gladly spend hours and hours just listening to their stories. I really would want to get to know them and fully understand them. It would bore me silly if they knew very little about life. I'm speaking from my own personal opinion but I suspect it's pretty much the same for many women.

A lot of guys who are smart gain a lot of information through the news, movies, internet, books, blogs, etc. (and those are good), but if that's the only way you are culturing yourself then that gets old for a while. Much of what makes men interesting to women is the experiences they've been through, the people they met, the places they've been, etc.

8 Laziness
9 Ignorance
10 Cheating
The Contenders
11 Immaturity

If you have the same interests, hobbies, social circle, beliefs, etc. as you did 5-10 years ago, you may have settled into a routine and may need to change more. Maturity also means moving on from bad relationship experiences in the past and not letting them dictate how you live your life today.

12 Stinginess
13 Anxious

Fear of social interaction, fear of rejection and fear of talking to women all result in you walking on eggshells rather than being yourself and being fun.

14 Low confidence/self-esteem

I know this one is a cliche at this point, but I had to include it because it's just true. There are men who are uglier than you, fatter than you and poorer than you getting women because they have loads of confidence and are willing to meet lots of new people.

15 Weakness

So every woman wants to date a guy with huge muscles, and if you're scrawny you need to go to the gym or be single forever. That's messed up.

16 Manipulating
17 Being repetitive
18 Dating the wrong women

Many women out there are great people but they just aren't for you. A lot of times guys date women who don't share their interests/humor/etc. and then blame themselves for not being appealing enough when it's neither person's fault.

19 Pessimism
20 Gaslighting
21 Gatekeeping
22 Manspreading
23 Greed
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