Top 10 Most Evil Demons

Here is a list of the most evil and wicked demons in all of history. If there's any I missed, feel free to add them (ones from religion and mythology are allowed).
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1 The Devil

Satan is the biggest, most evil monster in all of existence and history. By the way, I heard that some people say that Leviathan is the same as Satan, but people started thinking that they were the same kinds so in reality, Leviathan is like one of Satan's top soldiers or something.

By the way, I heard that Lucifer is Satan's cousin, and Beelzebub is also related to him. They form the Triumvirate of Hell (I would suggest looking up the word).

You all knew this would be number 1. He is the absolute most evil thing in all of existence and is the ruler of Hell. He is known by many names and is recognized as an evil force in the Abrahamic religions.

2 Zozo

Zozo, the Minotaur of Hell, is a six-horned Minotaur who wears a necklace of skulls from their victims and has skeletal tattoos and markings all over their body. With a forked tongue and three tails, Zozo is the alpha bull. This Minotaur shapeshifts into anyone and anything and serves as the gatekeeper of Hell and the Underworld.

3 Valac

One of the scariest demons I have ever seen.

This demon is in the film The Nun along with Insidious. It's the scariest demon other than it.

Its real name is Valek. Someone else mentioned this, but I just want to say that his real form is that of a child, and he has a pet dragon, although I don't know the name of it. He is also third in charge of hell.

4 Lamashtu

A demon in Sumerian/Mesopotamian mythology. She is known for infamous acts such as menacing pregnant women, eating infants, infesting rivers, and killing crops. She also performs many other heinous acts.

The most menacing of all and the origin of all evil.

5 Azazel

One of the most popular Jewish demons, Azazel is considered a very evil spirit in Judaism and the leader of a certain class of demons that reside in the desert. In Greek mythology, Azazel is represented as the scapegoat. According to Islam, he is a fallen angel who was once one of the highest-ranked angels of Allah.

6 Malphas

Malphas, a high-ranking demon of Hell, is second in command behind Satan and commands forty legions of demons. He has the power to reveal your desires and destroy them. He offers "good" familiar spirits to deceive you and will betray you, but only after accepting your blood sacrifice.

7 Beelzebub

Has a devil put aside for me, for me, for me!

8 Baphomet

More of a term/symbolic icon but whatever (it's also my profile pic). It originated in the 14th century as a supposed figure of worship of the Knights Templar. It is often depicted as a hermaphroditic person with wings and a goat's head.

9 Leviathan

Leviathan's new appearance:

Leviathan is a giant, reptilian female humanoid creature with the lower half of her body fused to the forehead of a colossal sea serpent, and she can tower over a city with great ease. Her humanoid half has four long arms with large forearms and claw-like hands. Her body is covered in dark green scales. Her face is white with a third eye on her forehead, her eyes have a black sclera, green iris, and split pupils, fin-like ears, two horns, and razor-sharp teeth.

Her sea serpent half has an extremely long serpentine body, six green eyes, a massive mouth with large razor-sharp fangs, ten fin-like wings, and a three-pronged fin on both sides of its head.

10 Belphegor
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11 Pazuzu

Many know Pazuzu as the demon who possessed the little girl in The Exorcist. In ancient Mesopotamian beliefs, he was the king of the demons of the wind, brother of Humbaba, and son of the god Hanbi. He also represented the southwestern wind, which brings storms and drought.

12 Ravana

One of the most powerful demon lords and considered the most favored devotee of Lord Shiva.

13 Abaddon

He is the Angel of Death. He literally kills everyone. He is also known as Apollyon. How is an angel who kills everyone not at the top? Death is what everyone fears.

14 Asmodeus
15 Abyzou

A Jewish demon who is responsible for any miscarriages. She herself is infertile, so she proceeds to kill children out of jealousy.

16 Astaroth
17 Alastor
18 Vapula

Vapula is recognized in Christian tales as one of the highest-ranking demons of Hell. According to demonology, he is the grand duke of Hell and commands numerous legions. He has taught them the art of deceiving human souls. He is often depicted with the body of a lion and the head and wings of an eagle.

19 Lilith
20 Agares

This demon causes "those who run to stand still." He is also known for controlling earthquakes. Agares teaches many languages, focusing especially on profanities and ethnic slurs. He is believed to be the ruler of the eastern zone of Hell and commands 31 legions of demons.

21 Mara
22 Asmoday
23 Legion
24 Abraxas
25 Angra Mainyu
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