Top Ten Things You Love Most About Your Partner or Crush

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1 Their Intelligence

I'm terribly weak for guys and gals that possess a lot of knowledge about history and science. Drop a fact about quantum mechanics or the Russian Revolution, and I'll be following you around like a lost puppy.

There different ways to describe the intelligence of a loved one cause it could also be that they know what to do and when to do it. or they understand the topics the other talks aboot.

The girl I love is both smart and very intelligence with awareness

I hate to be that guy, but my date is one of the smartest people I've known.

There's no way I'd ever date anyone who doesn't know their basic algebra...

2 Their Sense of Humour

He laughs at a lot of things I say, and my friend pointed out that we have the same sense of humour cos he is also a little funny too. We're perfect for each other.

My crush has the same sense of humor as me. I barely ever show my real personality in real life, though, so he'll never know that.

He always does this funny helium voice that makes me and everyone else laugh. Too bad he is only a crush.

She's funny in her own kind of way! This girl I love can tickle my funny bone in many different forms of humour

3 Their Looks

Last time I saw him with his new hairstyle, it gave me a shock. However, I don't know, I just got over the weird hairstyle, and for some reason, he looked cute again in my eyes.

My mom and sister, on the other hand, think he's hideous, and I really hate it when they talk like that about him.

But anyway, I believe that crushes should be based on more than just looks. My crush, I guess, has a hideous hairstyle that I didn't even like when I first saw it. However, the way I remembered him to be (I was too shy to talk to him) won me over, and I still like him a lot.

So, make sure all of you like someone for having a good personality and not only good looks.

I'm eleven and my crush is so fit. Her hair is brown and long, and her eyes as blue a the sea. She is not flat, like the other girls in my class, and dosen't try to be popular or naughty (even though she is popular). I si5 next to her in class. I first had a crush on her when I got into a fist fight with another kid in my class (not because I was angry at him, just for fun), and she came over and straightened my tie for me, and I she stared into my soul with her amazing blue eyes.
(P.S. I once heard her call me muscular and cute :D fingers crossed)

My crush is HANDSOME! I used to be lesbian, he made me bi! Today, my friend called him Justin Bieber, and I was like heck ya! Oh god what if my crush is on here? Oh well, have a great day if you are on here!

He has blue-gray eyes, really nice brown hair with a nice cut, has a cute/mature look as well. I can't decide if I like his looks or personality more lol. He's not extremely popular but he's one of the most attractive in our grade.

4 The Fact They Love You Too

What could be better than mutual love? Tina, I love this list but most of all I love you!

Yeah well, I thought she did. But apparently not enough. I've had a crappy love life.

This is always a plus when you can feel what it's liek to be loved!

Except, I don't know if he loves me..

5 Their Personality

Personality to me is the most important thing in a guy. The first thing that drew me to the only two crushes I've ever had was their personality. Honestly personality is everything

6 Their Charm

Yup...he definitely has charm

7 Their Eyes

The Girl I love has the 2 most beautiful eyes I've ever set my own eyes on!

The girl I like makes a 0.05 second or no eye contact to me.

You really know how to make me cry when you give me those ocean eyes

8 The Way They Chat With You
9 Their Willingness to Please

When they know the things you like and then bring them up in a conversation its cool! Making the other happy is always good!

10 Their Words
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11 Their Hair Style

Hair Style is sexy.

12 Their Patience

Patience is key when your in my situation with the one I crush on!

13 They Enjoy the Same Things You Do

My crush likes Fortnite and Overwatch too! Yay!

So Playing Pokemon and playing sports.

14 Their Popularity

my crush isn't that popular but I think the popular guys are just dirty-minded idiots who are kinda just with ya to get more popular and show you off. I like the not so popular guys because they're not just good for looks, but I think they have a clean heart

I like hanging out with lonely, smart kids, not the annoying popular ones.

She is a common crush in our grade.

I'm in love with Freddie Mercury.

15 Their Hair

I liked his hair, then he changed it I didn't really like it, then he changed back to the original.

That amazing black hair

16 Their Friendship

The one I love is a great Friend to me and I cherish our Bond so much!

We were friends, but now she thinks I am one of those who come and go.

We're not really friends, more like accquantaces (can't spell) we don't a lot.

My boyfriend has been my best friend for two years. :D We only stated dating a couple of weeks ago.

17 Their Voice
18 Their Shyness

I'm shy, and that's one of my best qualities. One of my friends (I use that term loosely; she calls me her friend but I don't do the same, as I hate her, ) hates my shyness and wants me to be confident and more like her. She's the correct term for a female dog. I hate her and I'm trying to avoid her at school. Succeeding so far. :D

If I had a boyfriend I wouldn't want him to be shy. I'm a very outgoing and talkative person so a shy boyfriend wouldn't be good for me.

Shy guys are everything. Forget looks for now. Initially what matters is personality. Oh did I mention, shyness is the new sexy

I'm one of the shyest people at school, but at home I'm taking people down.

19 Their Smile

Their smile can brighten up anyone's day, its just incredible how something so small can cause my heart to explode with joy

I always liked when my crush smiled at me, it made my day sometimes when she smiled at me

I enjoyed seeming my crushes smiles sometimes when she smiled at me it made my day

20 Their Sexuality

She's like a beast in bed!

21 They Can Make You Smile Just by Thinking About Them
22 Their Confidence

That's the main thing that attracted me to my crush. I used to be such a self conscious person and I was afraid of doing anything. I've somewhat gotten over that now, but I still always look at him and notice his sureness. to be honest he's one of the people who helped me get through my extremely low confidence. Too bad he helped not knowing that he did. If I had been just a little more confident and vocal we'd probably be friends rn. And what sucks is that I only see him rarely, like every five months or so. Ughh I miss him so much even though I only barely told him hi this weekend.

23 Their Kindness

Kindness is a wonderful thing. I've fallen in love with many people, just because they were kind!

24 Their Determination
25 Their Insults Directed at You

How is an insult romantic? It's not!

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